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What is the Shelf Life of CBD Oil?

Does CBD oil really expire – does it have a specific shelf life?

I mean, come on, with all that natural goodness in these bottles, it should be able to sustain itself for quite some time!

While it’s true that cannabidiol tinctures and other products do store quite well, they won’t hold up indefinitely.

When Does CBD Oil Expire?

The CBD oil shelf life is approximately two years.

Can CBD oil go bad during this time? It is possible.

Herbal tinctures that are exposed to oxygen can take on microbes and bacteria. Warm conditions in the environment around the bottle can promote the spreading of these elements, leading to visible grime and spoilage.

However, when a CBD tincture or product is stored in a cool dark place, such as the refrigerator, then the shelf life can easily extend to the predicted two years and beyond.

How Can You Tell If CBD Has Expired?

The signs of spoilage will vary depending on the ingredients and the product on hand. A smell test and visible check can go a long way. If you know a product is under two years old and shows no aging signs, it is likely safe to enjoy.

Keep in mind that the potency of your cannabidiol items can degrade well before they expire. Using items past the expiration date is not always harmful, but it can certainly be ineffective. Always use your discretion when taking items that have been stored out of the refrigerator for an extended period.

What Is The Best Way To Store Cannabidiol?

A cold dark place is the best spot for herbal tinctures of all kinds, including cannabidiol. Besides choosing an ideal location with these conditions, it’s always a good idea to ensure that the packaging is kept clean.

When using a tincture oil bottle, oxygen and bacteria from contact are the only ways to spread microbes to the formula. You can combat these microbes by frequently washing the dropper and bottle with warm water. Always include a bit of soap now and then. Wiping the outside of the bottle, and the opening, with a wet cloth, will provide all the care that your product needs.

If you plan on storing your item for an extended portion of the two-year shelf life, you don’t need to worry about regularly checking in to clean the item. While the object is firmly sealed, the oxygen and external microbes don’t offer any threat to the cleanliness of the wellness brew held within.

Storing Topical and Vape Juice Products

There are some exceptions to these rules. For example, some topical bases and vape juices will acquire condensation when kept in cold conditions. This condensation will not always reverse when reintroduced to heat. If the condensation does spread, it will not always mix evenly with the bulk of the product.

Think lumpy topical creams and thick vape juices that don’t sublimate quite right. It’s not pleasant on the skin, and it can gunk up your vape device. When working with these items, storing them in a cool cupboard with no light is recommended.

Pure Cannabidiol Products

If a cannabidiol product is fresh and handled in hygienic conditions, then it will not be prone to spoilage. At Herbal Health, we emphasize cGMP equivalent practices and leverage ISO clean rooms during our CBD extractions. From cultivation to packaging, all of our manufacturing is done in a conscious, clean, and efficient manner.

As always, our lab-tested products are held to the highest purity standards. Each batch is sent out for testing at specialized hemp research facilities that identify the exact quantities of CBD, minor cannabinoids (CBC, CBG, CBN, CBDA, etc.), and THC.

All of our items are THC-free. This guarantees the non-psychoactive nature of these products. You can toast an entire field of the premium CBD flowers used to make these products, and you would never catch a buzz. Even so, our products are refined to remove even the trace amounts of THC.

The buzz-free cannabinoid components found in our formulas are sure to support your total health and wellness. They can be enjoyed at any time of the day, during any activity. A regular Herbal Health regimen can easily promote focus, presence, and joy without detracting from your sense of clarity.

There’s never been a better time to jump into the CBD craze. The FSA supports the use of cannabidiol by healthy adults, CBD is seen as a novel food ingredient, and the World Health Organization supports the free sale of THC free hemp products worldwide.

With no risk, you have to ask yourself what you might gain from enjoying this organic compound. You’ve heard so much about these products, and now it’s time for you to experience these formulas for yourself.

We offer exclusive deals and competitive prices that other distributors simply can’t beat. Check out our featured products, select the ones that best suit your lifestyle, and embrace the hemp movement.

Remember, optimal wellness is a choice. Choose Herbal Health CBD today.

