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“We’re essentially just cutting out manufacturing and we’re forcing anyone [who] does want to produce in the City of Long Beach out, they’re going to be doing it again in their own houses in a completely unregulated fashion.” – Borst-Censullo

In this article – we cover the Need to Know issues of Marijuana in Iowa by the Sea.

  • Top MMJ Dispensaries, Products and Services
  • Pot Politics – Law – Police
  • How to Legally Buy – Grow – Possess – Transportation of Medical Cannabis
  • How can I become a legal Medical Marijuana patient?
  • Where can I find a Cannabis collective in town?
  • How can I get a 420 Medical Marijuana Doctor evaluation?
  • Is there a nearby place I can get a Cannabis ID card?
  • How can I get a Doctor’s recommendation and growers permit?
  • Where can I find a good Medical Marijuana lawyer in the city?

Long Beach MMJ Factoids:

  • MMJ ID Cards issued in Long Beach till 2015 = 7664
  • Total Medical Cannabis Doctor Recommendations – estimated at 72,000 (2016)

With a population of about 500,000 (2016), Long Beach Is the second largest city in the Greater LA. Its world famous port is the second busiest in America and one of the largest in the world.

At one time International City was the world. The city seems to like making spare parts; Long Beach is a leading producer of auto, aircraft and electronic bits and pieces of all kinds. Long Beach is also a major player in the oil sectors of refineries, underground and offshore drilling.

In 1880, a William E. Willmore bought a ranch in what is now in the heart of Long Beach. Bill’s rodeo failed and he was bought out by Long Beach Land and Water Company. The City – without the Water Company part of the name – was officially incorporated in 1897.

Long Beach County Medical Marijuana Law

Long Beach had a democratic approach to Cannabis Regulation, the ballot box.

In March, 2016, voters in Long Beach had potentially the choice of two ballot measures, both aimed at legalizing medical marijuana collectives, but one group announced it was pulling the plug. Forces combined to form one non-competing initiative.

The two initiatives.

  • ‘King initiative’ – (now apparently defunct)
  • ‘Kelton initiative’ – to institute a scenario where there would be no cap on the number of storefronts in Long Beach, allow operations to occur in all zones and placed no buffer zones on cultivation.

“I believe that having dueling ordinances with similar agendas would be detrimental to the overall cause. Voters would be confused, as they were in Los Angeles with their dueling measures. That is why I am shutting down the so-called “King” Initiative and throwing my support to the Kelton Initiative.” – ” Larry King , Long Beach Medical Cannabis Task Force.

Proposition D, Marijuana Tax ordinance of LA allows three-patient collectives or designated primary caregivers. This proposition works with state guidelines, 18 mature plants for a three-patient garden is permitted.

Marijuana in Long Beach – Legal News Bulletins

  • “The Los Angeles City Finance Office recently released tax figures – more than 1,100 medical marijuana collectives are actively registered to pay business taxes in Los Angeles. Taking into account duplicate registrations, that number falls below 900.with more than 450 medical marijuana dispensaries filing for renewals to pay Los Angeles business taxes as of April 1 this year. “ –
  • ” Recall that the target number of dispensaries for Los Angeles under Proposition D is 135. Despite diligent efforts on the part of the City, coupled with local demand, it seems unlikely this target will ever be reached. – The state of affairs in Los Angeles once again demonstrates how critical marijuana reform is in California.” –
  • “We’re essentially just cutting out manufacturing and we’re forcing anyone [who] does want to produce in the City of Long Beach, they’re going to be doing it again in their own houses in completely unregulated fashion.” – Borst-Censullo
  • “Discriminating” against patient choice in medicine could open the city up to civil liabilities, as most “manufacturers” would fall into protective classes like veterans and the disabled.” – Borst-Censullo – Policy Advisor at California Growers Association
  • Los Angeles Marijuana: The Uphill Battle of Proposition D
    Jun 5, 2015 – Los Angeles has been fighting for years to shut down illegal cannabis . Last year, the City of Los Angeles began implementing Proposition D,
  • Speed Weed Halts Marijuana Delivery in Los Angeles | L.A. Weekly
    May 13, 2016 – The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office says Speed Weed has agreed to halt its services . City Attorney Mike Feuer says that voter-approved Proposition D does not allow for transport .

Weird Long Beach – Water Tower House

Sunset Beach is home to a unique residence, the Water Tower House. This 87 foot tall structure has an elevator that takes guests up to the three story domicile at the top. From there visitors have an impressive view of the ocean. Originally constructed from a 19th century wooden water tower, the building is now available for vacation rentals, last at $3500 to $4000 a week.

The over 100 year old water tower once had a 75,000 gallon capacity and was originally used to service steam engines. When the trains sadly stopped running, the water tower became obsolete. The house was converted by George Armstrong, a professor at Long Beach City College who had once bought another water tower, and another partner, Dr. Robert Odell Jr. Conversions were finished in 1984.

The house boasts 3000 square feet (Zillow says 2400), two master bedrooms, a maid’s quarters, and four bathrooms. There is an entertainment room with a 360 degree view, a 42 inch diameter indoor fire pit, a 175 gallon fish tank, a home movie theater, and stained glass windows as well as electric blinds. It has not one but two Jacuzzi tubs, one of which is on the upper deck, providing a beautiful view of the ocean and Long Beach. Read more at Weird California..

Disclaimer: Before taking action, readers should refer to the LA County and Long Beach’s actual websites, or the original source, to verify the ultimate accuracy of any information provided herein


Residents of Long Beach can get Recommendations, ID cards and Growers permits here using a Telehealth service. An application to legally administer and buy Medical Cannabis takes but a few minutes – and costs much less than a regular visit to a clinic. Telehealth services are encouraged and approved by the California Board of Medicine.

The process is 100% online, is cheaper and much faster than visiting a clinic – and – you don’t pay until a medical doctor has approved your case.


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