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Owned by an abuser of women

The owner, Leo (Leoncio) Pena, is physically and verbally abusive to women. His personal values do not reflect the apparent values of the CBD brand. He treats his staff poorly. He’s a drug and alcohol addict, and he’s got several domestic violence charges.

Bad business practices. Cannot open their page says gone on…

Cannot open their page says gone on vacation——how do we get the product? I would have ordered earlier if given the information. Why not say when they will be back for business. Are they running a business.

Great products

I have been using different Thoughtcloud CBD products for a while and everything I use has always worked great.

Consistently thrilled

I am consistently thrilled with my cbd product from thoughtcloud. I always get my items very quickly & they run so many sales I never have to pay full price!

I have tried their oil and it has been…

I have tried their oil and it has been great. I miss smoking herb so I recently tried their CBD joints and love that they leave me calm and relaxed without the actual high.

Best CBD oil that I’ve used

Best CBD oil that I’ve used. Love that they do a hemp version since I can’t have coconut.

Calms me

The Full Spectrum formula really helps me relax and calms my anxiety.

I really love thoughtcloud CBD FULL…

I really love thoughtcloud CBD FULL SPECTRUM.
I bought the 15 ml one and it lasted a long time. Helping me because I suffer stress of covid-19 and having my family 24/7 in isolation and it worked very well for me.

Truck driver, anxious workaholic, high-functioning autism – this manages it all

I swear by this stuff. I’ve been taking full-spectrum CBD for almost three years now, and I have never looked back once. I’ve tried a few other brands out of curiosity and the occasional lack of planning, but nothing comes close to your brand’s full spectrum. About 50mg/d in dropper form (more if I’m especially stressed) is what I take.

I love the taste – herbal, earthy, like what you would expect a plant extract to taste like. Nothing else has come close.

The price point is perfect as well. I plan out so I can buy the biggest volume possible to save.

I’ve cleared several DOT drug tests for my job, and the solution has not adversely affected me at all. Of course, take at your own risk if you are subject to testing.

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Thought Cloud CBD Review

When it comes to hemp, it is often associated with the recreational drug ‘marijuana’. No matter what it is, if it contains hemp, people will stay away from it because the plant is notorious for giving you a ‘high’ that produces psychoactive effects, and not to mention, it’s recreational use is illegal in many states. In today’s ThoughtCloud review, we’ll show you a bit more about a brand that is firmly entrenched in the space, as well as educate you a bit on CBD oils and their uses and benefits.

So when it comes to buying Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, there are always some people who associate it as a drug. Contrary to popular belief, the psychoactive effects and the ‘high’ you get from consuming recreational drugs are because of a component called THC. Both THC and CBD are present in the hemp plant, but the only difference is that CBD has medicinal properties as opposed to THC which is purely used for recreational purposes.

Buy Thought Cloud Online

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If you were considering buying CBD oil for its many benefits, ThoughtCloud is an excellent store to check out. The company produces pure CBD oil from hemp plants grown here in Colorado. Since the products from the brand does not have any tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in them, they’re not only legal to buy anywhere in the US, but you’ll also never experience any ‘high’ or psychoactive effects from consuming or using them.

About Thought Cloud

Thought Cloud was founded in 2017 by a holistic medical practitioner, Leo Pena. From the day it was incepted, it has followed one single principle, to bring consumer the purest and highest quality of CBD products in the world. Their vision has always been to make 100% organic plant medicine that is pure from additives, preservatives, and other harmful chemicals.

Each CBD product by Thought Cloud is carefully tested before being shipped to you. The products also have less than 0.03% THC which allows them to sell and ship products to all 50 states of the US. Worldwide shipping is also available wherever CBD oils are considered legal.

Other CBD to look at: Along with ThoughtCloud, Medterra CBD is another we highly recommend.

What’s on offer through Thought Cloud CBD Oils

Thought Cloud makes a variety of products from CBD. Their catalog consists of CBD oils, vape supplies, CBD bath bombs, pain management balms, CBD skin creams, and apparel. Let’s have a detailed look at some of these products.

CBD Oils

Thought Cloud is known throughout the USA for their 100% pure and organic CBD oils. There are different variants of oils on sale including the special full spectrum range, sustainable isolate range, and grape flavored range. The full spectrum range by Thought Cloud is made out of the whole plant CBD hemp oil extract. In simple words, this extract also contains many other beneficial natural compounds such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and other oils.

The full spectrum CBD oils by Thought Cloud are often considered their best product by regular CBD oil users due to the fact that they are much more effective than isolate CBD oils. The extraction process allows the company to retain maximum CBD in its purest form. On top of that, there are absolutely no additives, chemicals or preservatives added, making them 100% pure and organic.

There’s even a special formula available that is safe to use on pets. It is effective because it contains small amounts of CBD.

For those looking for something stronger, Thought Cloud has the high CBD formula range. This range is excellent to use against inflammation and allergies. The high CBD formula contains several other natural compounds such as MCT oil, cannabigerol (CBG), and various other CBDs.

Vape Supplies

Fancy having vape juices containing CBD? Thought Cloud has just the right thing for you. The company offers as many as 11 tasty flavors for your vape pen including bubblegum, cheesecake, banana split and much more.

Vape pens and other accessories are also available from Thought Cloud.

Pain Management Balms

Thought Cloud’s pain management balms help in reducing/eliminating chronic pain such as back ache, pain in knees, hips, shoulders and more. The balms can also be used to treat osteoarthritis, arthritis, and several digestive problems.

The balm can also be applied on the skin to help reduce swelling from insect bites, acne or control chapped lips. It’s so magical, you never know, it could even remove moles? (Nah, I doubt it, but hey, this stuff is magical.)

CBD Bath Bombs

Thought Cloud is the only company in the US to come up with something as innovative as CBD bath bombs. These bombs are available in four different fragrances to help make your bath wonderful. They’re great for relieving sinus congestion too!

Why Choose Thought Cloud

Pure, organic, and chemical free CBD products are hard to find in America. Many CBD oil manufacturers use hemp plant imported from other countries. These plants yield a very low quality product. Since Thought Cloud uses hemp plants grown in an outside farm environment in Colorado, you can be confident that their products are 100% organic and of high-quality natured. Here are a few other reasons why you should choose the company for your next CBD purchase.


THC is psychoactive in nature and is actively present in the hemp plant. When CBD oil manufacturers extract CBD from the hemp plant, there is a high chance that a lot of THC will also be extracted. This means when you use CBD oil, you’ll experience an unwanted ‘high’. Thought Cloud, on the other hand, has found a brilliant way to reduce the THC content next to none when they extract CBD, hence their product has only 0.03% THC.

Large selection

As mentioned above, Thought Cloud has a variety of products containing CBD. You won’t find such a large collection anywhere else.

Money back guarantee

The company offers a full money back guarantee for 30 days after purchase. If you’re not happy with the product, simply return it.

Fast Shipping

Since CBD products from Thought Cloud contain very low THC, they are allowed to ship to all states through very fast shipping methods.


Thought Cloud is a highly recommended CBD oil retailer. With their immense collection, 100% organic and pure product, fast shipping, and money back guarantee, you shouldn’t look anywhere else. We personally love this company for their full spectrum CBD oil collection. We haven’t found any other CBD oil manufacturer that has such an effective product in the US.

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If you’ve used the coupon code with success, comment below and let us know how much you saved!

Thought Cloud CBD Review When it comes to hemp, it is often associated with the recreational drug ‘marijuana’. No matter what it is, if it contains hemp, people will stay away from it because the ]]>