is cbd hemp flower legal in ohio

Is Hemp Flower Legal in Ohio?

More than 100 years ago the state of Ohio, and many others in the U.S., grew industrial hemp as an agricultural commodity. In fact, the state thrived and benefited in many ways thanks to hemp, due to its dozens of purposes that extended beyond its therapeutic potential.

Hemp was used in making fiber, textiles, rope, food, clothing, shoes, biodegradable plastics, lamp oil, and lots more. Now hemp is making a comeback in Ohio and this article will talk about its reemergence in the agricultural and wellness space.

We’ll also discuss the legalities around cultivating hemp and consuming hemp flower. Plus, we’ll share tips on how to identify high-quality CBD flower and explain the benefits of smoking it.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Hemp Growing Laws in Ohio

Ohio Governor, Mike DeWine signed a Bill in July 2019 to legalize industrial hemp. More specifically, the Bill legalized the cultivation, processing, manufacturing, and selling of hemp and hemp-derived products like CBD oil and hemp flower.

Public excitement from the passage of this Bill was nearly unanimous. In particular, the Ohio Farm Bureau was very pleased. They understood the potential of industrial hemp and how growing it could provide a much-needed source of revenue for farmers in the state.

Once the Bill went into effect, it was the responsibility of the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) to draft the Hemp Program. Under this program, the rules, requirements, as well as the limitations would need to be spelled out.

The department spent several months drafting this plan and then sent it to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for approval. The USDA approved Ohio’s Hemp Program towards the end of 2019, marking another exciting time for the state’s agricultural and economic opportunities. A few months later, on March 3, 2020 the ODA opened up the application process. On this date any interested person or business could apply for a hemp cultivation or hemp processing license.

Let’s take a look at how the ODA defined the rules for each of these licenses and how they impact the laws around hemp flower in Ohio.

Cultivating Hemp Flower in Ohio

To grow industrial hemp in the state of Ohio, interested parties must provide certain details, like where their growing site will be and whether it’s farmland, a greenhouse, or an indoor warehouse. There’s also a minimum requirement of plants they must grow to qualify as an industrial hemp cultivator.

Once approved for a license, it will remain valid for a period of three years. Another important rule hemp cultivators must follow is to keep THC levels in their hemp flower to a maximum of 0.3%. Testing is done by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and they must be notified at least 15 days before the planned harvest date. The testing will then be performed and any flower that tests above 0.3% THC must be discarded. In addition, pesticide levels must be tested to ensure they stay below the federal levels.

Universities who want to perform research on hemp can do so without needing a license, but they’re not allowed to sell the plants. The plants studied must be destroyed once the research period is over.

But being a licensed hemp cultivator doesn’t mean those farmers can process the plant and sell hemp flower or extract the CBD to make oil or topicals. To do this, they must also apply for a license to become a hemp processor.

Processing Hemp Flower in Ohio

Those who plan to process hemp crops into consumable products must get a hemp processor license from the ODA first. And the application requires them to list the types of products they want to make.

The Ohio Hemp Program also requires testing. So, before selling any hemp-derived products to consumers, the licensee must send the products to an accredited lab to perform a series of tests. These tests include checking for pesticide and fertilizer residue, heavy metals, residual solvents, mycotoxins, microbial contaminants, and the cannabinoid potency. If the product fails any of these tests it cannot be sold on the open market.

Is CBD Legal in Ohio?

Not only is hemp flower legal to grow, manufacture, and process in Ohio, but it’s also legal to consume. This means CBD is legal in Ohio because CBD comes from the hemp plant. As we touched on earlier, a CBD product like premium hemp flower cannot contain more than 0.3% THC.

A good habit to develop is looking at the THC levels on a product label or within the product description before you buy it. As the ODA stated, mandatory laboratory testing includes analyzing the cannabinoid potency. The results of this test will show the THC content. There are few different types of THC-related cannabinoids in hemp, but the 2018 Farm Bill specifically limits Delta-9 THC . So, look at this amount only while reviewing the lab test, known as the Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Lastly, as a consumer, you don’t need a license to buy CBD flower. You’re welcome to buy without worry because hemp flower buds are legal in Ohio.

