what makes weed sticky

What makes weed sticky?

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its sticky because of the trichomes

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I’m pretty sure it’s not the sugar. As the sugar in molasses doesn’t get eaten by the plant.

It’s the micro nutrients in blackstrap molasses that makes it good to give to your plants

I also used molasses on my grows

Stickiness is a result of what the above people said: essential oils, drying/curing process, resin/trichomes (genetics that determine oils/resin)

Asking why your weed is sticky, is like asking why your weed is good. It’s not one thing, but many things working together.

>>> Unless it is un-naturally sticky, like glue or some shit. People are always spraying shit on weed in the UK i hear. I’ve never seen it but I don’t fuck with bullshit circles like that. There is enough money to be made selling good, clean strong weed.

One thing drying/curing does is let the sugars break down into THC / other chemicals to break down. (that’s why your shit gets stronger and stronger for the first 2-4 weeks)

Another thing it does is let chlorophyll leave the plant , leaving the trichomes/resin which contain the terpenes (basically the smell of the weed). This is why Your weed smells great, then you cut it down and it smells like hay, then you cure it for 2-4 weeks (at least) and the smell shifts from lawn trimmings to DANK weed.

Also, the slower the drying the more chlorophyll escapes leaving smoother smoke, this is why a quick try tends to yield a harsh grassy smoke if someone didn’t know that

Last week I had some good diesel and it wasn't really sticky, now I have some trainwreck that is pretty sticky. Is this stickiness a result of genetics…

Why is my weed sticky?

Sticky weed

My weed is sticky, what should I do? The answer is simple, the resin from the plant is why you have sticky weed. Be grateful, enjoy. You have some of the highest quality weed, the golden nugget as some might say.

The resin from the plant or the essential oil is similar to the sap of a plant. This is produced from the trichomes. There are three different types of trichomes; we will be discussing the capitate-stalk trichome: these trichomes are the most abundant on the plant. Trichomes also produce terpenes and cannabinoids; there is the thought that these have been instrumental in shrinking tumors and fighting cancer cell.

If there are no seeds in your sticky marijuana, and the color is rich green, then you have good quality sticky marijuana.

How to turn your dry weed to sticky weed

If you have left your weed exposed to oxygen for too long during the drying phase, you will be left with dry weed. The exposure to the oxygen has caused the resins to break down. The benefit of the dry weed compared to sticky weed is in the amount. Sticky weed weighs more. You may wonder how you got sticky marijuana from the dry weed you purchased. Check with the roomie. To make your dry weed into stick marijuana, you can use this trick;

Moisten a q-tip and carefully without touching your bud, moisten it with the q-tip. Now you will store your bud in an airtight container and wait a couple of days. You will now have delicious, moist buds for your enjoyment.

If you enjoy a citrus-y taste to your sticky weed, you can try this. If your weed is dry, cut up an orange peel or lemon peel and put it in an airtight jar with your cannabis. Wait a few days, and now you will have your sticky weed back.

Be careful not to confuse sticky weed with damp weed. If your sticky marijuana weed is truly damp here is how to dry damp weed fast.

Get yourself a brown lunch bag or grocery bag put you sticky weed nugs in the bag, then close the bag for a couple of hours. If the weed is not too damp this will do the trick However if your sticky weed is truly damp, then the solution is to continue the curing process. You will need an airtight jar, place your buds in the jar and rotate between closing and opening the jar for periods during the day. This process, depending on how damp your sticky weed is, could take a day or two. For extreme cases it could take up to a week or more.

Here are Some Sticky Weed Strains You Might Enjoy.

Beautiful coffee and chocolate aroma. The sweet,comfortable qualities are abundant in this sticky marijuana hybrid strain.

Very sticky weed with nice dense buds. After grinding sticky marijuana in a grinder, you will experience a nice fluffy candy smell. This hybrid sticky weed will be perfect to de-stress yourself.

Dense buds are abundant on this predominately sativa strain. The buds are fully coated with a resin that produces grape and lime flavors. Long lasting effects from this sticky weed strain. Perfect for stress and pain relief.

My weed is sticky, what should I do? The answer is simple, the resin from the plant is why you have sticky weed.