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Specktra CBD Relief Vape Pen Review

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“After a long workout, I love to enjoy this recovery vape! It. ”

– Stephanie

Specktra CBD Vape Pen

Specktra’s CBD Vape Pens combine full-spectrum hemp extract with therapeutic botanicals to offer targeted relief, but do these aromatic blends offer boosted benefits? All four varieties of Specktra’s CBD Vape Pen boast powerful, organic essential oils that are hand-chosen by an aromatherapist to deliver the benefits you need most. The aptly named formulas—Awake, Tranquility, Relief, and Recovery—boast natural flavors like passion fruit, grapefruit, watermelon, and blackberry. Each contains varying levels of CBD ranging from 150 mg to 400 mg per disposable pen. These formulas are designed to offer the fast acting benefits of vaping in a handy, pre-filled pen that is portable and discreet enough to use on the go. Each of the four collections also includes a corresponding CBD tincture designed to reinforce and lengthen the effects of these extraordinary CBD vape pens.

Specktra CBD Vape Pen Overview

At first glance, it’s easy to give the go-ahead on Specktra’s CBD Vape Pens. Like all of Specktra’s products, these pens are manufactured in California from full-spectrum hemp extract derived from local hemp farms. The brand, which is also headquartered in California, subjects each batch to in-house and third-party lab analysis to ensure quality, consistency, and potency. These thorough lab tests can be found easily on the brand’s website on each product page.

In addition to high-quality, CBD-rich hemp extract, the brand also chooses only organic essential oils, like lavender, eucalyptus, and chamomile, to design each unique blend. Instead of propylene glycol, a potentially harmful additive used in lower quality vapes, Specktra uses only MCT oil from coconuts as a carrier in this vape oil, making Specktra CBD vape pens one of the few PG-free options on the market. The brand promises each CBD vaporizer is free of pesticides, additives, and fillers—only natural flavors are used in each of the four unique, flavorful blends.

Because of the variety of blends available, these Specktra CBD Vape Pens are suitable for anytime of day. Awake may offer benefits that are most suited for daytime doses, while Tranquility may help manage daytime stress or promote relaxation when the day is winding down. Both Recovery and Relief offer strong doses of CBD + essential oils that can be useful whenever the need strikes.

To make these products accessible to those who need them most, Specktra offers free shipping to all 50 U.S. states, and pairs these vapes with other Specktra products in handy bundles that make it easy to design a full-coverage CBD routine that works for you.

Specktra CBD Vape Pen First-Hand Review

We were pleasantly surprised when our Specktra products arrived—we were able to test all four flavors of this CBD vape pen. Although they have varying essential oil profiles, each posed similar general benefits. No matter which pen we chose, we were able find relief from inflammation and anxiety, which is something we rely heavily on our daily CBD dose for.

These general effects were up to par—the Relief vaporizer was even able to stop a headache in its tracks. As for each unique benefit, we didn’t notice any major difference between each blend. Minor effects were apparent, and depending on your need we can see how each unique blend could benefit every person differently. For instance, the Awake version did make us feel slightly more focused—but we were more intrigued by its ability to manage sore and tired muscles after a bad night’s sleep. Tranquility did seem to help significantly when anxiety piled high, but Relief and Recovery seemed to offer a CBD dose that helped us manage anxious thoughts, too. Generally, each CBD vape pen offered us multiple hemp-derived benefits that make them useful across the board.

The four flavors were also simultaneously similar and different. Each vape pen had a mild “coconutty” flavor that was accented by its unique botanical profile and added natural flavor. None of them were inherently sweet or strong, rather we experienced the essence of passion fruit, blackberry, watermelon, and grapefruit. Each flavor profile hid the hempy taste well, and because they took effect pretty quickly (within five minutes) it was pretty easy to modify the dose as needed. We’re pretty confident that the CBD vapes are a solid option for beginners, but would also suit the needs of more experienced users who need higher doses.

