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Seattle Hempfest LIVE on-line event
October 10-11, 2020

UPDATE: Please visit our Seattle Hempfest YouTube channel to view all of the 2020 performer and speakers panel videos. (CLICK HERE)

We are the producers of the official HEMPFEST® ‘Protestival’ rally event on the waterfront of Seattle, WA

The Seattle HEMPFEST® protestival is founded in the belief that the public is better served when citizens and public officials work cooperatively in order to successfully accomplish common goals.

This is our 29th year producing the Seattle HEMPFEST event and due to the COVID-19 virus, we have had to move our event online. With this transition to an online platform we aim to bring a similar feel as our in-person event while tapping the limitless potential of communication across the world.
Read more HERE…

To help support us, Please visit our gofundme today and make a donation.

Originally billed in 1991 as the “Washington Hemp Expo”, the first Hempfest started in Volunteer Park where it would stay for three years. With an attendance of only 500 people and a staff that included about 20 members of the Seattle Peace Heathens Community Action Group, there was no way to know that we were sowing the seeds that would someday make Pacific Northwest history.

Participation in our 2020 event can happen in many ways! Our event hosts a curated mixture of performers, speakers, discussion panels and information. We are developing a new web platform for our 2020 event which will help carry our content onward into the future, fostering community discussion and discovery in a digital platform. Participating can happen in many ways- and you can contact us to get started today!

Sometimes a photo can speak a thousand words. HEMPFEST volunteer photographers have helped document so much of the magic that has brought us to where we are today. Our event is an eclectic mixture of culture, determination, education and self discovery. From one-on-one discussions to speakers’ panels, glassblowers to voter registration, our photo gallery has decades of history for you to see.

Seattle HEMPFEST could use your help now more than ever! The COVID19 Virus has taken a huge toll on us being able to survive financially. In addition, our operating/permitting costs have gone up in recent years and our sponsorship had been crippled by the WSLCB imposing restrictions on I502 businesses being able to advertise in our traditional venue. (read more about our successful WSLCB reversal HERE) We are looking for partnerships, large and small to help us get through this tough time and continue with our official platform into the future, which you can read more about HERE. Contact us today to get started! For more information on sponsorship click HERE.

Seattle HEMPFEST 29th Annual Seattle Hempfest LIVE On-Line Event Contact HEMPFEST and COVID-19 Virus Community Values Distinctions Economic Impact Study FAQ