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Lowell Smokes – Premium Hemp Smokes

$ 34.99
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– Includes 7 Pre Rolls

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Have you heard of Lowell Smokes? If sustainability and minimal processing are your primary considerations when selecting a CBD product, then this is definitely a brand that should be on your radar. Lowell Smokes Premium Hemp Smokes are the simple, clean, and efficient solution to smoking organic hemp flower. For those looking to enjoy an organic whole hemp experience with all of the terpenes and naturally occurring cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBC and more. Don’t stress over the hassle of grinding flower and rolling smokable joints- Lowell Smokes Premium Hemp Smokes do all the heavy lifting for you. Each package contains 7 pre-rolled hemp joints which total 3.5g, or 1/8 oz. In addition to the convenient case, the package also includes several matches to help you enjoy your new purchase both at home and on the go. The Lowell Herb Co. has a long history of cultivating high-quality, pesticide-free hemp for your enjoyment, so you can trust their many years of experience. If you love CBD flower, then Lowell Smokes Premium Hemp Smokes will definitely put a smile on your face.

Lowell Smokes – Premium Hemp Smokes – CBDbound

The Higher Path’s Vendor Spotlight: Lowell Herb Co.

For this week’s Vendor Spotlight, we would like to take a minute to appreciate one of the biggest players in the pre-roll business: Lowell Smokes. The Lowell Herb Company’s pre-rolled joints and carefully grown top-shelf flower have quickly become some of the most recognizable and in-demand cannabis products in the state of California.

Their commitment to organic farming and its farm-to-table mantra have caught the attention of numerous celebrities and media figures including names such as Chelsea Handler, Lil Wayne, and Miley Cyrus. Thanks to these partnerships, Lowell Smokes are now the best-selling pre-rolls in California, and you can grab yours at your favorite Sherman Oaks dispensary.

The Lowell Herb Company takes its name from William ‘Bull’ Lowell, a California cannabis pioneer who began growing hemp in 1909. Following the passing of the racially-motivated Poison Act of 1913, Lowell was pressured to stop his growing of ‘Indian Hemp’. However, choosing instead to stand up for his beliefs, Lowell refused and was subsequently imprisoned. Today, the Lowell Herb Company seeks to carry on the spirit and legacy of William ‘Bull’ Lowell by growing cannabis naturally throughout their local community of family farms.

Top Shelf Flower Grown With Passion

Lowell has certainly made a name for itself in the pre-roll business. But, before we get to that, it would be remiss not to talk about the incredible flower that goes into these marvelous prerolls.

Lowell is committed to growing their flowers with only organic fertilizer and without the use of synthetic pesticides. In fact, the company actually began testing for pesticides in early 2017 – a full year before it was required by law. Moreover, their flower is grown with only organic materials from seed to harvest. This dedication to organic cannabis has given the brand a folksy home-grown charm that is adored by its many dedicated regular customers.

This charm is not just limited to Lowell’s cannabis though, it also extends to its branding and packaging. Instead of flashy plastic packaging, Lowell has opted for a modest, retro look that meshes well with its identity as a producer of clean, organic cannabis.

Moreover, the brand avoids waste wherever it can, like for example by packaging their single pre-rolls into glass tubes instead of the wasteful plastic ones that have become common in the cannabis industry. Each of their preroll packages is designed and printed in the USA on recyclable cardboard material.

Lowell Smokes: A Pre-Roll For Every Occasion

From their Party Sativa blend to their Dreamer Indica, Lowell offers a range of high-THC prerolls designed to fit every mood. Their blends often incorporate several strains in order to create a smoking experience that will not only blow your mind but also your taste buds.

But Lowell didn’t just stop at THC, they also offer pre-rolled CBD flower that can reach CBD levels as high as 17%. No matter what your cannabis needs, Lowell’s prerolls have got you covered!

Cannabis With A Conscience

Lowell’s commitment to doing things right doesn’t just apply to the weed they grow, it is also exemplified in their engagement with social issues. In 2018, the brand began a hiring campaign aimed at employing those pardoned for previous marijuana-related crimes. FPlus, the brand recently partnered with the Think Big organization to produce a hybrid blend from which the proceeds will go directly to the Prison Arts Project which conducts art workshops in prisons across California.

Looking to get your hands on some of Lowell’s famous prerolls? Look no further! Stop by Sherman Oaks dispensary or order online today!

Today we're featuring one of the biggest players in the pre-roll business: Lowell Herb Company. Find out how they became CA’s favorite prerolled joints!