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PrimeMyBody Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil: Liposomal CBD Extract Spray?

What Is PrimeMyBody?

PrimeMyBody is a company that focuses on clean living through multiple supplements and detoxification remedies. The brand features remedies for both humans and adults for overall wellness.

The health industry is filled with people that want to lead a clean and healthy life, which is the idea that PrimeMyBody focuses on. There is not much information on the company itself, but they make their mission clear with a “promise” listed on the website. It says, “Being healthy isn’t a fad or a trend… Instead, it is a lifestyle, and our goal is to show the world just that.”

PrimeMyBody Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil Products

Much of the information on the website is in relation to the team members, but it is the products that truly speak to what this company can do. Presently, the products that they are advertising include:


PrimeMyPet is a treatment that is for all ages of cats and dogs, providing hemp extract that will help to relieve physical pain and the “emotional pains of aging.” It includes full-spectrum extracts that support the endocannabinoid system of animals,

This formula is not yet available for pre-order.

Detox System

The Ultimate Detox System offers a way to eliminate the toxins built up in the liver and the rest of the body for better health. The process involves two steps, which eliminate the toxins and then reduce the risk of reabsorbing them into the body. The first step is Liver Clear, which will promote better digestion, improve the flow of bile, and support the functions of the GI tract.

The second step involves mega Binder. The formula captures the toxins and uses activated charcoal to help flush it out. The use of acacia gum ensures that the user experiences a healing effect as well, while reducing the risk of constipation.

Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil

This hemp oil is delivered with a liposomal delivery system, which allows the body to absorb the oil much better. The treatment comes from the stalks and stems, though it does not offer any psychotropic effect for the user. Though it contains trace amounts of THC, it helps with the immune system and can calm the user.

The user only needs about four pumps of the oil when they consume it, though it must rest for 30 seconds before they swallow it. This system is available for $160.00.

Prime Protein

The Prime Protein Superfood is filled with a balance of various sources of nutrients. The website says, “Whether you’re trying to increase your overall health, looking to fuel long runs, aiming to build lean muscle, or aspiring to drop a few pounds, Prime Protein Superfood is incredibly versatile & delicious!”

To get the right dose, users will need to mix one scoop into water or their preferred smoothie. Consumers can purchase this formula for $60.50.

Hydrate Pure

Hydrate Pure is a moisturizer that consumers can apply to maintain a youthful appearance in their complexion. The treatment manages to introduce healthy nutrients into the complexion, which reduces the fine lines in the face. The formula includes the use of hemp isolates, which work to fulfill the “endocannabinoid molecule deficiencies,” which can cause dry skin, acne, and more.

This skincare treatment is available for $119.00, though it presently is on pre-order. The pricing will go up after the pre-order pricing ends on May 27 th .

Contacting PrimeMyBody

With the many treatments offered, consumers may find that they want to reach out to the customer service team. They can be reached on weekdays from 9:00am to 6:00pm CST, and the Texas-based team is available by phone call or email.

PrimeMyBody Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil Conclusion

PrimeMyBody may seem like a small brand at the moment, but their product line touches on five major places that the CBD industry has managed to create popular products. The treatments all include some version of hemp extract, with many of them using full spectrum CBD in their formula. Consumers can pre-order several of the remedies, or they can choose one that is already launched.

What Is PrimeMyBody? PrimeMyBody is a company that focuses on clean living through multiple supplements…

Prime My Body: Hemp Products To Improve Your Well Being

The health and wellness industry is one that caters to many customers and presents a numerous opportunity for both a business and consumer. Speaking of business opportunity, a product that has exploded recently is hemp along with hemp oil.

Retail customers aren’t merely interested in protein, but also on supplements meant to help with the level of their chronic pain. Not only are superfoods looked upon to help with pain, but various hemp products are as well.

Hemp and hemp extract components are of particular popularity because it’s practically impossible to get high off of hemp due to the psychoactive properties of THC not being present in ample amounts.

As with most things with high-profit potential, many companies are jumping aboard this surge of hemp popularity to create a great business opportunity for themselves. When you combine health and wellness with the uniqueness of hemp, you’re going to generate a lot of interests among customers.

One company that is riding this wave of opportunity is Prime my body. Primemybody is a company that is only growing.

What is Prime My Body

At the core, Primemybody is a company that is involved with the manufacturing of numerous health and wellness products that are forged with quality ingredients. It also offers an affiliate program that offers a compensation plan to those who are interested in an MLM lifestyle. Prime my body specializes in formulating various plant-based products, including their industry-leading Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil.

Also included in their suite of product offering are Prime Protein Food (a plant-based protein), Hydrate Daily Moisturizer, and the Lifting Firming Cream.

When people think of Primemybody, they’ll most likely initially be inclined to think about their claim to fame which is the offering of an innovative ‘liposomal delivery system’ wherein cannabinoid receptors are encapsulated inside a globular cluster of phospholipids, allowing for dramatically enhanced absorption among the gi tract.

While Prime My Body is still new to the industry, they claim to only use natural ingredients for their dietary supplements (and all products in general). With each dietary supplement and product in general being of high quality, Prime My Body is well on its way to increase their market share and reach.

Another important factor to take from this claim by Primemybody is the fact that due to manufacturing at a high level, the risk of toxins is going to decrease as well. Through their production process, Prime My Body claims that it will make both your mind and body operate more efficiently and effectively.

With a diverse line of products, Prime My Body is catering to each level of health and wellness by addressing a slew of potential issues the everyday person may encounter.