Is It Legal To Buy Hemp Flower Online?

You’re comfortable with the legalities around CBD and hemp in Ohio, but want to know if you can buy it online without problems? The simple answer is ‘yes’. But, like most questions, a more detailed answer is usually more beneficial than a short answer. Gaining more insights and understanding will be helpful with your online search.

We’d like to give you advice about finding and buying high quality hemp flower online because there are some important details to hash out first.

If you’re interested in hemp for it’s potential to restore well-being and vitality, then buying organic CBD nugs is where it’s at. Companies selling hemp flower may say their products are organic, but here are a few tips to help you prove it.

How to Identify Organic Hemp Flower

Look for a COA on the company’s website or send them an email asking for a copy. This is the report we spoke about previously. The certificate shows the testing results that were performed by an independent lab. Make sure these tests weren’t done internally. To check, there should be a name of a third-party lab listed at the very top of the report.

Once you’ve determined the tests were done by an independent party, you’re ready to look over the details. Organic hemp flower won’t contain any pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, mycotoxins, or microbial contaminants. Confirm all these tests took place. If everything checks out, you know it’s a safe option.

Besides verifying the organic status, do a little research on the best types of hemp strains available . Read about each of the strains effects, their flavor profiles, terpene content, and CBD percentage. Also, check out the customer reviews to see what other people like or don’t like about a strain. These few tips can help you find the best hemp flower around.

Is Smoking Hemp Flower Legal in Ohio?

Once your CBD flower arrives at your house, a question that may follow is — where can you smoke it? Although smoking CBD hemp flower is legal in Ohio, smoking marijuana is not (unless you have a medical marijuana card). And smoking hemp inside your house is much different than smoking it in public.

To error on the side of caution, it’s better to smoke hemp discreetly. If you get caught smoking near a public place, it will be hard to prove you’re smoking hemp and not marijuana. The problem is the flower from these two plants look and smell very alike. In short, consider the environment you’re in before you light up your CBD pre-roll or pipe.

Benefits of Smoking Hemp Flower

Smoking hemp flower provides instant effects. That’s because inhalation helps CBD enter your lungs and then your bloodstream in a matter of minutes. This is a major reason for smoking hemp versus consuming it as an oil or edible. It really comes down to preference and whether you prefer fast-acting effects or a slower onset of effects.

Another benefit of smoking hemp flower is the fact that it contains zero nicotine. For people who enjoy the ritual of smoking but don’t want any nicotine, CBD flower is a great alternative.

Final Thoughts

We talked a lot about Ohio’s Hemp Program and learned what it takes to become a hemp cultivator and hemp processor. Additionally, you learned that CBD and hemp flower is legal in Ohio. And we also suggested how to identify great quality CBD flower online.

Now that you have the confidence and the know-how to buy some online, take a look at our premium hemp flower that’s organic and top-rated by our customers.

You can review the cannabinoid potency and read about the six stains we carry at Organic CBD Nugs. If you’re not sure which one to try, consider our sampler pack. It’s available in six pre-rolls or as one gram nugs . You get to decide!

Let us know if reading this article brought up any questions for you. If so, we’d be happy to answer them. Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you!

Curious about the status of CBD hemp flower in Ohio? This article will walk you through Ohio’s hemp program, whether or not you can legally buy hemp flower, and much more.

CBD Buyers’ Guide (Ohio)

CBD regulations are opening up all around the country, and residents of the Buckeye State are starting to take notice. Hemp has never been more popular in Ohio than it is today, which makes it that much more important to brush up on relevant laws and learn which CBD products are better than all the rest.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through all the current laws and regulations affecting Ohio CBD commerce, and we’ll tell you which Secret Nature products Ohio residents love the most. Dive in to learn everything you need to know about enjoying CBD oil in Ohio.

