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Naked 100 CBD Review

  • Naked 100 CBD Review


CBD Oil Review rates the Naked 100 CBD Brand with one star because it qualifies for the Mission Badge.

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Naked 100 CBD: 60-Second Summary

Naked 100 CBD is an arm of vape mega-giant Naked 100, a global brand known for their nicotine-laden e-liquids. They have a small offering of CBD e-liquids in four flavors, but unfortunately, we cannot speak to the quality or integrity of these products, mostly due to a lack of information. This appears to be yet another example of vape industry vets getting into the CBD game without adequate intention.

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Naked 100 CBD Brand Review

Naked 100 CBD represents the CBD segment of e-liquids manufactured by USA Vape Lab, the vape manufacturer behind the original Naked 100 brand. Although Naked 100 now has a manufacturing facility in Paraguay, the CBD outfit claims all their products are manufactured right here in the USA.

This CBD vape brand has only been on the scene since 2018, and their main thing appears to be delivering premium flavors, or what they call ‘the best flavors on the CBD market’. They took their bestsellers from their preexisting international vape brand, added some CBD, and voila!

Unfortunately, Naked 100 CBD provides shockingly little information as to this CBD in their new vape line. They neglect to disclose where they source their hemp and their extraction process. Also, the company claims to offer both full-spectrum and isolate options, but the available cannabinoid profiles (dated by over nine months at the time of this review) show that Naked 100 exclusively uses CBD isolate. Not exactly a good look.

Naked 100 CBD offers CBD e-liquids in four flavors and two concentrations: 600mg and 1200mg. They promise zero THC, but we are not clear as to the exact ingredients in each bottle. Naked 100 CBD only lists CBD and a VG/PG blend in their ingredients list and does not disclose whether or not their flavors and colors are artificial.

All we really have to talk about here are flavors which indeed, seem appropriately complex and unique. Amazing Mango is like tropical peaches and cream. Really Berry is a kick of sweet and tart with blueberry and raspberry notes. Hawaiian POG is the tropical medley of the bunch, and finally, the Lava Flow CBD vape liquid seems the most interesting, with a combo of strawberry, coconut, and pineapple.

With no mention of testing and astonishingly little information about CBD from the company, we need to wait it out with Naked 100 CBD. We suggest they adjust to their sensibilities from nicotine vape products to the CBD world, a place where people are looking for transparency and natural healing.

Bottom Line – We cannot currently recommend Naked 100 CBD due to their outdated tests and lack of disclosure concerning the cannabidiol used in their CBD vape offerings.

This Naked 100 CBD Review reveals the truth about this CBD oil company. Not all CBD is created equal. Read this before you buy from Naked 100 CBD.

Naked 100 CBD Review

Naked 100 is known for its intricate and complicated to replicate vape juice flavors. But they’re taking it to the next level. Naked 100 CBD is their new product line, and with some all-new flavors infused with CBD, they’re worth talking about.

This new product line of Naked vape juice is infused with CBD, and in this Naked CBD review, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of these new flavors.

They are infused in new and flavorful combinations, and with the CBD infused in it, it’s certainly worth talking about. But is it worth your money? They are a little pricey, which is a valid concern for most buyers

For most who use CBD, there is also a quality concern. CBD is used to help relieve stress, anxiety, and it is intended to treat, prevent and help those with anxiety disorders.

People want quality CBD, and luckily, Naked 100 CBD vape juice provides that in a series of flavorful and tasty flavors

All of the Naked CBD 100 juice is clean with no added chemicals, has a flavorful taste, and packs a punch. Using it in your favorite vape mod will surely offer a variety of benefits.

Naked CBD vape juice is known for being easy to mix, and super clean when used. It doesn’t contain a large throat hit like other E-juice liquids out there.

Naked 100 CBD Ejuice

  • Amazing Mango CBD Review
  • Hawaiian POG CBD Review
  • Lava Flow CBD Review
  • Really Berry CBD Review

The packaging on the Naked 100 CBD ejuice is simple, yet effective. It comes with a white exterior color on the packaging, a simplistic text, and design look, and of course, a child-proof cap to prevent curious hands from touching it.

The dropper is simple to use, and it fits right into any vape model. When you use this, you’ll inhale a decent amount of CBD ejuice with each use, and it’s very simple to refill whenever you do finish using it.