From a big picture standpoint, the team at Primemybody has declared that their intention is to build a global culture that is unified by the common thread that health, happiness, and well-being are the keys to positive change. In essence, the key pillar to positive and successful change starts by viewing health as the head of an octopus with all other facets being the tentacles.

With that, it’s worth noting the various Prime My Body products and their specific usage.

Prime My Body Products

The Primemybody team claims to use only premium-quality natural ingredients in all of its products which is providing a level of service that will be on the higher end of the spectrum. And with that said, here are some of the products by Primemybody.

Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil

Led by hemp oil chemist and formulator, Dr. Shade, PrimeMyBody’s Hemp Extract is effective due to the Human Endocannabinoid System. This elaborate network is a part of our immune system. However, when it’s activated by taking phyto cannabinoid diols, you have a better capability to fight, resist, and assist in repairing your mind and body.

Also of note, the endocannabinoid system includes the “cannabinoid receptors” (i.e.CB receptors) that they bind to.

With that said Prime My Body uses a unique liposomal delivery system, which improves the bioavailability of the oil being used. This hemp oil contains hemp extract derived from the stalks and stems of the mature industrial hemp plant.

With the liposomes of by Primemybody, they bring the power of intravenous therapy into convenient oral delivery. This hemp oil is priced at $130 and directions are to take 1–4 pumps by mouth, holding for 30 seconds before swallowing. And it’s also best taken on an empty stomach 10 minutes before meals.

Prime Protein Superfood

This protein superfood boosts an impressive profile that includes 15g of hemp protein which is a quality plant-based protein. Also of note is the mixture of key minerals, vitamins, digestive enzymes, and greens that help with building muscle while minimizing body fat. Most importantly, it’s going to help with your food absorption which promotes a smoother process along the gi tract.

This protein is priced at $60.50 and the directions consist of mixing, blending, or shaking 1-2 scoops of Prime protein with 8-16oz of water, almond milk, or any beverage of your choice. Also of note about PrimeMyBody’s drink is that it contains no harsh chemicals, fillers, artificial sweeteners, and “natural” flavors.

Hydrate Pure

If you have dry skin, rough skin, damaged skin, or those annoying fine line and wrinkles—then the hydrate pure from Prime My Body is an ideal product to look into. Hydrate pure can be described as a luxurious hemp-infused moisturizer packed with botanical blends.

At retail price, this will cost $119 and at the affiliate level, the price for those team members are $89.

Ultimate Detox System

The liver is a critical organ to optimal health and each day it’s under stress from various levels of toxins. With that said, The PrimeMyBody Ultimate Detox serves as a detoxification system to help the liver along with eliminating harmful substances inside your body. This system will cost you $160.

Liver Clear

This is a toxin pusher that consists of four ingredients: dandelion, solidago, gentian, and myrrh. The goal here is to stimulate digestion, boost liver, gallbladder and kidney function, promote healthy bile flow, and offer broad microbial balancing action.

Mega Binder

This captures toxins in your gi tract including mycotoxins, cyanotoxins, pesticides, herbicides, endotoxins, endocrine disruptors, inflammatory molecules, toxins found in bile, and heavy metals including mercury. This product works well due to its powerful ingredients of bentonite clay, activated charcoal, chitosan among a handful of others which further leads to detoxification.

Prime My Body Affiliate Program

Multi-level marketing means many things to people depending on who you ask. Nevertheless, it’s a way for people to earn commissions and side income. You can become a PrimeMyBody Affiliate by purchasing the Business Center for $39.00 annually, which includes access to your personal body business center, replicated website, and online marketing tools.

There will also be systems in place to help you build and develop your team and body compensation plan which is a core thing among MLM companies. Also of note is that there will be different plans of Primemybody binary compensation plans.

Controversy: Prime My Body Scam

As with most MLM companies, the affiliate program sometimes presents itself with controversy and Prime my Body is no exception. With a lot of multi-level marketing companies, people are skeptical of the claims.

Prime My Body does not verify the purity of their source material, nor do they offer up-to-date, or true third-party lab testing results which makes it hard to decipher if their products contain what they say it does.

Prime My Body Reviews

With Prime My Body, Quicksilver Scientific, and any other company—there will be a learning curve that you’ll have to go through. Reviews were all over the board but here are a few of the reviews from users.

This first review sticks out due to diminished symptoms of pain which was something they claimed would happen. However, on the downside, this person felt dizzy about repeated usage of this hemp oil.

On the next one, the reviewer is clamoring about the high quality compared to other hemp oils. Once again, as a young company, customer service issues are bound to pop up as they figure things out.

Lastly, this review is also clamoring about the pain relief that this hemp oil is providing. Not only is the lessening of chronic pain worth highlighting here, but the increase in quality of life stands out big time.

Advantages Of Prime My Body

From the early responses and quality of ingredients being implemented, Prime My Body seems like a legit health and wellness company heading in a positive direction. But with that said, the brand is still relatively new. However, there are many benefits that you decipher from this brand already in its infancy.

One big advantage so far has been its positioning as a premium product. While some will complain about the price, this also attracts another segment of customers who appreciate high quality and don’t mind paying a little extra for it.

Also, this company manufactures for various health and wellness causes which means they can help many different people from all walks of life.

With all of this said, this brand is worth a shot if you’ve tried other products and haven’t been left fully satisfied.

Primemybody is a company that is involved with the manufacturing of numerous health and wellness products that are forged with quality ingredients.