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Marijuana and Medical Marijuana

Argentina to Allow Medicinal Marijuana to Be Grown at Home

The new regulation also orders insurance providers to cover cannabis products prescribed by doctors. Some of the strongest champions of the government’s move were mothers of sick children.

By Daniel Politi


¿Tu corazón está preparado para la marihuana?

Nuevas investigaciones sugieren que fumar marihuana conlleva muchos de los mismos peligros para la salud cardiovascular que fumar tabaco.

By Jane E. Brody

The Election’s Over, but Not the Stress. Any Edibles Left?

Sales surged as people turned to gummy bears, cookies and chocolates infused with cannabis to soothe their jitters.

By Sheera Frenkel

Republicans and Democrats Agree: End the War on Drugs

Voters in red and blue states may be in accord on nothing else, but they passed measures to liberalize drug laws.

By Nicholas Kristof

This Election, a Divided America Stands United on One Topic

All kinds of Americans have turned their back on the destructive war on drugs.

By Jonah Engel Bromwich

Oregon Decriminalizes Small Amounts of Heroin and Cocaine; Four States Legalize Marijuana

There were 38 statewide citizen initiatives being decided across the country on Tuesday, about half the level of the last presidential election.

By Thomas Fuller

Recreational Marijuana Legalized by New Jersey Voters

Voters approved a constitutional amendment to legalize cannabis in New Jersey, putting pressure on neighboring states like New York.

By Tracey Tully

South Dakota Measure 26 Election Results: Legalize Medical Marijuana

See full results and maps from the South Dakota election.

Mississippi Statewide Measure 1B Election Results: Allow Medical Marijuana

See full results and maps from the Mississippi election.

Weekly Health Quiz: Marijuana, Lullabies and Coronavirus

Test your knowledge of this week’s health quiz.

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Time magazine cannabis

Marijuana Goes Main Street By: Bruce Barcott

Recently our Founder was making a trip to Florida and she went looking for some reading material in one of the many magazines shops that all airports have. Without question she was drawn to the TIME magazine publication with a gigantic marijuana leaf on the cover. What she was not expecting was to find Primal Therapeutics on page 94! But there she and Primal Therapeutics were, locked in history in TIME magazine.

Primal Therapeutics was to be the world’s first Cannabis Spa however laws and regulations would not support the business model and in 2014 when the recreational cannabis industry was really kicking off our founder had the honor of meeting author, Bruce Barcott at an industry event. That chance encounter landed Jordan in a few sentences in Bruce’s book, Weed The People. Then flash forward three years that same encounter put our founder in TIME magazine’s special edition, Marijuana Goes Main Street.

Needless to say Primal Therapeutics is ecstatic to be a part of history and she had been carrying her copy of TIME in her bag with her which ended up coming in handy. Just when she thought it could not get any better, Jordan was recently in DC to lobby for marijuana policy reform with NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) and Bruce Barcott was one of the presenters at the 2017 NORML Conference and Lobby Day. She immediately approached Bruce at the conference and requested that he sign her copy of TIME magazine. He wrote, “Thank you for your pioneering work.” Little did he know that is exactly what Jordan calls all of the students she teaches, “pioneers.”

It is moments and memories like this that solidify our space in this movement. It is these times that push us to keep going and to keep teaching and no matter what to remain on the cutting edge of what will become the greatest industry of all time.

(L to R) Jordan Person (Primal Therapeutics), Bruce Barcott (author), Keith Stroup (founder of NORML)

Welcome to the end of the war on pot. In this TIME magazine special edition you will read about how far the industry has already come.