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Straight hemp

Call us biased, but we believe everyone should be using a premium and quality CBD product to help them achieve balance in their life. But sometimes, different CBD products work better for different people. Here is a quick introduction so.

The Best CBD Products To Keep For Yourself As a Treat This Halloween

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Explaining Full Spectrum CBD Oil Vs. CBD Isolate — From a Colorado Hemp CBD Company

Have you seen the term “full-spectrum” floating around on various CBD products? One of the main questions we hear from our consumers is: What is the difference in “full-spectrum CBD oil” and “broad or isolated spectrum CBD oil?” What Does.

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Straight Hemp: Full Spectrum CBD-Rich Hemp Oil Extracts, Salves and Terpsolates

Straight Hemp is a company that thrives on developing natural products with CBD-rich hemp extracts in each remedy. Consumers are able to purchase directly from the official website, or through one of the nearby licensed locations.

What is Straight Hemp?

Every CBD company has a different take on the industry, offering a variety of remedies that appeal to their target audience. No matter which brand someone chooses, they need to keep a few things in mind, like what kind of experience they are looking for and what quality they need. Straight Hemp is one of the many brands that commits to quality for the user, delivering remedies directly from Colorado.

The Straight Hemp brand has a simple tagline – “CBD rich hemp oil for the body and mind.” All of the hemp involved comes from organic sources in Colorado, where the brand works with farmers to support sustainable practices. There are CBD, full spectrum, and broad-spectrum remedies, catering to the needs of the customers that buy them.

Using the CO2 extraction method, the company is able to protect the quality of the product while eliminating any toxins that may reside on the plant. However, in an additional effort to support the world around them, the company uses the Oil for All Wellness Sponsorship, helping customers that need to have CBD for their various ailments.

The Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana

The biggest concern for any new user of CBD or hemp products is whether hemp is synonymous with marijuana, but the answer is not a simple one-word response. Though they both come from the same plant – cannabis sativa – they are two different strains. The noticeable difference is that marijuana features a psychoactive effect, which consumers associated with “getting high,” though it is rich with therapeutic and medicinal benefits. However, CBD does not have this effect, because the amount of THC is so low.

Products from Straight Hemp

The online shop has the full range of Straight Hemp products, which consumers can peruse to find the remedy that gives them the support that they need. While full-spectrum hemp oil easily takes over as the most popular product, there are also vaping and topical treatments.

Any order that exceeds $100 within the United States will have free shipping. Read on below to learn about some of the remedies offered by Straight Hemp.

Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

The full spectrum hemp oil is likely the most popular for its liquid form. The bottle features a dropper lid, making the measurement of any dose simple. Consumers can use it as a preventative product, but it must be digested in some way. Consumers can adjust the dose as they learn their tolerance or take on a higher concentration.

Consumers can choose from concentrations of 133mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, and 4000mg, starting at $20.00 for the lowest concentration.

Healing Hemp Salve

The Healing Hemp Salve is a topical treatment, meant to help with the healing after a minor injury, like a cut or a burn. The product includes the use of multiple essential oils and can help with the regeneration process on the skin. Though it is primarily meant as a skin treatment, it is also safe to be used as an edible or to sooth toothaches/gum pain.

Choose from concentrations of 115mg, 500mg, and 1000mg per jar, starting at $20.00 for the weakest remedy.

Hemp Terpsolate

Hemp Terpsolate has a high content of both CBD and terpenes that are native to the hemp plant. The versatility of this remedy is likely its appeal since it can be dabbed, eaten, or vaped, which is made even better with the natural citrus flavor of the terpenes. However, consumers will not gain any benefits from topical use.

Consumers can choose either the 100mg concentration for $10.00 or the 1000mg concentration for $50. If the user needs a compatible device, they can purchase the Airis Multi-Use Vaporizer for $50.00.

Where to Purchase Straight Hemp Products

When deciding to purchase one of the many products available, consumers have two choices – place their order online, or purchase from a local dispensary. Purchasing on the website provides a greater range of products but buying in a shop gives the in-person experience of asking questions (if necessary), and the instant gratification of taking home an order.

If the user wants to explore locations nearby, they can visit, input their address, and find the closest shop.

Contacting Straight Hemp

Since there is so much information on the website, overwhelmed customers may find themselves with questions about Straight Hemp itself, CBD oil in general, or just an inquiry about a particular remedy. The company offers a fill-in form on the website for electronic correspondence, but consumers that want to speak with a person over the phone will need to call the phone number for their area.

  • Local (United States): 720-739-1578
  • International (United Kingdom): +44 208 077 2772

Straight Hemp Summary

Straight Hemp brings all of the information that customers may need to make a decision on their treatments. They stay away from getting too specific about the benefits, which is in accordance with the regulatory measures for selling CBD products. However, they also make themselves available to consumers to ensure that any customer can have their questions answered quickly.

Straight Hemp is a company that thrives on developing natural products with CBD-rich hemp extracts…