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Medically reviewed by Fawaz Abomaray.

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Updated on October 13th, 2020

THC capsules, pills, tablets, or soft gels are just one of several options for taking oral cannabis. While the medical use of THC oil has been practiced for thousands of years, combining it with modern capsules makes the product more accessible than ever.

Medical and recreational users alike enjoy these products, and for a good reason. Oral cannabis will always have some disadvantages, but capsules are arguably one of the best mediums.

If smoking or vaping tetrahydrocannabinol is not an option, pill form provides all the benefits of ingestion while eliminating almost all its drawbacks. Users looking for an excellent alternative to dry herb should consider capsules.

In this THC capsules review, we’ll go through all the need-to-knows and list some online resources in the US and Canada, where you can buy them. Alternatively, you could also buy cannabis oil.

iDWeeds does NOT sell CBD/THC (Cannabis) merchandise. We compare products from trusted brands based on potency, value, and consumer satisfaction. As CBD and THC demand creates a flood of shady scam sites, our mission is to prevent dissatisfaction and keep you from consuming a low-quality, contaminated product.

When you order from one of these links, we may receive some compensation. Nonetheless, our reviews are honest, fact-based, and verifiable, thanks to our transparent testing procedure. See our full notice.

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  • 4 What are THC Capsules?
    • 4.1 Casing
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  • 5 Strains
    • 5.1 Indica
    • 5.2 Sativa
    • 5.3 Hybrid
    • 5.4 Hemp (CBD)
  • 6 The Importance of Terpenes
    • 6.1 Are More Terpenes Better?
    • 6.2 Are All Terpenes Unique?
    • 6.3 How to Know the Terpene Content
  • 7 Advantages
    • 7.1 Easy Dosing
    • 7.2 Timed Release
    • 7.3 No Unpleasant Taste
    • 7.4 Discreet
    • 7.5 Smoke-Free
  • 8 Disadvantages
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    • 8.2 THC Products
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What are THC Capsules?

First of all, when people talk about THC, delta-9-THC is meant. Delta-8-THC is commonly referred to as D8. You can read our product review on it, which includes some delta 8 THC Reddit comments as well.

THC oil pills are gel caplets filled with tetrahydrocannabinol oil. Users simply swallow the recommended number of pills to achieve their desired medical or recreational effects.

The amount of THC varies based on the product and strain used, with the amount per pill measured in milligrams (mg). Often pills contain CBD as well, which enhances the entourage effect. There are also just CBD capsules.

When you do some research on the web, you will find more than one online cannabis dispensary Canada. No card is required. So, if you are a recreational user and haven’t got a card, you can still get your pot.

But what is the best CBD oil? This is a question that we at iDWeeds are asking ourselves, and with the product reviews we do, we constantly update our rankings.


Like conventional capsules, the gel casing dissolves slowly in the stomach. Once thin enough, the pill ruptures and releases its contents into the digestive system.

The gelatin could come from a variety of sources. Chicken and fish are popular options, but manufacturers can use synthetic or non-animal based gelatin as well. This offers a vegan alternative to those who may have issues with consuming animal products.

Regardless of its source, gelatin is an excellent choice because it is easy to break down and digest without irritating the stomach.


The cannabinoids and terpenes are suspended in a carrier like coconut-oil; however, medical-grade products typically use more advanced compounds, like medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs).

MCTs are the best choice. Not only are they the highest quality, but they actually offer some nutritional value as natural fat-burners. You can get them in almost every dispensary, but certainly at the best mail order marijuana in Canada.


When it comes to cannabis, there is no “one size fits all”. Like any plant, marijuana has different subgroups – or strains – that differ both physically and chemically. Specifically, users can choose from Indica, Sativa, or hybrid variants.


Indica strains are small, making them ideal for indoor growth; however, they tend to be lower in THC and higher in the non-psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD. Recreational and medical users alike should choose this strain if they want to feel relaxed, rather than euphoric.

This strain is also effective at curbing nausea, eliminating insomnia, stimulating appetite, and reducing acute pain.


Sativa is the polar opposite of Indica in virtually every way. Not only is it physically taller, but it is also exponentially higher in THC and quite low in CBD. Those looking to experience a powerful, euphoric high should choose a THC pill sourced from Sativa.

