source cannabis farms

Source cannabis farms

Our controlled grow rooms allow us to adapt to the needs of each strain.


Soil is the origin of plant life. We can enjoy cannabis the most when it is grown responsibly in soil.

HAND trimmed

We meticulously trim each strain to its individual genetic profile.

Letting nature take it’s course results in the complex terpene profile found in all of our strains. Join the circle and experience the difference.


We flush our plants with pure water for three weeks to ensure the smoothest smoking experience.

Hand Watered

This process deepens our connection and communication with the plant.

glass cure

Every strain is cured in glass to perfection.


We believe that everything we do has a ripple effect. A holistic approach to cannabis has led us to grow according to the golden rule; we only cultivate cannabis that we would consume ourselves.

All of our flower is indoor grown, soil grown, hand watered, three week flushed, hand trimmed, & glass cured.


We consistently exceed industry standards for farming and labor practices.

We believe that everything we cultivate is to enjoy it ourselves; our plants are not force-fed, as we trust their intelligence to take what they need to flourish organically.

SOURCE Cannabis Farms is a premium cannabis cultivator in Los Angeles, California. Their flower is soil-grown, carefully cured, and meticulously trimmed.