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Guilty Pleasure: Katakuri is a closet hedonist, who is a sucker for sweet snack foods like donuts and goes to great lengths to avoid showing people what he does off-duty while eating massive yardage of sweets like a slob, even erecting a mochi shrine that acts as his "sanctuary". Heart Is an Awesome Power: Let's face it, if this wasn't One Piece , and Katakuri wasn't Katakuri, you'd think that the power to create mochi would be pretty pathetic. Since it is, Katakuri uses it to trap his opponents, dodge and absorb attacks, grow extra arms and turn them into maces.

Hellbent For Leather: He wears a tough-looking, all-leather getup somewhat resembling a cross between a Cowboy and a Badass Biker, which contrasts the silly-looking, circus-like outfits of his siblings. Which is also a clue to what he's truly like on the inside when he's later discovered chowing down donuts and tea without a care in the world . Hidden Depths: When not keeping up pretensions for his family, Katakuri lets himself go completely loose during his snack times, chomping down sweets and guzzling black tea like Luffy does. His snack times are the only times he's truly happy . Like Pudding, Katakuri was bullied and feared because his fanged mouth resembled a pelican eel's. He kept his mouth constantly hidden because of it, and kills anyone who see it, likely to Never Be Hurt Again . And even those depths have hidden depths: Katakuri personally didn't care about his monstrous appearance, but forewent it in favor of the image of the perfect, invincible warrior son to keep his family from becoming Revenge by Proxy targets like Brûlée did in their childhood.

Hide Your Otherness: Katakuri has hidden his jagged, eel like teeth from the public eye since childhood. This is because, while he himself could care less about the boys who picked on him (he would just easily beat them all up and drive them off), they evidently were not scared of him enough and thought that they could get away with attacking his little sister Brûlée instead (which left her with a permanent, hideous scar across her whole face). For this reason, he made sure to cover his goofy mouth in order to fully terrorize his enemies and deter them from attacking his siblings. As an adult, he's even gotten to the point where he kills anybody who happens to see it (along with his slovenly snacking habits, for that matter). Ironically, his older brother Perospero did advise him to hide his mouth so he could have friends when they were younger, but only heeded the advice after Brûlée was hurt. It's later averted in Chapter 893, where he ultimately decides a fair fight with Luffy is more important than staying in his family's good graces, and so discards his scarf that hides it, as well as his jacket that bears his family's insignia on it, leaving his mouth entirely exposed . Honor Before Reason: When he realizes that his sister Flampe had allowed him to seriously injure Luffy with his trident, he stabs himself to compensate for his not requested advantage before berating her for her actions, revealing his mouth without caring who sees it which shattered his public image, and destroying his whole reputation for a fair duel. Hunk: Even with his covered up mouth scars, he's ruggedly attractive with a manly, muscular physique. Well, except for the giant, thin, teeth pointing out from his mouth. Hypocrite: Just mere moments after refusing to lower his guard in letting Luffy transform, he assumes he's defeated Luffy and goes off to enjoy snack time. Luffy then eats his way out of defeat and catches him totally off-guard and in a genuine moment of weakness (as in a food-related moment of weakness). He and his younger brothers, Daifuku and Oven, are fraternal triplets, and thus they are different enough to be told apart from each other. Daifuku notably looks older of the three brothers despite being younger than him. In his introduction proper, he hit a man square in the forehead with a hand-thrown, bean-sized projectile from a considerable distance and height away from him. In a variant, he manages to find the real Luffy in between dozens of his Brûlée-made clones, presumably with his Haki and immediately traps him with his powers. Improbable Weapon User: He can throw jellybeans as deadly projectiles. Informed Flaw: For some reason, people in the One Piece world find his true face hilarious , as Flampe's men crack up laughing as soon as they see it. In fact, it's to the point that he has to cover his mouth up just so people can take him seriously. The apparent hilarity of a 16 foot tall, incredibly buff pirate commander who practically has vampire fangs for teeth is probably lost ◊ on those of us in the real world, however . Invincible Villain: Deconstructed; he's famed as this by his prideful family, but nearly all of the Big Mom Pirates have a collectively swelled head and are so cocky they spout too much arrogance for their own good and assume they can't lose. He's actually Nigh Invulnerable being puffed up to look invincible. Katakuri starts off as somebody who is seemingly infallible, but eventually, his weakness start to show and he is just functionally invincible and aided by a form of Super Toughness. The first hint that he can be felled is that his Observation Haki is not always reliable. The next comes after his fight with Luffy goes from being one-sided to even for a few moments because his Observation Haki fails to work while he loses his concentration . Katakuri then reveals he is pretending to get hit with attacks and masterfully dodging them by reshaping his body into mochi and as long as he holds his concentration incredibly sharp, he won't fall.

He's like a cat — if he gets hit, he will always right himself even in mid-tumble and even if he just hit his head on the ground! Also, it has been years since anyone has managed to hit him. And it's revealed the reason why he's so powerful is that he got too overconfident in his own strength as a child against some thugs, which ended up in his sister, Brûlée, being the target of a vicious Revenge by Proxy plan. His failure to protect her pushed him to such extremes to the point where he became an utter "monster" . Knight of Cerebus: While many of the other Charlotte siblings have been shown to be quirky yet really dangerous, Katakuri takes it up a level by being a No-Nonsense Nemesis, who is extremely competent and brutal as a fighter. Large and in Charge: His height is revealed in a SBS issue and it is a whopping 509 centimeters (16'8") — taller than his younger triplet brothers, Daifuku (489 cm/16'0.5"), and Oven (492 cm/16'1"), who are both very tall themselves. That being said, he is the Minister of Flour, and he's an extremely badass member of the Charlotte Family.

Lightning Bruiser: Even moreso than even the Straw Hats' Monster Trio . His Haki-based foresight and Devil Fruit powers make him an all-around threat, and he has the level of physical speed that ensures he can counter his enemies' attacks before they could even lift a finger.


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