Sativa users choose this type of cannabis when they want a sudden burst of energy and creativity. It is particularly helpful when working on projects, exercising, or socializing.

Medically, Sativa is highly effective against anxiety, depression, and generalized chronic pain.


As the name implies, hybrids are a blend between Indica and Sativa. Realistically, Sativa or Indica dominant strains often have overlapping effects. Cross-cultivation and modification mean there is no “purebred” Sativa or Indica.

Hybrids, however, typically have a healthy percentage of both in their bloodline. These allow growers to create different strains with all kinds of potential effects.

Keep in mind; this also makes hybrids a bit unpredictable to the untrained eye. Pay close attention to the Sativa/Indica ratio (if provided). Again, also read the terpene information for a more accurate way to expect the effects.

Hemp (CBD)

Hemp is industrial cannabis used in manufacturing. This variant is naturally high in CBD (cannabidiol), with only trace amounts of naturally-occurring THC. Consequently, it is not psychoactive.

Users looking to experience the high of THC capsules should not use CBD.

The Importance of Terpenes

While cannabis capsules provide an important cannabinoid, its impact is not nearly as potent without terpenes. Terpenes are compounds found throughout the plant kingdom. Some terpenes, like myrcene, impact flavor.

Other ones, such as linalool, have antibacterial, anti-anxiety, and antidepressant properties. It is also a key terpene for controlling seizures.

Imagine terpenes as the ingredients in a hot dog. High-quality products are typically free of unwanted components, like sugar, fillers, or chemical preservatives. Cheap, mass-produced varieties are the opposite.

While individuals still consume a hot dog at their core, the unseen ingredients dictate its nutritional value. The same applies to terpenes. Choosing the right terpenes is critical to achieving the desired effect(s), and is especially crucial for medical users with specific needs.

Are More Terpenes Better?

No. A product does not need a laundry list of terpenes to be “good”. It merely needs to contain the right ones. Epilepsy patients will want capsules containing the linalool mentioned above.

Cannabis cancer patients who ask themselves the question: “Does weed kill cancer cells” should look for B-Caryophyllene, which inhibits the growth of tumors and suppresses pain – among other things.

Are All Terpenes Unique?

While some terpenes are more exclusive than others, most of them overlap. For example, B-Caryophyllene fights cancer, but so do limonene, terpinolene, and terpineol. They also happen to share other features, like anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

The point is that knowing these terpenes will help users choose the right THC capsules. If people desire a specific benefit, they should try to “stack up” as many relevant terpenes as possible.

How to Know the Terpene Content

When buying from licensed suppliers, finding the terpene content is as easy as reading the ingredients on a cereal box. Their websites typically list the terpene content and – ideally – the percentage of each one.

Keep in mind that terpenes might vary from one company to the next, even if they sell the same strain. Be mindful of this when choosing a product.

Terpenes are numerous and somewhat complex to navigate. Feel free to leave any questions on this topic in the comments below.


Easy Dosing

While products like THC tincture and oil come with measured syringes and eyedroppers, respectively, THC capsules are the most accurate. When manufactured by a federally-approved supplier, each pill is equally precise. There is no measuring or counting drops.

One capsule delivers a specific THC amount, which is essential when taking THC oil for cancer or other medical conditions.

The same is true for the best THC gummies. But gummies have the advantage that you can cut them in half or four pieces to dose even more accurately.

Timed Release

Typically, edible cannabis goes through a period where users feel no effect. Then, the impact hits all at once. While this may work for some, it can be quite jarring for others.

But, is there any difference between THC pills vs. edibles?

Pills need time to break down inside the stomach. Once the outer shell breaks, oil slowly secretes into the digestive system. This often leads to a more prolonged – but steady – high.

Recreational consumers may be more interested in a robust and sudden effect; however, medical patients typically favor therapeutic results over frivolous highs. It ensures effective symptom control over long periods.

No Unpleasant Taste

A common problem for oil and tincture consumers is that the substance itself may not taste very good. It does not help that the mixture must remain under the tongue for about 90 seconds.

A cannabis oil pill effectively eliminates this issue. Designed to be swallowed whole, these products make the experience easy by taking taste entirely out of the equation.