Now, it’s pretty simple on the outside, but how does it taste? Well, we’ll discuss this in our Naked 100 CBD e-liquid review.

We’ll tackle the most popular flavors and discuss how they match up with the competition, and also talk about which flavors are the best out there. And any concerns or strange aftertaste you might experience after having some of this.

Does the Naked CBD ejuice hit effectively, and will it offer the benefits of CBD readily? Find out in our Naked 100 CBD vape juice review.

Amazing Mango CBD Vape Juice Review

Overall: 4.7/5

Do you like the rich, mango taste? Well, then you’ll love the Naked 100 CBD Amazing Mango. The name says it all, but the delectable and fruity texture of it is sure to fit right into your vape juice arsenal.

It comes with a strong mango taste, but also hints of peach and cream as well on top of this.

This one has all the different components coming through with every taste, but you also can taste the singular flavors with this juice in particular as well.

The mango and the peach aren’t overpowering, and both of them come through in a way that’s simple and so flavorful.

As for the cream, it has a subtle taste, where you know it’s there, but it’s also not so overpowering it takes away from the flavor itself.

This is one of the top flavors in our Naked CBD ejuice review, simply because it is both strong, but also not so overpowering it ruins the experience.

This is probably our favorite flavor mostly because it works so well together that it doesn’t take away from the experience, and it is a soothing fruity juice flavor.

It doesn’t contain a large throat hit as you’d expect from the other vape juices. And with the CBD inside, it’s no wonder that this floral flavor is one of the most popular ones on the site.

Amazing Mango CBD Ejuice Conclusion

This Naked 100 CBD eliquid flavor comes with many benefits, and it helps with many problems.

The fruity flavor of mango is the perfect way to unwind after a long day, and this juice is here to provide.

Mango usually is good on its own, but with the added taste of peach and cream in it too, it’s a flavorful experience and one that’ll rock your taste buds.

If mango is your thing, then I highly recommend this flavor. It’s both subtle but also strong enough to make your taste buds go wild.

Hawaiian POG CBD Vape Juice Review

Overall: 4.7/5

Right behind Amazing Mango on our list is, of course, Hawaiian POG. This Naked CBD eliquid is probably the perfect mixture of fruity, and fun all in one package.

This tastes like a Hawaiian cocktail with a mixture of orange, passion fruit, and guava flavors, and when you inhale it, it tastes just like a fresh Hawaiian cocktail made just for you.

And the best part is each time you inhale it, you’re getting the same, strong flavor that’s truly delicious.

Overall, the passion fruit is the primary flavor of Naked 100 CBD vape juice. However, the guava and orange definitely can be tasted as well throughout the juice too.

In terms of taste, passion fruit is the best part of this.

Vapers report that the guava isn’t as delectable as the other flavors, but you can taste a little bit of sweetness within your juice from this as well.

However, that doesn’t take away from the simply amazing taste this has. It’s the perfect tropical fruit bonanza.

Imagine, taking an exquisite, sweet taste of a fruity Hawaiian cocktail with you wherever you go. You can get this, and as you can see in this part of our Naked CBD ejuice review, this Hawaiian mixture is certainly one you don’t want to miss.

Hawaiian POG CBD Ejuice Conclusion

The Naked 100 CBD Hawaiian POG is a bit similar levels as our Amazing Mango but with a mush richer pineapple taste.

If you aren’t a fan of fruity flavors, this might not be good for you.

But, it’s certainly a balanced juice in our vape, and offers a perfect mixture of citrus and sweetness, making it perfect to vape.

It’s again, very clean and natural and is infused with CBD, offering the benefits of such in a small juice form.

This is one you can use all day, and with every puff, you’re getting a whole world of flavors. If you’re a fan of fruit, don’t miss this one!

Lava Flow CBD Vape Juice Review

Overall: 4.9/5

This is a vape juice with a flavorful mixture of pineapple, coconut, and strawberry, and is another Naked CBD vape juice that offers a flavorful experience. I must add that Lava flow CBD is my personal favorite.

It isn’t bad by any means, with each of the flavors hitting pretty equally near the start.

However, the aftertaste on this one is primarily coconut, with the strawberry and pineapple dissipating momentarily after.

This one is also interesting because the coconut is the most accurate in terms of flavor replication, but it is also the most prevalent

Some users complain the pineapple is a bit sharp in this one, but for the most part, the flavor compliments well.

