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He's also one to his other sister, Pudding, surprise, surprise: Like the majority of her family, Pudding dresses herself in bright clothing, fitting in well with Totto Land's colorful environment. Katakuri looks like he decided to go through a Badass Biker phase, leather and tattoos and all, which makes him stick out like a sore thumb. Pudding's a very nice girl which is a mask that hides the crazy, sadistic brokenness inside .

Katakuri's either always stoic, or looks like he's going to kill someone. His stoicism is partly the result of intense focus because his Observation Haki relies on it, and partly his own facade. When completely alone with food, he's as goofy and sloppy as Luffy . Pudding and Katakuri's powers contrast each other — think Katakuri's mochi powers are completely useless? Not when it's busy pummeling you, crushing you, or suffocating you to death. Pudding's power, the Memo Memo Fruit, is outwardly frightening, down to its very concept; she can edit your memories however she likes and leave you none the wiser . Both Pudding and Katakuri went through hellish childhoods for being born with a physical abnormality that was out of their control, and they reacted to it in different ways. Pudding believed her Third Eye made her a monster, and changed herself to fit everyone's perceptions of her out of self-loathing and spite, but in reality, the extra eye didn't detract from her beauty at all. Katakuri, on the other hand, initially didn't really care about his monstrous mouth, but he ended up changing himself out of love for his siblings after his reckless violence caused his bullies to target his sister, Brûlée, out of Revenge by Proxy instead . Pudding and Katakuri's turning points come from a life-and-death meeting with a Straw Hat.

Sanji compliments Pudding's Third Eye during a (failed) happy wedding that would kill the Vinsmokes. The heavily-injured Luffy sees Katakuri's mouth and sloppy eating habits firsthand during their violent fight, yet chooses to ignore them, which makes Katakuri eventually see Luffy as a Worthy Opponent . He's also one to God Eneru from the Skypiea Arc in several ways: They're both villains with great experience using Kenbunshoku Haki, with Eneru even being the villain that introduced it. However, even Eneru admits that it's not perfect; Katakuri uses it constantly and is completely confident in his ability. but the information gap in his visions sometimes end up resulting in bad calls of judgement. Eneru's Devil Fruit involves the manipulation of an outside force (lightning), yet was completely weak against Luffy's due to rubber serving as an insulator/repellent against electricity, Katakuri's DF has been established as inherently superior to Luffy's, and involves manipulating his own body to fight Luffy. Whereas Eneru was content to let his minions do the fighting for him, Katakuri has a more hands-on approach, and would not let his other siblings/Chess Soldiers interfere with his battles if he thinks he can handle it himself (which is often). Due to his god complex, Eneru underestimated his opponents which bit him hard in the ass. Katakuri, because of his foresight, understands the potential danger enemies bring and tries very hard not to make the same mistake. of course, he still underestimates Luffy in some fashion, particularly in how despite his mochi powers being superior to Luffy's Gum-Gum powers in almost every way, they're still made of mochi. They both favor a trident as their complimentary weapon. However, Eneru's started out as a Simple Staff and its metal body allowed it to be molded into a trident in the first place. Eneru dresses up in bright colors and his appearance/outfit has Buddhism/Shintoism motifs, projecting the image of a god or holy man. Katakuri, with his all-black leather getup, his scars and skull tattoos, looks like a biker and a criminal, and therefore the last person who would be sighted at a church or holy grounds. The places they hail from further proves it — Eneru lives in Skypeia, a land deeply immersed in religion. Katakuri as well as his mother and the rest of his large family lives in the decadent, hedonistic Totto Land. Katakuri's "daily snack times" always take place in his personal mochi-made "shrine", and what he actually does in there is lie down while scarfing down sweets and tea to his heart's content, which would be offensive behavior for typical churchgoers . Freudian Excuse: He always makes a point in never underestimating his enemies and making sure they are utterly defeated with no chance of even getting up. This is because as a child he was very strong, and being able to beat up his bullies easily made him reckless and overconfident. Then one day he found Brûlée on a hospital stretcher, her face horribly scarred and bleeding. He's always seen doing most of the legwork for his family, and racking up a body count that's higher than even his fellow Sweet Generals could manage. This is because he's haunted by his childhood recklessness and his failure to protect Brûlée, so he tries to do everything himself so his siblings won't get hurt again . From Nobody to Nightmare: From a shunned boy with a fanged, monstrous mouth, to the most powerful Sweet General with fearsome abilities and a bounty that surpasses a billion berrys. Katakuri would've been fine with remaining the former but decides to become an infamous and fearsome warrior after his sister Brûlée was scarred for life . Genre Refugee: He wouldn't be out of place in a darker, older manga series like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure , Berserk , or Fist of the North Star .

However, not only is he stuck in the weird and whimsical world of One Piece , but also the deceptively hyper-saccharine Tottoland. Underneath his facade, he's actually as much of a goof as any character in the world of One Piece. Glasgow Grin: Underneath his scarf is a mouth full of sharp, thin fangs, connected by stitched scars on both sides of his face. It has an eerie resemblance to a pelican eel's mouth when mochi is applied to it. He got it as a child, after attempting to eat too many donuts at once. He sees it as a "flaw" because, after Brûlée paid the price for his arrogant carelessness when they were children, he hid everything imperfect about himself so he would look perfect to his family and anyone who sees his mouth is brutally murdered. Only after getting in a fight with Luffy does he willingly show it . Gonk: In-Universe his mouth filled with teeth are viewed as such. He was shunned for it as a boy and tends to kill subordinates out of shame if they see it. Out of universe he's still considered attractive with the teeth.

Good Scars, Evil Scars: Has a stitched scar on both sides of his face that's barely hidden by his scarf. It is reminiscent of a Glasgow Grin, and it may very well be one. It most certainly is, but with an added twist- it connects to a mouth filled with elongated, razor-sharp, teeth.


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