Is CBD legal in Ohio?

The 2018 Farm Bill dramatically changed the way that the federal government views CBD. In this bill, CBD is removed from the DEA’s definition of marijuana, and special consideration is given to the rapidly expanding domestic hemp economy.

In the aftermath of the 2018 Farm Bill, most states revised their positions on CBD. Ohio was one of the first states to take this chance to embrace a highly profitable new economic sector, and with federal legislation permitting the expansion of Ohio CBD sales, it’s clear which direction this state’s hemp legislation will go in the future.

Ohio CBD laws – everything you need to know

In 2019, Ohio governor Mark DeWine signed SB 57 into law , which allows the sale of CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC in Ohio. With this law, CBD is no longer a controlled substance in Ohio, and any existing embargoes on CBD products in this state are made invalid.

Essentially, this law made it possible for Ohio retailers to sell CBD products, and it also removed any restrictions on interstate CBD commerce. People who chose to use CBD in Ohio were never in very much danger of criminal prosecution, but SB 57 removed any potential worries surrounding CBD possession in the Buckeye State.

Is CBD hemp flower legal in Ohio?

SB 57 applies to CBD flower as well. As long as your frosty hemp nugs contain less than 0.3% THC, Ohio law permits you to possess CBD flower.

Just to be safe, it might make sense to keep documentation on hand showing that your Secret Nature CBD flower contains less than 0.3% THC. However, an increasingly permissive perspective toward cannabis in general makes it highly unlikely that your dank, non-intoxicating buds will earn you so much as a suspicious look in the Buckeye State these days.

Get the best CBD flower in Cleveland, Cincinnati, and beyond

Speaking of CBD flower, we think there are a few hemp strains that every Ohioan should try. The following two strains represent the cream of the crop of what Secret Nature has to offer, which means they’re right at home in one of America’s most important agricultural states. Allow us to introduce you to Diesel Puff and Citron:

Diesel Puff

This two-pack of Secret Nature Diesel Puff pre-rolls is a perfect product for any Ohioan who is new to CBD and wants to give hemp flower a try. Even experienced CBD flower smokers will find something new in this delicious sativa pre-roll, so let’s cover some of the details that will immediately make you fall in love with Diesel Puff.

Why Secret Nature Diesel Puff is amazing

With 17.4% CBD and 19.7% total cannabinoids, Diesel Puff packs a punch while remaining fully non-intoxicating. Like all Secret Nature products, these pre-rolls are 100%-organic, and they feature trimmed, manicured flower that’s been ground up to perfection. We ship our pre-rolls in hermetically sealed glass tubes to prevent dankness from leaking through, and once you open your jar of Diesel Puff, you’ll immediately be met with attractive aromas of diesel, lemon, earth, and haze.

Customer reactions to Secret Nature Diesel Puff

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Citron exemplifies everything we try to achieve here at Secret Nature. This sativa-dominant strain is incredibly dense, and it’s covered with crystals from head to toe. You can get this high-CBD bud in a variety of different sizes, and once it arrives at your doorstep, the sky’s the limit in terms of the different ways you can enjoy Secret Nature Citron.

Why Secret Nature Citron is amazing

With 3.5g, 7g, 14g, and 28g options available, this strain contains 20.8% total cannabinoids, and it offers 18.4% CBD. Citron isn’t the highest-concentration strain we offer at Secret Nature, but it’s certainly up there. With powerful notes of lemon zest that melt into hazy undertones, Citron is a sativa through and through, but like all the other strains we offer at Secret Nature, this crystally bud won’t get you high.

Customer reactions to Secret Nature Citron

Customers who have tried Citron remark on this strain’s incredibly strong lemony aroma, and Christina J. says Citron offers a “perfect uplifting mood.” Other customers tell us that they use this strain for anxiety, and P T was very “pleased with the taste and smoothness” that Secret Nature Citron offers.