All four varieties of Specktra's CBD Vape Pen boast powerful, organic essential oils that are hand-chosen by an aromatherapist to deliver the benefits you need most.

Specktra CBD Relief Tincture Review

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“I love your product. I’m sleeping better than I have for years. ”

– Sussan W.

Specktra CBD Tincture

Specktra’s CBD Tinctures boast full-spectrum hemp extract combined with targeted botanicals, but do these unique blends provide real relief?

These tinctures are available in four varieties, including Awake, Tranquility, Relief, and Recovery. These varieties feature natural flavors that help mask the hemp taste, including orange, raspberry, hazelnut, and key lime. Each provides varying levels of CBD, ranging from 250 mg to 600 mg per bottle. In addition to Specktra’s proprietary hemp extract, each formula contains a premium blend of organic essential oils hand-chosen by a licensed aromatherapist in order to boost the effects of CBD and offer real relief from everyday symptoms. Each of the four collections from Specktra also include a fast-acting CBD vaporizer, which can be paired with these tinctures to tailor your CBD regimen to meet your needs.

Specktra CBD Tincture Overview

We were immediately impressed with Specktra’s CBD Tinctures. Specktra’s entire line, including these oral tinctures, is grown and manufactured in California, where the brand is also based. Each Specktra tincture is made from full-spectrum, CBD-rich hemp extract. They combine this wholesome plant material with hand-chosen organic essential oils, like lavender, moringa, and ylang ylang, and they never include pesticides, fillers, or harmful additives. To bring it all together, Specktra chose MCT oil from coconuts as a carrier and to aid CBD’s absorption in the body. The multiple varieties available use only natural flavors to give each a unique and pleasant taste without the use of synthetic ingredients.

After manufacturing, Specktra tests each batch in house and then sends off samples to a third-party lab to verify potency, consistency, and quality across the board. The lab tests for each of Specktra’s CBD tinctures can be found on the brand’s website under each product listing.

Because there are multiple formulas available, you may find Specktra CBD Tinctures useful anytime of the day. Awake is generally designed as a daytime dose, while Tranquility may help combat stress as needed, or help you wind down after a busy day. Recovery and Relief are designed to use whenever the need arises, making it easy to get CBD relief when and how you need it.

Each of these CBD tinctures is available with free shipping to all 50 states. In addition, each can be purchased on its own or as a part of one of Specktra’s convenient bundles, which are designed to offer full-coverage for your CBD regimen.

Specktra CBD Tincture First-Hand Review

We tested each of the four varieties of Spectra’s CBD tincture—Awake, Tranquility, Recovery, and Relief. Our first dose was from the lowest-strength tincture, the 250 mg Awake variety, which has a mild orange flavor and is easy to dose with the attached dropper lid. Effects took just over an hour to set in, and while we experienced slightly increased focus, other effects were more apparent—inflammation and anxiety both significantly decreased. We rely on daily CBD to combat these ailments, so this didn’t come as a disappointment.

Each of the four tinctures posed a very similar experience, the main difference between them being flavor and potency. Although we did seem to notice a decrease in overall stress and anxiety with the Tranquility tincture, we also reaped those same benefits from the other three varieties. The most notable difference, in fact, was the high potency of the Relief Tincture, which was able to essentially eliminate even the most severe back pain. Each flavor was as mild as the first, offering the essence of each natural flavor ingredient—key lime, raspberry, and hazelnut. None of the tinctures were very sweet or strong, and each was considerably palatable, a major plus for oral doses!

Ultimately, we couldn’t find a reason to complain. We used these tinctures (alone and in combination with Specktra’s CBD vapes and patches) for almost two weeks. Each time, we were able to find the relief we were seeking, whether it be from pain, fatigue, or anxiety flares. The varying doses mean these tinctures could be useful for beginners, but even experienced CBD users can get use of Specktra’s tincture line.

In addition to Specktra's proprietary hemp extract, each formula of Specktra CBD Tincture contains a premium blend of organic essential oils hand-chosen by a licensed aromatherapist. ]]>