jill stein on marijuana

Jill Stein on Drugs

Green Party presidential nominee; Former Challenger for MA Governor

Replace drug prohibition with harm reduction

  • End the failed war on drugs. Replace drug prohibition with harm reduction. Legalize marijuana/hemp. Treat substance abuse as a health problem, not a criminal offense.
  • Release nonviolent drug offenders from prison, removing such offenses from their records, and provide them with both pre- and post-release support.

Source: Stein-Baraka platform on 2016 presidential campaign website , Aug 8, 2016

The war on drugs is racist

We need to build coalitions to link racial justice to climate justice to immigrant justice and to peace and democracy. Source: interview of 2016 presidential hopefuls , May 9, 2016

End the racist war on drugs and school-to-prison pipeline

Transform from criminal drug system to public health system

STEIN: We would do something revolutionary. We would actually use science to determine which drugs are dangerous and which ones are not. That means right off the bat marijuana and hemp are removed from the list of dangerous substances because these are not dangerous substances in relation to other unregulated substances including nicotine and alcohol. We would start with the legalization of marijuana and transform the drug system from a criminal system to a public health system. If people have issues of dependency which would apply to legal drugs as well as illegal drugs including alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and heavier drugs they need to be treated within the public health system. These are psychological problems not criminal problems. If you don’t treat the problem it only aggravates it and compounds it with issues of public safety and criminal violence that are associated with the illegal drug culture. Source: interview of Jill Stein , Nov 1, 2012

I support legalization of marijuana

I also support legalization of marijuana, ending war, and other bread-and-butter concerns for young people. This is a constituency that is just itching for a platform of this sort. Source: Interview with Steve Horn of , Jan 29, 2012

Marijuana is dangerous because it’s illegal, not vice-versa

A: We wouldn’t remove all laws against all drug use. Marijuana is a drug that is dangerous because it’s illegal. It isn’t illegal because it’s dangerous. There are drugs in use that are far more harmful than marijuana–such as alcohol. Legalize marijuana and the dangers go away. Regulate it so that children can’t buy it on the street corner.

Q: What about other drugs?

A: Drug use is a public health issue, not a criminal or moral issue. It should not be dealt with in the criminal justice system, but primarily as a public health issue. Source: 2011 OnTheIssues interview with Jill Stein , Dec 21, 2011

Bring marijuana sales under a legal regulatory framework

It’s time to get rid of the black market and bring marijuana sales under a legal regulatory framework. In this way, we can staunch the flow of money to illegal drug networks, generate new funds for our communities, improve public safety, and create new jobs in growing hemp for food and fiber.

As Governor I will appoint a Cannabis Reform Commission to investigate the best way to bring marijuana sales under the new regulatory framework. Source: 2010 Gubernatorial Campaign website, “Issues” , Sep 29, 2010

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Jill Stein on Drugs Green Party presidential nominee; Former Challenger for MA Governor Replace drug prohibition with harm reduction End the failed war on drugs. Replace drug

Jill Stein Caught Embezzling Recount Funds for Marijuana Dinner Party

An old photograph of Jill Stein was used to claim that the Green Party presidential candidate had been arrested for using “recount funds” to host a “marijuana dinner party.”

  • Published 28 November 2016


Jill Stein was arrested and charged with embezzling money raised for 2016 recount efforts in order to throw a “marijuana dinner party.” “We’re all upset that Jill Stein is taking money from Hillary supporters and likely embezzling most of it.”

Collected via Twitter, November 2016


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On 27 November 2016, the web site The American Tribune published an article reporting that Green Party candidate Jill Stein had been arrested for “embezzling” money donated to her to fund a recount of 2016 general election votes:

In yet another crazy turn of events this election season, Green Party’s Jill Stein was arrested following a speech in Los Angeles this Saturday. Investigators received a tip from an anonymous source that Stein had hosted a “marijuana dinner party for … some of the richest liberals in Los Angeles.”

When asked for comment, representatives for Jill Stein refused to respond. A spokesperson for the LAPD only said that they are “taking the case very seriously, and will update the public with any major announcements.”

President-Elect Donald Trump was quick to call out “two-face Stein” for her “rude scheme” to “gyp the whiny liberals!” As of now, the guest list for the dinner party, which purportedly cost Stein $75,000, has not been released. It is unclear whether Stein obtained the marijuana legally or not — chances are some legal shortcuts were taken to supply a large amount of cannabis for an event where medical licenses were not verified.

If found guilty, Stein faces fines of up to $5 Million (ironically, the amount raised for the recount), and a sentence of up to 2 years in prison.

An “About” page linked in The American Tribune‘s footer disclaimed:

The American Tribune provides a satirical view of current events. Our articles should be taken with a grain of salt.

Our articles are a parody of the terrible news coverage in 2016 and beyond.

A reverse image search led to a page (which has since been disabled) on the official Green Party web site, bearing the caption:

Photos from arrest [of Jill Stein] at the Conestoga Bank next to Fannie Mae August 1, 2012.

The clothing worn by Jill Stein and the image’s August 2012 date matched a separate photograph documenting her arrest while protesting banking practices in Philadelphia:

An old photograph of Jill Stein was used to claim the Green Party candidate was arrested for using "recount funds" to host a "marijuana dinner party."