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Minted Leaf: Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil Extract and Pain Relief Products

Minted Leaf is on a mission to supply its clients with efficient, safe, and natural alternative items. Its aim is to provide homeowners with alternatives to the medication they normally hold in their medicine cabinets. It also seeks to provide them with information that may prove to be beneficial regarding the products that they have to offer to them.

The organization is able to achieve this simple fete by:

  • Ensuring that it only uses one hundred percent USA grown hemp in all the products that it is selling
  • Making sure that its product development phase is guided and directed by breakthroughs in the scientific field
  • Striving to make sure that all its consumers are properly and duly educated on the benefits that come with using hemp products.

Health Supplements

Minted Leaf has been able to supply clients with hemp products thanks to the passage of the Farm Bill which was passed in December 2018. The bill made it possible for Americans all over the country to get easier access to cannabinoids and CBD products. Many of these products have been seen to have health benefits to the consumers.

The passing of this bill led to the removal of hemp plants from the list of Controlled Substances in the USA. By passing it, it meant that it was now legal to cultivate, possess, sale, as well as distribute hemp plants and products. It also meant that time had now come for professionals like Minted Leaf to take over the industry and bring some professionalism into the sector.

Minted Leaf Products

Minted Leaf sells a broad array of products such as Hemp Oil and Cold Therapy Menthol. Each product comes with its own set of variations. It is, therefore, upon the consumer to choose the products that they would like to purchase depending on what they would like to achieve.

Its products are available on its official store as well as on other platforms such as Amazon, TOPs, and Weis. Minted Leaf has dedicated a page on its website where you can find all the information you need on hemp. The articles on the website are designed to help readers learn the benefits that come with using this particular product.

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Minted Leaf is on a mission to supply its clients with efficient, safe, and natural…



Why We Support


mintedLeaf is a deluxe CBD company that features whole-plant hemp oil, fresh mint, and the ambition of bringing a natural alternative to everyone’s medicine cabinet. The small company makes a big impression with their high quality ingredients and simplicity, offering a line of full-spectrum CBD oils and softgels, as well as THC-free topicals designed to provide pain relief however you need it.

About mintedLeaf

mintedLeaf is committed to the CBD movement, but not in the same way as many other hemp companies. Instead, they put consumer education and a science-based approach at the forefront of their mission. Really, they let science lead the way, from carefully selecting their hemp source to optimizing their extraction process to create a Phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp extract that truly captures the full, natural cannabinoid and terpene profile of the plant.

mintedLeaf’s team of industry experts combine decades of experience with their firm belief that hemp’s entourage effects can replace a variety of common household medications—all to bring their natural, minty CBD supplement to market.

Common Questions

Is mintedLeaf THC-free?

Sometimes. mintedLeaf uses a full-spectrum formula for tinctures that contains up to 0.3 percent THC, but their topicals are made from broad-spectrum hemp extract which contain no THC.

Where is mintedLeaf located?

mintedLeaf operates out of Florida.

Where to buy mintedLeaf?

You can grab mintedLeaf products from their website, which ships to all 50 U.S. states.

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mintedLeaf uses high-quality U.S.-grown hemp to formulate their products. In order to produce a hemp extract that is truly Phytocannabinoid-rich, the brand skips the CO2 extraction used by many brands (which may eliminate some of the plant’s terpenes and cannabinoids during extraction). Instead, they have perfected the ethanol-based extraction process and use it to extract the full, bountiful collection of cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp’s flowers, stalks, and leaves.

Lab Results

mintedLeaf offers batch-specific test results for their products on their website. These tests look at the cannabinoid profile of each batch, and rule out pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals, and more. Each product is also fitted with a QR code to help you easily access the lab tests relevant to that batch.

Product Line

mintedLeaf’s product line is small and simple, but it still offers just enough variety that new and experienced users alike can find something that works for them. For starters, their CBD tincture comes in one fitting flavor—mint. However, the tincture offers the benefits of natural hemp and Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil, with no added ingredients or synthetics. These tinctures are also available in five different potencies from 250 mg to 1,500 mg, which offer a one mL dose ranging from 17 mg to 50 mg. Or, if you prefer something right in the middle, their full-spectrum Gel Capsules offer a 25 mg dose of the same quality hemp formula.

Their topicals, however, are THC-free. They still boast a colorful cannabinoid and terpene profile, though, and are classified as broad spectrum products. The line includes five different products, each with a unique formulation intended for managing pain. The Cold Therapy line uses their hemp formula in combination with menthol. For instance, the Cold Therapy Pain Relief Gel and Cold Therapy Pain Relief Roll-On offer a four-percent menthol solution for mild to moderate pain, while the Cold Therapy Cream offers a 10-percent menthol formulation for more severe ailments. Alternatively, the Heat Therapy combines CBD and Capsaicin for a warming effect muscles and joints. Or, if you prefer, they have an Odorless Histamine Dihydrochloride Cream with 150 mg of hemp extract for tackling these same topical issues.

mintedLeaf expertly designed their product line to be small and simple while still offering high-quality, full-coverage relief to consumers. We like everything about the brand and their science-based approach to CBD, a value we like to lend ourselves to as well. With that (and their thorough, third-party lab testing) in mind, we are happy to offer the brand our full seal of approval.

mintedLeaf offers a line of full-spectrum CBD oils and softgels, as well as THC-free topicals designed to provide pain relief however you need it.