For medical recipients, discretion is critical. Most people probably do not want their co-workers – or even family members – knowing that they use cannabis oil capsules. Fortunately, pills are discreetly-designed to mimic any other medication.

There are no markings on the capsules that say “THC” or some other revealing label. To the untrained eye, these products look like painkillers, vitamins, or anything else observers interpret them to be.


Although cannabis indeed does not contain the same carcinogenic additives as cigarette smoke, inhaling burnt material is still unpleasant. Coughing, phlegm, and irritation are all problems many marijuana smokers have to deal with.

Being able to swallow cannabis simply is the ideal solution for anyone who wishes to preserve their lungs for fresh air.

But there are other forms of smoke-free cannabis consumption. In our distillate THC review, we highlight one of these methods.


In general, edible cannabis suffers from two significant problems – inaccurate dosing and delayed effect. THC capsules effectively solve the former; however, the second issue is a definite factor.

Delayed Effect

The one major advantage of smoking is instant results. No edible cannabis – not even THC capsules – offers this type of efficiency. Those who need quick relief will not be satisfied with oral marijuana.

THC capsules are ideal for ingesting cannabis. In fact, they may be the best form of oral cannabis. Learn the basics and find out which brands are the…

More about Cannabis Capsules

What are Capsules and Why are They Preferred by Some Users?

Patients often opt for capsules instead of combustible flower or vaporizable products because capsules offer an easier and more convenient method of ingesting medication compared with combustion. Capsules also provide patients with exact dosing information, which allows them to plan for consistent effects. Typically, capsules containing cannabis are not cultivar-specific and are labeled by their cannabinoid contents, such as THC capsules and CBD capsules.

How to Take THC Pills and How They Work in Your Body

Immediate-release capsules work identically to edibles . They enter the body through the mouth and are absorbed through the stomach. The absorbed compounds are then metabolized in the liver. This is where THC is metabolized into a compound called 11-hydroxy-THC, which has a longer half-life and can have more of a sedative effect than THC alone.

The liver’s metabolizing mechanism is unique to each individual, which is why edibles and THC capsules can produce different effects among people. But in general, if you’re wondering how long do THC pills last , the entire process can take between 45 minutes to to 3 hours.

Timed-release capsules follow the identical path of digestion, but the delivery of their contents can be delayed or drawn out over a period of time depending upon the capsule shell’s ingredients. Those engineered with liposomes and drug-polymer conjugates, such as hydrogels, allow for the timed release of their contents . Time-release THC capsules use these protective and inert ingredients to neutralize stomach acid for slower methods of release.

As a rule, the Cannabis genus contains two types of plants: hemp and marijuana. Hemp, which lacks robust terpenoid and cannabinoid spectrums, is grown for fiber and seed oil while cannabinoid-rich plants are grown for their full range of cannabinoids (THC, CBD, THCA, etc.) and other medicinally beneficial compounds. Both industrial hemp and marijuana are used in cannabis capsules and THC pills , but harvesting industrially grown hemp as a source of cannabidiol (CBD) is far from optimal .

THC Pill Effects

Because cannabis capsules are ingested and metabolized the same way as edibles, the effects are also more or less the same. After traveling through the digestive system, the cannabinoid is metabolized by the liver and directed into the bloodstream. Basically, you can expect to experience whatever effects are linked to the cannabinoids present in your capsules.

For example, consuming capsules that contain intoxicating amounts of THC will result in a stoned experience. Similarly, consuming capsules high in CBD will give you access to the purported medicinal and therapeutic benefits produced by that cannabinoid.

Capsule Ingredients

Ground decarboxylated flower

Some THC pills contain ground-up decarboxylated flower for oral ingestion. Cannabis flower requires decarboxylation for its THCA to become active THC, which is what allows patients to tap into cannabis’ benefits in a non-combusting way.


Crystalline is a powdered substance visually like table salt or sugar. Crystalline capsules contain nearly 100% pure powdered cannabinoids, often in THCA or CBDA-only formulas that allow patients to ingest their cannabis medication without the intoxicating effects associated with THC. The extraction process used to create crystalline strips cannabis of excess terpenes and other plant chemicals to leave only the desired molecule behind.


