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Stash cans and containers

Sometimes you want to keep something secret and you need some type of safe to store it and provide extra privacy.

Here you’ll find an extensive line of stash cans, diversion safes and containers with secret compartments of all types, from soda cans to a large number of everyday objects line batteries, hair brushes or screwdrivers.

In this way, you can keep your valuables – jewelry, documents, money, etc. – in a safe place and protected from prying eyes.

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Abscent BackPack

Stay discreet with this Abscent Odourproof Backpack specially designed to hide the powerful telltale aroma of your cannabis flowers and extractions, giving peace of mind on public transport or in busy streets. This classic odour-proof backpack is ma [. ]

  • Black 190.00€
  • Graphite 190.00€

Odour-proof Bag Insert by Abscent

Alchimia invites to you to discover this clever and efficient solution to transport your weed with full discretion, the Bag Insert by Ascent. This relatively large volume bag is ideal for use inside a backpack or hold-all. Designed to be tough and d [. ]

  • 110.00€

Stash Belt with Zip

Now available in the Alchimiaweb catalogue, this belt with a secret, hidden stash compartment, perfect for safely and discreetly hiding our money, our jewellery or some cannabis resin extract. This belt is made of imitation black leather, and is acc [. ]

  • 19.00€

LED Lightbulb 20w Stash Can

Now available at Alchimia the 20w LED stash lamp, with a fully functional light bulb with an integrated secret compartment. This compartment measures 10cm deep and 5.5cm in diameter, roomy enough to keep your money, jewelry or stash some of our cann [. ]

  • 46.00€

Sangría bottle with compartment

Alchimia presents the authentic Sangria bottle Sandevid Classic or Sandevid Zero. This bottle can be use it as safe, a cannabis hideout or simply as a piggy bank. Here you can hide whatever you want to make it unnoticed. Sangria Bottle: A camouflage [. ]

  • (Product sold out) 39.00€

Mimo Sin Softener bottle with compartment

Alchimia presents this fabric Mimo softener bottle with a secret compartment. It is ideal to keep small objects or flowers and cannabis resins away from prying eyes. Containing liquid like a real softener bottle, the compartment opens halfway up fro [. ]

  • (Product sold out) 39.00€

Axe Stash Can

Now available at Alchimia, this Axe type deodorant can with a secret stash compartment inside. This clever stash-can mimics a full deodorant spray, imitating its shape, weight and finish, with a secret compartment in which we can keep our money, our [. ]

  • Black 20.00€
  • Signature (Product sold out) 20.00€
  • Gold /Gold Tentation (Product sold out) 20.00€
  • Anarchy for HIM (Product sold out) 20.00€
  • Anarchy for HER 20.00€

Nesquik 400g Stash Can introduces the Nesquik stash box, including a secret compartment to hide our money, jewellery or some buds of our favourite cannabis strain. This box is a faithful reproduction of the original, even containing cocoa when opened from [. ]

  • (Product sold out) 39.00€

Gillette Stash Can

Alchimia Grow Shop presents this Gillette shaving foam can with a hidden compartment inside. Its realistic finish reproduces the appearance of an original authentic shaving foam tube, both in details and weight. The inner compartment is spacious, i [. ]

  • 75ml (Product sold out) 20.00€
  • 200ml (Product sold out) 27.00€

Air Wick Stash Can

Alchimia Grow Shop presents this Stash Can disguised as an “Air Wick” style air freshener, featuring a hidden compartment that’s ideal to safely store money, jewellery and other valuables including, of course, flowers of our favourite cannabis variet [. ]

  • (Product sold out) 20.00€

Dashboard Cleaner Stash Can

Now available at find this Stash Can, disguised as a bottle of Dashboard Cleaner with a secret compartment, ideal to keep some homegrown flowers of our favourite cannabis strain safely and discreetly. It contains a hidden space insid [. ]

  • Black (Product sold out) 36.00€

Pine Spray Stash Can

Now available at Alchimia Grow Shop, this aerosol spray stash can with pine aroma and a secret compartment, perfect for hiding our money, valuables or some flowers from our cannabis harvest. This aerosol can has been faithfully reproduced in all its [. ]

  • 36.00€

Chips Stash Can presents an ingenious tool, designed to protect your valuables, in the form of a potato chips can with a secret compartment. Just unscrew the bottom cap to access the space of 5 cm in diameter and about 12 cm long, sealed with a scre [. ]

  • green 23.00€
  • Red 23.00€
  • Yellow 23.00€

Cola stash can with compartment – Black

Now available in Alchimiaweb, this can with a secret compartment inside mimics a popular cola without sugars, so you can keep away unwelcome glances on your personal stuff, your marihuana or your resins. It is made with real recycled cans, perfectly [. ]

  • (Product sold out) 12.50€

Red Cola can with compartment

Can of cola with a hidden space inside. Perfect for hiding personal items and jewelry, plus your marijuana , ensuring they will not attract the attention of undesirables. The hole is hidden by unscrewing the lid at the top of the can, lined in rubb [. ]

  • 12.50€

Blue cola drink stash can

Can of cola drink with a camouflaged gap, which will be of great help hiding personal stuff or cannabis. In this way we can gain peace of mind, being confident that they will be away from undesirables, and completely unnoticed. To access the interna [. ]

Sale of Stash Cans & diversion safes

Stash Cans

Stash cans are products with a special secret compartment, Stash Cans come in different types like a Brake Fluid can, WD 40 can, ashtrays, nut containers, and Monster Energy cans !
They are also a clever and safe way to hide your personal belongings like weed or money. Common household products are used to make stash cans , so nobody will notice or ever find your secret “stash”.
We also offer other stash products like the Vitavac which is also known as the Tightvac, a smell free way to keep your stuff with you without anyone willing be able to smell it.

Just hide your valuables in plain sight. We offer a wide range of stash cans for you to purchase. Just twist open the bottom or top of your stash can in order to reveal the secret compartment and place your stuff in it.
Hiding stuff for your parents or teachers was never so easy, as this is the new hype we sell stash cans all over the world with many happy customers. Don’t let yourself get caught at home or at school and play safe: buy your Stash Can online at our web shop !

Find the largest selection of stash cans from Focus-planet. Shop now for the highest quality and discover what’s new and fresh on the market!