What is the Shelf Life of CBD Oil? Does CBD oil really expire? While it's true that cannabidiol tinctures and other products

Does CBD Oil Expire?

Last Updated on 28th October 2020

Can CBD Oil & CBD Products Expire?

CBD oil is becoming increasingly more popular in the UK. Most people who consume it will commonly take it sublingually (under the tongue) every morning as they wake up. With bottles for general retail being found in 10 or 30ml quantities.

As such, with regular use, these will be consumed within a month or two meaning you won’t have to worry about the shelf-life of your product.

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However, if you have purchased a big bottle or if you use CBD quite infrequently, then you may need to worry about preventing your CBD from degrading. Fortunately for you, there is many steps that you can take to ensure that you don’t waste your hard-earned money.

CBD Oil Shelf Life

From the point when CBD has been extracted from the cannabis plant and place into a carrier oil, its shelf-life will generally be around 2 years when stored in the conditions stated on the bottle – this will be in a cool, dark and dry place. To abide by these rules, you must: –

  • Keep out of direct sunlight – You may have noticed that bottles of CBD tinctures will come in brown glass bottles, to minimize light exposure.
  • Keep in a cool place – This can be achieved by keeping it refrigerated or at the very least keeping the bottle out of direct sunlight and away from any potential heat sources. In the unlikely event that you are storing CBD for multiple years then it is possible to store in the freezer (just ensure it has fully thawed before us). If CBD isn’t kept cool the CBD will gradually convert into other cannabinoids which will cause the strength of your CBD oil to drop.
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  • Minimize exposure to air – Air can slowly deteriorate your CBD product. You may have noticed that all CBD oil product comes in air-tight containers. This means that when using it, you should minimise the amount of time that the lid is off and to ensure when the lid is returned to the product it is completely screwed on.
  • Store upright – This might sound quite simple but ensure that the bottle is stored upright as intended. If the bottle isn’t then the CBD may come into contact will other materials other than the glass bottle, such as plastic lids or the dropper pipettes at the top of the bottle, for example.
  • Avoid contamination – If your CBD comes with a pipette dropper for using sublingually (under the tongue), then ensure that you don’t touch the dropper into your mouth. This could pass germs into the liquid which may deteriorate. Also ensure that you have clean and dry hands prior to using CBD-based products to reduce germs and water entering the product. If your CBD oil has no pipette dropper, you may consider transferring your dose onto a spoon before ingesting.

How Can You Preserve CBD?

Some general tips for keeping your CBD at the best quality are:

  • Reading the manufacture instructions – Not all CBD-based products are created equally, some have different concentrations of cannabinoids and may contain different carrier oils such coconut oil or vegetable oil. All these factors mean that each bottle will have a different shelf-life and different tips from the manufacture to ensure the product stays as intended.
  • Regularly check the product – If your cannabis-based product has gone bad, you will be able to tell by either smelling the product or checking the appearance to see if it has gone rancid or not. The product may have lost potency whilst not going off or mouldy, so this technique won’t necessarily work in all cases, but will keep you from ingesting something that won’t make you ill. A CBD product that has deteriorated will generally go from a clear colour to a fuller, darker colour.
  • Keep out of the reach of children – It goes without saying that you should be keeping your supplements and medicines out of the reach of children, and this also goes for your CBD oil. Whilst CBD doesn’t have a known point in which you can overdose and won’t cause your children to get ‘high’ or ‘stoned’, it is safe practice and will also stop children from potentially contaminating your product.
  • Only freeze when necessary – To ensure that you can also use your CBD product, don’t always store in sub-zero conditions. This will stop you wasting time in thawing it every time you need to use it.
  • Throw product away if expired – If your product has gone over the manufacture’s expiry date (and you haven’t ensured it won’t go off by freezing it) then this means that they can no longer guarantee the product is safe to use. The better method would be ensuring you have used it completely prior to this date.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Oil

Can CBD Really Expire? – Conclusion

With only the smallest amount of care and attention, you can ensure that your CBD-based products stay at the highest quality for the longest amount of time.

What is the shelf-life of CBD Oil? Does CBD Oil go Bad? How can you preserve it? Follow our steps to ensure that you don't waste your hard-earned money.