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Reliva CBD

Research has shown that CBD has a lot of potential benefits, including minimizing pain and inflammation, reducing seizures, and decreasing anxiety and depression. It can also reduce stress and encourage relaxation. With the ever-increasing interest in CBD products, there has been a huge boom in the number of CBD companies in the market.

Reliva CBD is one of the lesser-known brands, and there’s not a lot of information out there about them. However, in our Reliva CBD review below, we will fill you in on as much as possible, to help you determine if this is the right brand for you.

The CBD market has been bombarded by new CBD brands popping up almost daily. It’s the wellness trend of the moment and everyone is trying to cash in. As a result, finding a brand you can trust can be a bit of a challenge. Hopefully the ShoppingCBD reviews will help you to make an informative decision.

Reliva CBD Quick Summary

“The Reliva gummies are fantastic. I use them for anxiety and feel so much calmer after getting a dose.”

Who Is Reliva CBD?

Reliva CBD is a company that was built by wellness experts from Portland, Maine. Miguel Martin – a 24-year Consumer Products veteran – was named as CEO, and CSN is the national brokerage partner. In October 2018, the company established a production facility in Long Island, New York.

Miguel Martin, Lita Young, Kevin Young, and Nicholas Messer are all founding members of Reliva CBD. They each brought their own unique set of skills and experience to contribute to the success of the company.

Lita Young is the CFO and has 24 years of experience in finance and management, while Kevin Young is a trailblazer within the hemp, cannabis, and CBD industries. Nicholas Messer has ten years of experience in the cannabis industry.

Reliva describes itself as a premium health and wellness company that has years of collective experience when it comes to improving the quality of life of customers all across the world. The company explains that its years of experience have led to hundreds of cycles of product development, feedback, and fine-tuning.

All of their products are vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free. Reliva reports that their staff is more than just “workers” – it’s a network of cultivators, farmers, and experts, with a purpose and passion.

Reliva CBD Highlights

Here’s what really stands out when it comes to Reliva CBD:

  • Free Shipping: Reliva offers free shipping for all orders over $25. This is an important benefit, especially if you plan on making regular purchases. Shipping costs can really add up, so it’s always great to see a company offer free shipping.
  • Third-Party Lab Reports: All of the Reliva products are third-party lab tested by an ISO certified lab for safety and consistency. All Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are available for customers to view on the company website. Simply type in the product batch number, and the test results will be displayed. This kind of transparency is exactly what is needed in the unregulated CBD market.
  • High Quality: The Reliva CBD is derived from hemp that is traditionally grown and processed using industry-leading extraction methods. These methods ensure high-quality, pure CBD with 0% THC. In addition, all products are tested to ensure that they are free of any heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, mold, or any other harmful substances.

Reliva CBD Negative Thoughts

Reliva CBD is missing something when it comes to its selection of products. For example, it only sells 250 mg and 500 mg CBD tinctures, while typically, most other professional brands sell a range of tinctures between at least 200 mg and 1,000 mg – and often even stronger options.

Reliva CBD is a company that was built by wellness experts from Portland, Maine. They are a premium health and wellness company

CBD Relief Cream – Reliva CBD Wellness

Reliva’s CBD Relief Cream is packed with 300mg of viable cannabidiol. This CBD infused topical cream allows CBD to hit the target right away. Cannabidiol applied to the skin will restore, balance, and soothe. Choose your selected area, take a dab at the end of two fingers, and apply this revolutionary cream to the spot. Add more as needed. You may experience a tingling, cooling sensation when using this incredible relief cream. The standards that Reliva maintains when creating their cannabidiol products are unparalleled. They choose only premium sources for their hemp plant materials that are extracted and infused under proper regulations. All products are guaranteed to be THC free. As topicals, the cannabinoids do not reach the bloodstream, but they do have an impact on the cannabinoid receptors in the skin tissues. This cream is an excellent choice for surface application and for rubbing deep into the skin. Achieving the perfect touch takes practice, but you will determine how to treat the skin and how deeply to apply the cannabidiol product. Our proprietary formula will keep you coming back. CBD is a hemp nutrient that has been a frequent component of hemp formulas around the world, even during prohibition. Cannabidiol shows up in trace levels in all plant material, so those wise and lucky individuals who stuck to hemp soaps and scrubs during these regulatory times truly had something going for them.

Product Features:

  • Size: 60ml
  • CBD Strength: 300mg
  • Contains High-Quality CBD
  • Non-GMO
  • THC Free
  • Moisturizes, Soothes And Restores

Package Contains:

  • 1 x Container Of CBD Relief Cream By Reliva CBD Wellness

CBD relief cream by Reliva CBD Wellness is packed with 300mg of viable cannabidiol. Its THC free and comes in 60ml size. Restore your skin now today