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Even the Guys Want Him: Flampe's flunkies fawn over Katakuri with blushes, as they help her try to handicap Luffy. However, all that admiration goes out the door, once they see his real face and help Flampe try to humiliate him throughout Tottoland. Evil Redhead: His hair is a deep maroon color, and befitting the dark hue, this guy is deadly serious. Downplayed in that, although he's loyal to the evil Big Mom, he's an honorable Anti-Villain. Evil Sounds Deep: Has a very deep voice (as is usually the case with characters voiced by Tomokazu Sugita).

Expy: The way he predicts people's future actions and speech using Haki is similar to how Joseph Joestar uses Ripple to predict the villains' words and surprise them. As an added bonus, the two characters even share the same voice actor! His character design has an uncanny resemblance to Zebra from the Toriko series. They both have similar hair color and large muscular appearances, are very cold and ruthless and have scars on their cheeks (Zebra has a chunk of his left cheek torn off showing some of his gums while Katakuri has stitches from his mouth to his earlobes). His patience gradually drops the longer he's denied his scheduled Guilty Pleasure meals, to the point where he gets sloppy and didn't even assure his victory over Luffy before he walked away from the fight just so he could indulge in his overdue merienda. Something that came back to bite him when a not-so-dead Luffy, mere moments later, crashed it and caught him completely off-guard in the process. He's so ashamed of his gluttony and his fanged mouth, that if you witness it, mention it, or mock it in even the slightest manner, Katakuri will become so blinded with rage his focus will be torn away from battle and he'll forget to maintain his Observation Haki, which means he'll be left open to attack. It's also revealed in Chapter 902 that, as a child, he made the same mistake his family made — overestimating his own strength; it's what made Brûlée the target of a vicious Revenge by Proxy and got her horribly scarred . Flash Step: He's very fast and is able to perform the Flashstep, catching Luffy off guard in their 1 v.

Even more impressive though, Katakuri's Observation Haki and speed also allow him to kick Luffy down while he's in the middle of attempting to Flashstep behind him. Foil: To Luffy of the Straw Hats: Luffy is friendly, determined, goofy, and. Except he does have a bit of a relaxed, goofy side to him like Luffy. Both have Devil Fruits that allow them to manipulate their own bodies in some way. yet their personalities are the exact opposite of them. Luffy is made of rubber and is a Big Eater, Katakuri is made of mochi, a type of Japanese sweet, yet he doesn't partake in eating. Or so you're led to believe- he really is a glut, but he's sensitive about showing the undignified manner of wolfing down a Guilty Pleasure meal, while Luffy just eats like that out in the open and shamelessly. Carrot notes in Chapter 877 how similar their powers are to each other. And in Chapter 879, Katakuri can check, copy, and counter ever single one of Luffy's moves and surpass them in destructive might. Katakuri looks like he's a member of a criminal biker gang. Luffy is the dangerous captain of a rising pirate crew. Katakuri is the dangerous subordinate of an entrenched pirate Emperor. Both Luffy and Katakuri get their energy from different foods. While Luffy doesn't shy away from anything that looks good, he usually eats lots of meat as they are good sources of protein. Katakuri's food choices are rather unhealthy — his choice of drink, black tea, is very high in caffeine, and he eats lots of donuts and sweets just to get his strength up, essentially overloading on sugar . Flashbacks to his childhood in Chapter 902 show that Katakuri is a naturally goofy, laid-back person who could care less about people making fun of him or his eating habits — much like Luffy. However, people who hurt his beloved brothers and sisters — much like people who hurt Luffy's friends — immediately earn his wrath and cause him to get deadly serious. The only difference between them is that Katakuri decided to make himself look serious and scary all the time (at least in public) in order to deter people from ever attacking his family and crew at all; Luffy, meanwhile, still allows himself to be goofy and carefree, and simply deals with whoever underestimates him and tries hurting his friends. Their powers reflect their personalities — Katakuri's powers are based on mochi which reflects how he allowed himself to be molded by his family's standards of him, and how he easily crumbles during his fight with Luffy once he's out of steam and breath . Luffy's powers are based on rubber, representing his unwavering determination and ideals despite being beaten again. This determination is what allows him to finally win against Katakuri after a very brutal battle in the Mirror World . He's also one to his younger brother and fellow Sweet General, Cracker. While both are very powerful fighters, Cracker boasts a big game yet prefers to hide behind his Biscuit Soldiers because he dislikes pain. Katakuri is very willing to get his own hands dirty (literally, as he can turn himself into mochi) and fights at the forefront. As a result, he's proven himself to be an even deadlier opponent than Cracker.

Their reveals were handled in different directions. Cracker looks quite Gonk but turns out it's the Biscuit Soldiers he creates that are Gonk; the real Cracker is actually decent-looking, appearance wise. Katakuri is a muscular and ruggedly handsome Hunk but underneath his scarf is a mouth that's full of sharp and massive boar-like fangs that he keeps hidden at all times because he's really ashamed of it .

Cracker's Devil Fruit powers create hard substances (crackers). Katakuri's mochi powers are quite soft yet is used for deadly effect and can be hardened with Haki.


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