If you’re a fan of pineapple, then you probably will love the pungent pineapple flavor.

Strawberry is the least dominant one here, but you can taste it in the aftertaste after you exhale.

The fruits do mixt together well, but the main problem is that it isn’t as vibrant as the rest.

That isn’t to say that it’s bad, it’s just the strawberry is in the background, and it has a bit of a sharp coconut flavor.

Some users complain it’s too coconut-y as well, which is one of the drawbacks to this one.

Lava Flow CBD Ejuice Conclusion

It’s a good juice, definitely one of the top 3 best CBD vape juice on the market.

If the strawberry was a bit stronger, and the coconut was dialed down a tad, it probably would mix better.

Overall, if you’re a fan of this flavor then, by all means, try it out. It does contain the valuable effects of CBD just like the other flavors in our Naked CBD ejuice review.

Really Berry CBD Vape Juice Review

Overall: 4.9/5

Finally, we have the Really Berry or Very Berry flavor. True to its name, it tastes like berries, with a little hint of lemon added to the fray.

This is one that offers a flavorful complement throughout the moment you inhale it.

The first part you’ll probably taste is the lemon, which will hit your nose.

After that, you’ll then notice the blueberry, where most of the flavor is.

Finally, you have the blackberry, which comes near the end and is the main aftertaste once you finish.

All three of these flavors mix perfectly well together to give you a really strong CBD flavor.

This one, in particular, is a great combination that surprises one from beginning to end.

All of the flavors don’t come at the same time, but instead, at a different point in the draw, but they complement each other perfectly.

Some users don’t like how pungent the lemon is since it does have quite a bite. But it still offers a strong, lingering flavor that’s enjoyable.

After the lemon, you taste the subtle blueberry flavor, which creates a soft, and warm texture to it.

The blackberry is the finisher, offering both sweet and strength at the end, creating a really memorable experience.

It is a great, fruity juice that offers a balanced flavor all around. It really doesn’t have one flavor over the other.

And of course, with this juice, just like the others, you get the effects of CBD with each draw.

Naked 100 – Really Berry CBD Ejuice Conclusion

If you’re stressed out, anxious, or just need a way to reduce tension in your body.

The Really Berry Naked CBD vape juice flavor is ready to deliver, and offer a beneficial experience to help you aid with your pains and aches.

The only real downside to this one is, of course, the lemon is a little sour.

But, if you can get past the sour taste, it’s a great flavor, and a fruity juice to add to your arsenal.

Naked 100 CBD Vape Juice Conclusion

As you can see in our Naked CBD review, offers a new and innovative CBD vape juice flavors that taste amazing and offer the health benefits of CBD.

If you’ve been curious about this CBD liquid, then hopefully this Naked 100 CBD vape juice review helped you make a decision on what to purchase.

Alternatively, if you’re curious about these flavors, but don’t want to vape, you can also get a CBD tincture from this company too.

These Naked CBD 100 tinctures are simple to use. You just put a drop under your tongue, and they offer a whole smorgasbord of flavors and benefits.

All the CBD offered in this is refined in a meticulous manner, and all the CBD infused in these are proven to bring you results you want.

Every flavor in this review is an experience, no matter which one. If you’re a fan of fruit, then you should look no further.

Alternatively, you can get a Naked CBD tincture to begin with. The Naked 100 CBD tinctures are a good place to begin. If you’re curious about CBD but are looking for a vaping alternative.

However, before you begin, do talk to your doctor before consuming CBD. If you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant, it might cause reproductive harm, but otherwise, it’s a safe and effective means to consume CBD.

Why You Should Buy Naked 100 CBD Vape Juice?

Naked 100 CBD vape juice is proven to offer a variety of benefits, as you can see from our review here.

With a whole group of fruity flavors, you’ll never get sick of this.

They are easy to switch out, and you can combine flavors in some cases.

If you’re looking for a unique and pleasant CBD experience, then this is the best place for you to start, since there is a lot of variety and a wide array of flavors.

If you’re curious about trying these CBD vape juice flavors, order yours today!

They’ll only get better, and not only do they taste good. But they also have the amazing effects of CBD oil in them too.

Try these flavors today and see why more and more people are choosing to go Naked 100 with their CBD vape juice line.

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