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Wild hemp cigarettes review – Everything you need to know & more!

Hemp Ettes review

When I bought this product, I was immediately struck by the professional packaging. They frankly look fantastic:

Once you open the packet, however, you may start to feel a little bit of disappointment crawling in. They don’t smell very good at all. That is because Organic CBD hemp like this never smells particularly good compared to something like a beautiful sample of Gelato strain. It’s obvious why, however. Gelato strain has a huge selection of different cannabinoids inside and also has some amazing terpenes inside. Hemp flowers lack this, and that is why the smell is so disappointing.

This is if you don’t buy Pineapple Blaze, which is filled with original terpenes that will get your mouth watering. Take a look and buy some today.

However, this isn’t the most important thing, and for sure once you light up a CBD cigarette, you will start to understand what all the fuss is about. They taste great, and they smoke very smoothly, I was very happy with my Wild Hemp cigarettes (Hemp-ettes) and I would definitely recommend giving them a go whether you’re a long-time smoker, or if you just want to give cannabis a go. They give you a relaxed feeling for about an hour and without the need to smoke either tobacco or anything other product containing nicotine.

The flavors available are:

  • Sweet
  • Original
  • Pineapple Blaze

Are wild hemp cigarettes good?

With less than 0.3% THC, and zero tobacco, these Wild Hemp cigarettes are perfect for those of you who are trying to quit smoking. I wouldn’t recommend trying these if you’re not already a smoker, as it’s completely pointless, instead you should use a flower vaporizer or something similar in order to protect your lungs.. However, if you’re already a smoker and you’re worried about your health, then you should definitely give a product like this a try.

Hemp cigarettes are a perfect way to steadily wean yourself off smoking. It’s a common myth that smoking blunts or hemp cigarettes are healthy for you. It’s not, it’s actually just as bad as smoking a cigarette but with one huge difference, there is no nicotine inside. This means that you’re only smoking cannabinoids. What does this mean exactly? Well, cannabis and hemp are not physically addictive (although you can become addicted to anything, so bear this in mind) and therefore you will find that not only will they help with the cravings when you stop smoking, but they will also slowly allow you to smoke less and less until you stop smoking altogether.

Do hemp-ettes get you high?

Hemp ettes will not get you high, per se. They actually contain 0% THC, and THC is the part of cannabis which gives you a high feeling. However, some people have reported that CBD alone can make you feel high. Hemp is not particularly likely to make you feel high, but CBD cigarettes and CBD flowers do make some people feel stoned. If you’re a big-time stoner and you’ve been smoking for years, you won’t feel anything, except the relaxed feeling which is closely associated with smoking CBD. However, if you haven’t really smoked much in the past, you may feel high.

My girlfriend, for example, is not a stoner. At all. I once bought some CBD flower with under 0.3% THC inside it, and she definitely felt stoned. It’s all about perspective, and whether you smoke a decent amount or not. Don’t believe people when they flat out say that you won’t feel stoned, or that Hemp ettes or other hemp cigarettes or flower won’t get you high, because it’s not necessarily true.

Will hemp ettes make you fail a drug test?

We pride ourselves in giving you the best information possible at the Weed Republic, but this is definitely a tough one. If you’ve got an important drug test coming up, we recommend you steer clear or ALL cannabis products. People have failed drugs test for any of the following cannabis products, which may surprise you, but we’ll explain why after:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Flower
  • Hemp cigarettes
  • Hemp oil

Anything that is made with either full-spectrum oil, or just made from the cannabis plant, will almost certainly contain CBN. CBN (Cannabinol) is one of the thousands of cannabinoids inside the cannabis plant. CBN has also been known to react with two of the commercially available tests which are used to check for cannabis use. After a lot of digging, I found that Hemp-Ettes contain full-spectrum plant matter, and therefore will contain CBN. Please exercise extreme caution if you have a drug test coming up, particularly if it’s for something important. Hemp Cigarettes which contain full-spectrum plant matter have a very high chance of making you fail a drug test.

Are hemp cigarettes good for you?

As I mentioned before, smoking hemp cigarettes when you’re not already a smoker is a bad idea. This is because when you light any plant matter in the world and then inhale all of the bi-products, you’re going to inhale some things which are potentially bad for you. This is the problem with hemp cbd products like wild hemp CBD cigarettes. They’re not healthy for you at all. For example, their products contain the following warning:

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including carbon monoxide and hemp smoke, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm.

This may not be what you were expecting to see on a packet of hemp cigarettes, but you’re combusting plant matter and inhaling the bi-products, this is never going to be healthy for you.

Physically, hemp cigarettes are not good for you, no. However, mentally, they are fine for you, and could actually benefit a lot of people. Not only this, but the healing products of cannabis have been shown to help with a number of different conditions, both physically and mentally.

Another very interesting thing, although this is still pure speculation, is that the cannabinoids inside hemp cigarettes and CBD flowers actually cancel out the negative effects of inhaling bi-products of plant combustion. So the cannabinoids inside hemp cigarettes help cure the problems that the bad chemicals produced and inhaled by you… Weird I know and totally not scientifically proven, but interesting none-the-less.

