posting weed to uk

Posting weed to uk

I like my weed, i like the weed they sell me in dam, but i cant get
much back. Looking for advice on the postal systems as my last trip
cost me 150 in siezed drugs, cunts, fuckers, bloody uk customs, 22nd of
december too, would have arrived for christmas. Like 60 ruddy grams in
2 packets – both siezed.

So far, ive brought it back with me on the plane, works great, small
amounts, just in my pocket, pretty hi at the time so not really giving
a shit about dogs. Doing it again tho; maybe not, sorta shit me up a
bit when they scanned my coat (containing the weed) in dam airport,
twice, then gave me a dodgy look and said carry on.

The other thing i tried was putting weed in an envelope, first envelope
was a few cd’s with weed inbetween. Second just litrally 10 bags of
hash in an envelope. Both caught at dover port. Both sent priority
mail from amsterdam “post bank” post office in a standerd bubble pouch
you buy there.

So ive been thinking up ideas for my next trip, in about a month, ive
also been thinkgin about how dover customs got both envelopes (sent to
diff addresses) on the same day – 2 different signatures on the forms
so 2 basically both packets were caught by different customs peeps.
Xray? dogs? dover probibly isnt the best place to get drugs through im

Has anybody else done this before? My friend gets hash, like 10 quids
worth per envelope now and again posted from spain in screwed up paper,
that works. (sent airmail)

Im thinking sending it like airmail next time, maybe less of it and
more concealed, and the smell concealed. Maybe inside a box of
chocolates and resealed or something and including a busineess return
address and a printed label. Chocolates will show up like weed or hash
as organic on any xray machine.

Is there a private service in amsterdam that sends goods overseas?

Anyways, please shout some ideas at me for the best way to get the
stuff back.

Alternatively, I’d advice you to form a group of cannabis consumers in
the UK and collectively contact a coffeeshop over here in the
Netherlands that is willing to buy a vacuumdevice. Then one of the
people in the group can travel to Holland, buy bud or hash at that shop
and ask them to grind it up and vacuumpack it (you’d have to inform at
the shop in advance about doing this, since normally bud is not sold
grinded or vacuumpacked) and then that person can mail it back to the
uk (I’d send maximally 5 grams per envelope and make sure the envelope
is completely flat like a regular letter). You can send many envelopes
to many different addresses, or perhaps the coffeeshop is willing to
mail them.
Coffeeshops might potentially be reluctant to mail (or even vacuumpack
bud) because they can potentially lose their licence to sell and those
licences are hard to obtain, but I dunno, perhaps some are willing to
provide such a service.

Posting weed to uk I like my weed, i like the weed they sell me in dam, but i cant get much back. Looking for advice on the postal systems as my last trip cost me 150 in siezed drugs, cunts,

UK Police Are Cracking Down On Cannabis Sent In The Post

It’s an open secret that a number of UK residents have been using the Her Majesty’s Royal Mail postal service to courier cannabis and other illegal drugs around the country.

However, while this has been a pretty safe way of delivering illicit goods for a number of years, we have reason to believe that the UK police are now clamping down on the practice.

Sniffer dogs and scanning

We have heard reports of an increase in sniffer dogs at sorting offices as well as more packages and envelopes being put through scanners.

While these reports are unofficial, there is evidence that the police are turning their attention to cannabis being sent in the post. The tweet below by Peterborough Police reveals a recent haul of edibles and concentrates found by the authorities.

This evening, staff from NPT North seized hundreds of pounds worth of cannabis and cannabis based goods from the Royal Mail sorting office which had been sent in a number of parcels.

A number of people in various cannabis-related Facebook groups have also reported that their illicit orders have not arrived. This is unusual as it is very rare for packages containing cannabis to not reach their destination.

It’s not all lost, however, as it seems that packages sent by Special Delivery and private courier companies are landing successfully.

Why now?

This latest ramp up in postal security may be tied to the recent explosion of CBD flower (hemp buds). As the number of online CBD flower shops has grown massively in the last 12 months, the popularity of these buds (which are sent in the post) has become hard to ignore.

However, the industry looks like it’s about to also be shaken up following the first conviction for selling CBD hemp flower. For more on the legality of hemp flower and the expected coming crackdown, read this.

And then there’s all the dark web, which has also grown substantially in popularity in recent years, which generally relies on the post to deliver products. In fact, a few of the major markets on the dark web have recently closed down amid a wave of law enforcement actions in the U.S.

Could this also be linked to the crackdown on sending cannabis is the post? It’s possible.

Whatever the reasons, it might be a good time to start using a private courier company for your more important deliveries.

Is it safe to order weed in the post if you live in the UK? Maybe not anymore. we have reason to believe that the UK police are now clamping down on the practice.