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CBD Olie Business Sense: het nieuwe jaar betekent nieuwe kansen – Eureka Times-Standard

The new year offers an opportunity to think strategically about our community goals and is a great time to focus on emerging industries — and our most promising developments.


Noma Journal, an online magazine, predicted that cannabis would be one of the top 10 fastest growing industries in 2020 and includes recreational and medical marijuana, CBD oil and hemp. Humboldt County supervisors are moving slowly on hemp to assess and prevent negative environment impacts and protect registered cannabis growers but have launched Project Trellis to actively supporting other aspects of Humboldt’s cannabis industry. Trellis provides for business grants, a focused marketing program and more designed to sustain and grow Humboldt’s cannabis industry and assist cannabis businesses as they work to overcome the financial and logistical challenges of coming into compliance.


According to a May 1995 North Coast Journal article, oysters have been commercially grown and harvested locally since the late 1800s. The industry continues to thrive, with Humboldt Bay producing the largest number of oysters in California. In 2016, Humboldt State University and California Sea Grant survey estimated a local economic impact of about $20 million and that number has surely grown since then.

The area is also prime for land-based, or RAS aquaculture. The Christian Science Monitor recently described Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) as “closed-loop production systems that continuously filter and recycle water, enabling large-scale fish farming that requires a small amount of water and releases little or no pollution.”

Humboldt’s abundant clean fresh and salt water, existing infrastructure and willingness to address infrastructure deficits have made us the first choice on the West Coast for Nordic Aquafarms, a Norwegian-based company working to locate a land-based RAS fish production facility on Samoa’s former pulp mill site. Nordic plans to eventually invest about $400 million dollars, provide 80-100 direct jobs and many ancillary opportunities. The company also wants to work with local commercial fishermen and other related industries to build Humboldt County’s reputation as a premium food producer and can be a catalyst for more aquaculture production in the region.

Alternative energy

Though Terra Gen’s land-based wind farm will not move forward, the project spotlighted the need for local alternative energy production. The Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA), tasked with developing local renewable resources and energy-related economic advancement, has taken lead on coordinating the extensive planning and research process required for what could be California’s first floating offshore wind project and has committed to “advancing the responsible development of our offshore wind resource in a manner that maximizes benefits to the local community.” According to RCEA, the North Coast has a world class offshore wind resource and this technology could be key to increasing California’s renewable energy.

Blue Lake Rancheria has already set the standard for local energy responsibility. Their microgrid will help the rancheria reach their goal of zero net carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and increases energy reliability, accessibility, independence, and cost optimization. Other organizations and communities can model Blue Lake when planning for carbon reduction. The grid also literally saved lives by offering power to those with critical medical equipment during the recent PG&E power shutoffs.

We can make 2020 a great year for Humboldt County by identifying promising opportunities, thinking strategically about our goals and working together to make them happen.

CBD Olie Business Sense: het nieuwe jaar betekent nieuwe kansen – Eureka Times-Standard The new year offers an opportunity to think strategically about our community goals and is a great time to