Another potential problem with these hemp cigarettes and also hemp-ettes, in general, is that they may contain pesticides. If you had a look at the lab tests I linked before, you would see that they did not test for pesticides. Why not? I wonder.

Hemp Ettes review When I bought this product, I was immediately struck by the professional packaging. They frankly look fantastic: Once you open the packet, however, you may start to feel a little bit of disappointment crawling in. They don’t smell very good at all. That is because Organic CBD hemp like this never smel

Top 10 Best CBD Cigarettes: Review & Guide for 2020

Currently, more and more CBD goods appear in the market. Such popularity is thanks to outstanding properties. Manufacturing organizations have issued many variations of this product, which can be edibles, oil, wax, vape pens, and even CBD cigarettes. The producer states that this form is natural as it contains no THC. Moreover, you will never find nicotine or tobacco in such cigarettes, so they are regarded as safe.

When it comes to deciding whether to smoke them or not, the solution seems to be hard to find. In this review, we are going to look closer at wild hemp CBD cigarettes to figure out if they are worthy.

What are CBD cigarettes?

This form is also famous as hempettes cigarettes. The manufacturers use organic hemp plants to make them. This herb contains a lot of CBD, as well as numerous terpenes, which can minimize the beneficial effects of hemp. The producers state that CBD hemp cigarettes burn slowly, and the consumers feel more relaxed. These goods are usually placed in beautiful packaging to attract more customers. Moreover, the companies claim that their products contain no THC, which is another hemp compound removed during the extraction process.

How do CBD cigarettes work?

To understand how hemp cigarettes work, it is necessary to know what is it, and what way it interacts with the human body. Cannabidiol is one of the hemp plant`s compounds. It is well-known for obtaining beneficial properties that can be used to treat a lot of completely different health problems. The manufacturers receive this compound by means of putting the plant through the extraction process. It can be CO2 extraction, for instance.

Interaction with the human body is so beneficial because it acts on the endocannabinoid system. This is so important as this system plays a crucial part in balancing the essential functions within the body, such as mood, sleep, appetite, and more. The body system produces endocannabinoids to control these functions and maintain the system. Molecules do not let the breakdown of the natural endocannabinoids happen. It also improves the way the body uses them. This solution increases their number as well to support the deficiency of endocannabinoids if necessary.

Furthermore, it interacts with other receptors. For instance, it can activate the serotonin receptor acting like atypical antipsychotics. The interaction with TRPV1 means that CBD can have an impact on inflammation, pain, and hypothalamus control. The molecules of this substance are able to block GPR55. Thanks to this, cannabidiol obtains the antiseptic effect, strengthens bones. It can also protect receptors from such substances like THC. That is why cannabidiol manages such things as depression and anxiety.

When people smoke CBD cigarettes, the compound is inhaled and gets into their blood t immediately. The molecules spread within the body and can bring advantageous effects explained below.

Types and differences of CBD cigarettes

Every company tends to do its best to produce the best CBD cigarettes possible. Although the process is pretty similar, different companies produce goods that differ from one another. For example, they contain different amounts of CBD and THC, or they can be THC-free. The cigarettes can have some flavor, or they can be all-natural. This means that consumers are free to choose the best option.

The listed below cannabidiol cigarettes packs are regarded as the best CBD cigarettes in the market at the moment:

  1. Wild Hemp cigarettes. Contain pure hemp and no THC. The pack has been widely marketed both on the Internet and at smoke shops. The amount of CBD makes up ten mg per cigarette.
  2. Heimat cigarettes. They have the top ones for several years so far. One reason is that the manufacturer mixes Swiss tobacco with CBD. Besides that, there are no additional constituents. The percentage of THC is less than one percent, and the amount of CBD is four grams.
  3. CBD fatty. They are issued in a variety of flavors and do not include THC. Instead, the manufacturer has added Indian and Himalayan herbs of premium quality. This creates a flavored smoke. CBD makes up 100 mg.
  4. Cloud n9ne. Obtain cherry flavor and has around 3 percent of THC. The amount of CBD makes up 14.5 percent. The cigarettes are small enough to fit in your pocket, which makes them convenient as well.

The majority of such cigarettes contain no GMO and are fully natural. Even if they are mixed with tobacco or herbs, they tend to be of high quality as well. The price ranges depending on the production company. For example, one pack can cost 10 dollars. The other would cost around 50 dollars. The number of items inside varies as well. It can be a pack of six, ten, or twenty pieces.

How to use CBD cigarettes

The usage of such cigarettes does not differ much from the way you smoke the ordinary ones. This means that the consumers need to light it up and inhale the smoke. The thing which makes such cigarettes different is that the users have to consider the dosage. First of all, they are to pay attention to how much CBD their cigarettes contain. This way, they can understand how many cigarettes a day it is allowed to smoke. The consumers who are new to this consumption method should start with a small dose and increase it gradually if necessary.

