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Natural Leaf CBD produces the highest grade, ZERO THC phytocannabinoid-rich, broad spectrum, organic CBD oil that contains all cannabinoids and terpenes naturally found in hemp so you can live better – naturally.


Providing a natural approach to wellbeing. We are dedicated to helping people find a natural alternative to promote health and healing, using phytocannibinoids.

  • Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Zero THC
  • MCT Oil


Our Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR) oil is made by starting with full spectrum CBD oil from organically grown hemp and extracting out all THC. Other minor phytocannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC, and naturally present terpenes are preserved and mixed with MCT Coconut Oil.

  • Water Soluble
  • Zero THC
  • Full Spectrum

CBD Softgels

Our softgels are made using broad spectrum, water-soluble, Phytocannabinoid- Rich (PCR) oil with zero THC. This ensures maximum absorption and bioavailability. They are easy to swallow and have no taste.

  • Quickly Absorbed
  • Zero THC
  • Organic

CBD Topical

Our topical allows you to focus the healing to a targeted area and get quicker results, because it is immediately absorbed directly through your skin. Our Phytocannabinoid- Rich (PCR) Hemp Oil Balm, is created with beeswax and medium chain triglycerides and is unscented for a natural experience.

The Natural Leaf Difference

Customer Feedback

Helped my husband recover from surgery!

“My husband had to have his wisdom teeth removed and was on some strong pain killers but nothing was working! I gave him some of Natural Leaf CBD oil to rub onto his gums, his jaw and his temples to help immediately, and he took a capsule too. The oil took the edge off pretty quickly, and 30 mins later he was pain free for about 4 hours! He was taking the pain pills every 2 hours to find relief. Thank you for making a good product that helped with intense pain.”

Fort Collins, CO

Helps my back pain and my cats’ anxiety!

“I used the Natural Leaf CBD 500mg tincture for my cats and myself. I had lower back pain associated with arthritis and the CBD seemed to reduce the amount of inflammation in my body and ease the pain in my joints. I was skeptical at first, but after using the product for about 2 weeks, I saw a big difference. Also when I stopped taking it, I noticed the pain came back after about 2 days. For my cats, they both had high levels of anxiety and just a few drops in their food each morning changed their behavior drastically. They are eating better, their fur is growing back after having lost quite a bit, and they are playing again like they are kittens! Thanks for making such a great product and with zero THC because I didn’t want to give my cats any THC.”

The CBD oil helps me sleep!

“I have been using Natural Leaf CBD oil at night to help me sleep. I like the tincture because I place the oil under my tongue and it works fast in calming and relaxing me at night. When I ran out, I noticed a big difference so I quickly ordered more. I really like that it has other cannibinoids naturally found in the hemp plant and no THC. Definitely worth the purchase! I have been recommending it to my friends who are looking for an all natural, organic, high-grade CBD oil.”

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Natural Leaf CBD produces the highest grade, zero THC phytocannabinoid-rich, full spectrum, organic CBD oil from Hemp that contains all cannabinoids and terpenes naturally found in hemp so you can live better – naturally.

Leaf Notes

Everything you need to know to get started with CBD

Grown under the Kentucky Sun

What better source than mother nature herself? After all, hemp is a female plant. Organically sun grown hemp isn’t just better for you, it’s better for the environment.

Tested for cannabinoid profile and contaminants.

We believe in full transparency, the lab results for all of our products are posted in each of our product listings. All of our products go through rigorous third party testing to confirm cannabinoid profile, micro-biological contaminants and more

Women owned and operated

The cannabis industry has always been male dominated. We are here to disrupt that trends. We are proudly women owned and operated company that strives to raise the bar for how cannabis businesses are run.

Affordable, natural CBD oil products derived from organically grown Kentucky hemp. THC free, Lab tested, and free shipping. ]]>