Distillate is a runny liquid that is similar to crystalline in that a distillation process is used to produce it, but its purity can run anywhere from 85% to 95% as the cannabis plant’s terpenes are often reintroduced into the final product.

Distillate’s cannabinoids are decarboxylated and are capable of providing users with some of the intoxicating effects associated with inhaled cannabis or ingesting edibles containing THC. Typically, distillate is devoid of a plant’s fats and waxes, thereby providing patients with refined THC or CBD in precisely dosed capsules without additives.

Single Cannabinoid

Some cannabis capsules contain one variety of cannabinoid, in which case patients can find them labeled as “CBD” or “THC.” These varieties do not contain any of the other medicinally beneficial cannabinoids or terpenes.


Capsules that contain mixed percentages of THC and CBD work to enhance the medicinal effects and modulate the psychoactive effects to meet patients’ individual needs. Capsules that include CBD can reduce users’ blood pressure response to stress , among other medical benefits . CBD-infused capsules deliver relief to patients while mitigating THC’s potentially adverse side effects , making the medication more tolerable to new users.

Full spectrum

Cannabis capsules labeled as “full spectrum” include all of the cannabis plant’s available biomolecules — terpenes, cannabinoids, and everything in between. Full-spectrum cannabis capsules can contain decarboxylated flower or infused-oil bases and allow patients to feel the effects of cannabis without any additives.

Nutraceutical oils

Additional nutraceuticals are often added to capsules to tailor their effects . Additives such ginkgo root, astragalus, or maca root generate energy; spirulina, chlorella, or turmeric add nutritional value; and powdered valerian root, skullcap, lemon balm, or hop flower deliver sedative effects.

Capsule Shells

Most capsule shells fall into one of three categories: gelatin, hypromellose, and pullulan. Gelatin capsules are made from animal byproducts derived from beef, while vegetarian options hypromellose and pullulan are made from non-toxic plant derivatives and fungal fermentation, respectively.

How to Make Cannabis Capsules at Home

(Disclaimer: Much of the information provided within this page has been transcribed directly from credible sources. Again, methods described and ingredients listed may be illegal in your area. Any action you take upon the information provided here is strictly at your own risk , and Weedmaps and its affiliates will not be liable or responsible for any action taken based on the information and content provided on this site.)

Capsules made at home start with infused cannabis oil or decarboxylated dry cannabis flower. Those with sensitive stomachs should stick to oil. Otherwise, cannabis capsules containing raw flower are faster, easier to make, and just as effective as infused oil.

When creating cannabis oil capsules , the first step is to create homemade oil with coconut oil or olive oil .

If you aim to use raw flower , begin by preheating your oven to 220 degrees Fahrenheit, or 104 degrees Celsius. While the oven heats up, finely grind your cannabis. Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper and spread your finely ground cannabis on top. Bake for 60 minutes, but do not let the oven’s temperature rise above 250 degrees Fahrenheit, 121 degrees Celsius.

Once the oil has been infused, or the raw flower has been decarboxylated, you may then fill your capsules. A capsule machine greatly speeds up this process, but capsules can be filled one at a time by hand, too.

If you have a capsule-filling machine and will be using dry flower: Separate the top and bottom capsule halves (the bottoms are longer) and place the bottom halves into the base of the capsule machine.

Pour the herbal mixture into the pill maker and, using a card, evenly spread the cannabis across the capsule openings. Then use the tamper tool included with the kit to gently press the cannabis down. Refill the machine with more flower as needed. Once the bottom halves are full, fill the machine’s lid with the capsules’ top halves and then press them down onto the machine until the capsules are joined together.

If you have a capsule-filling machine and will be using an infused oil base: separate the capsules and load up the machine with the bottom halves. Use a syringe or dropper to carefully fill each bottom half. (Note: Coconut oil-based infusions should be warmed to ease the filling process, but not overheated.) Once each bottom half has been filled, place the top halves into the machine’s lid and press them down until the capsules are joined together.

A pill-sized, dissolvable cylinder used as a vehicle to administer medication through ingestion. Capsule shells, of which there are many variants, can contain any form of cannabis, even decarboxylated flower.