Benefits of CBD cigarettes

This method of CBD intake can be very comfortable for some enthusiasts. In fact, it can be more convenient than in many other ways. Utilizing is beneficial due to the following reasons:

  • It provides fast results. Smoking is one of the fastest ways of delivering CBD in the human body. As soon as the users inhale the smoke, cannabidiol gets into their lungs and then into the blood. While other methods can take up to 30 minutes or even one hour to provide effects, cigarettes will do it almost immediately;
  • Best CBD cigarettes are affordable. Some forms of these products may cost a lot of money, or they contain a very small amount of cannabidiol. The consumers can choose the higher dosage and make fewer puffs, for example;
  • Smoking obtains high bioavailability. It can be from 25 to 50 percent. This implies that the human body absorbs cannabidiol faster and receives more CBD comparing to other consumption methods.

In addition to the mentioned above benefits, they are really easy to use. Hence, the consumers will not have to spend time to prepare them or read long instructions on how to use them.

Effects of CBD cigarettes

CBD is the compound of the cannabis plant that can influence the human body delivering advantageous effects. Hemp cigarettes contain this component, so they can manage the following issues:

  • minimize the symptoms of depression and anxiety;
  • relieve chronic muscle and bone pain;
  • lower blood pressure, which means it can treat some heart diseases;
  • reduce weight, which implies it helps in case of obesity;
  • fights addiction.

Those consumers who are willing to get rid of their nicotine addiction can use this solution. This sounds strange, but cannabidiol is applied as a potential treatment for this kind of addiction. CBD is non-addictive; consequently, there is no need to worry that it is going to be your new bad habit.

Recent researches also show that besides quitting smoking, it can help users to treat acne, diabetes, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and many more health problems. Hence, if people are willing to start their treatment with the help of cigarettes, they have to consult a doctor in the first place. All the cases are different, so if one person requires treatment, others may not need it.

Side effects of CBD cigarettes

The users should not forget that CBD is a medication, so it may have some side effects. In general, this compound has proved itself to be relatively safe and well-tolerated. There are still some people who had to face some side effects. Smoking wild hemp obtains higher bioavailability; consequently, the risk of overconsumption increases. The adverse effects are not severe but may cause some inconvenience. The consumers may have the following side effects:

  • drowsiness;
  • diarrhea;
  • nausea;
  • low blood pressure;
  • dry mouth;
  • dizziness;
  • a decrease in appetite.

In most cases, the mentioned symptoms occur when CBD is taken for the first time or when the dosage is too high. That is why the consumers stop experiencing the side effects as soon as the dose is regular. If they are due to overconsumption, the users should talk to a physician and probably stop using this method.

It is also not advised for pregnant and breastfeeding women to use this consumption method. Moreover, they should avoid this treatment because cannabidiol can have negative effects on the baby. This can lead to health problems in the future.


  • Is smoking these cigarettes safe?

The American Lung Association claims that smoking will not be harmful to the lungs. Hence, if you do not have any lung disease, you can try this method of consuming CBD.

  • Are CBD cigarettes legal in the USA?

These products are legal in the majority of the states. Furthermore, they are legal in many countries worldwide. Despite that, CBD enthusiasts are advised to check the laws of the place they live before they actually purchase and use these products.

  • Can these products get me “high”?

The majority of them do not contain THC, which is responsible for this effect. Even if they include some amount of THC, it is not enough to make consumers feel “high”.

  • Where do I purchase hemp cigarettes?

Nowadays, they are sold either in specialized or tobacco stores. They can also be bought online. The key thing for the users to mind here is that the company producing and selling hemp cigarettes must be a reputable one. Otherwise, there is a risk that they will get a low-quality product containing high THC or some toxic ingredients.

  • Is it possible to smoke hemp tea?

In fact, some hemp tea companies offer products that can be used for smoking. There are many enthusiasts who believe that using such tea is healthier. They can even utilize hemp tea to quit smoking.


The popularity of CBD keeps increasing day by day, so does the number of its users. Many people suppose that utilizing wild hemp cigarettes is the best method to receive their daily dosage of cannabidiol. This is not surprising as it is one of the fastest ways to get this substance into the blood and receive its wonderful effects. The products do not contain an insignificant amount of THC, which implies that no “high” effect will occur.

Another good thing about smoking CBD is that it can be used for a wide range of health issues. For example, it can manage insomnia or depression, and at the same time, it is a strong painkiller. The price for such an amazing product is reasonable and quite affordable. Despite that, consumers should talk to a doctor in the first place. A physician is the one to decide if such a treatment is necessary, as well as what the dosage would be. Although they do not usually bring any side effects, the prescription must be followed.

So, if you are an adult who is looking for a convenient way of consuming – hemp cigarettes may be the perfect option.

Smoking CBD cigarettes are becoming a preferred way to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol. Find the best CBD cigarettes on the market right here.