Where to buy CBD oil in Columbus, Ohio and other cities

Whether you’re looking for CBD oil in Dayton, Ohio or any of the other cities spread across this great state, you can’t go wrong with the two options we’re about to describe. First, we’ll introduce you to our in-house CBD tincture, and from there, we’ll also tell you everything you need to know about one of our newest CBD vape cartridge options.

CBD-Rich Oil Drops With Organic Black Seed Oil, Shilajit

Due to popular demand, we decided to offer a CBD tincture to complement the other products in our lineup. Despite the fact that we mostly focus on CBD flower and CBD vape cartridges, the Secret Nature team truly knocked it out of the park with this oral tincture. With extra ingredients like shilajit and black seed oil, Secret Nature Organic Hemp Flower Nectar is unlike any other CBD tincture on the market.

Why Secret Nature Organic Hemp Flower Nectar is amazing

Most CBD tinctures contain run-of-the-mill hemp extract, which limits the potential benefits they can offer. The CBD in our Organic Hemp Flower Nectar, however, is extracted from the same buds we trim, manicure, and ship across the country, so it’s only natural that this tincture is high-quality. This tincture contains 1250mg CBD total, and it also includes black seed oil, which has impressive healing qualities, and shilajit, an ancient Himalayan healing tool that has recently become very popular.

Customer reactions to Secret Nature Organic Hemp Flower Nectar

People who have tried our Organic Hemp Flower Nectar tincture tell us that this product works for the conditions they’re trying to relieve. Josh R. says our tincture “works very well,” and Nate R. seconds this sentiment by saying that Secret Nature Organic Hemp Flower Nectar is “quality stuff.”

Bellini (Strawberry Cough) CBD Vape Pen Cartridge

Named after the world-famous peach-flavored cocktail, Bellini resembles its namesake by offering a powerful peach flavor. We achieve this flavor the natural way—with added cannabis terpenes. The underlying strain in this vape cart is Strawberry Cough, so blowing clouds with Secret Nature Bellini ends up tasting like a delicious fruit smoothie.

Want to know the best temperature to vape your Secret Nature CBD vape cartridge? Check out our vaping temperature guide to find out.

Why Secret Nature Bellini is amazing

Live resin extract is already the purest and most delicious type of hemp concentrate available. Boosted with hemp terpenes that taste exactly like peach ring candy, however, Secret Nature Strawberry Cough live resin reaches an entirely new level of excellence. This live resin vape cartridge is available in 700mg and 1200mg varieties, and it contains 100%-organic ingredients with no nasty additives whatsoever.

Customer reactions to Secret Nature Bellini

Customers are impressed by the powerful fruity taste that Secret Nature Bellini vape cartridges offer, and Holly B. says that she would “recommend anyone and everyone to Secret Nature in a heartbeat.” Valerie L. tells us that this strain offers “uplifting feels,” which is exactly what you’d hope to find with a high-quality sativa strain.

Secret Nature – the best CBD oil in Akron, Ohio or anywhere else in the Buckeye State

With 2,000+ reviews, Secret Nature is clearly one of the nation’s most beloved CBD brands. Our fast shipping services allow us to reach Ohio customers faster than the competition, and we guarantee that our premier hemp buds are better than anything you can get in your home state.

While Secret Nature got its start with CBD flower, we offer a wide variety of products to fulfill your every hemp need. Each of our products is lab-tested by an independent lab, and the cannabinoid dosage that a particular product is always easy to find.

Secret Nature is already Ohio’s favorite CBD brand, and with your help, our reach will spread even farther throughout the Buckeye State. Leave a review once you’ve tried one of the incredible products we’ve listed above, and use the coupon code “Secret 15” to save 15% on your first order.

CBD regulations are opening up all around the country, and residents of the Buckeye State are starting to take notice. Hemp has never been more popular in Ohio than it is today, which makes it that much more important to brush up on relevant laws and learn which CBD products are better than all the rest. In this guide,