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Illuminent CBD Review

  • Illuminent CBD Review


CBD Oil Review rates Illuminent CBD with one star because it qualifies for the Mission Badge.

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Illuminent CBD: 60-Second Summary

Illuminent has an extensive CBD oil product line and a competitive direct selling platform, offering consumers the chance to be business owners themselves by pedaling their CBD products. While the company is full of promises of innovation and quality, we find them to be lacking in just that. Illuminent offers both isolate and full spectrum options, something we love to see from CBD product manufacturers. However, their widespread use of artificial flavors and the fact that they sell nicotine e-liquids don’t sit very well with us.

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Illuminent CBD Brand Review

Illuminent CBD was founded by current CEO Ryan Botsch, a veteran of the vape industry. He created Illuminent for his “partners” to “harness their passion into a win-win for their networks”. Ipso facto, Illuminent is a direct selling platform by which people can receive a turn-key business and sell the company’s products. They claim to enrich lives through meaningful relationships, that their employees are like family, and that they help people through support, love, and encouragement. This flowery language is common with these types of CBD businesses, and we can’t help but feel on alert.

When a CBD brand offers many categories, we like to see both isolate and full spectrum options. While full spectrum is arguably the better choice in that it offers other beneficial cannabinoids and phytochemicals, certain consumers aren’t comfortable with it and may be concerned of the scant 0.3% or lower percentage of THC legally allowed. We therefore applaud Illuminent for offering full spectrum and isolate options in both their CBD tinctures and vape lines.

Illuminent’s CBD product arsenal covers multiple segments. Tinctures are available in both isolate and full spectrum with eight varieties of isolate and 10 of the full spectrum. We take issue with a couple of things about these tinctures. For one, the isolate oils have artificial flavors. Secondly, the full spectrum tinctures are described as “100% natural and organic” but contain MCT oil that is not organic. Organic MCT oil is more expensive, but certainly not uncommon in the CBD space.

Illuminent sells full spectrum CBD vape oils in seven strain-specific varieties and isolate e-liquids with more artificial flavors. The product line is then rounded out by a CBD topical pain roller, pet tincture, gel capsules containing bovine gelatin, vape hardware, and finally, nicotine e-liquids.

We can’t get past the nicotine products as we feel this sends an opposing message: buy our products to boost your health and also to compromise it. We do not know their CBD extraction method, and while Illuminent has posted CBD laboratory test results online, they are from 2017, so we cannot award them the Safety Badge. In fact, we noticed a staggering (and illegal) THC level of 0.21% from a 2017 test of their 1500 mg CBD vape tincture.

Bottom Line- Illuminent unfortunately needs to take some steps to ensure their CBD products are safer, including regularly posting test results, making sure their THC levels are legal, and jettisoning a rampant amount of artificial ingredients. We wouldn’t mind seeing the nicotine vape liquids hitting the road either.

This Illuminent CBD Review reveals the truth about this CBD oil company. Not all CBD is created equal. Read this before you buy Illuminent CBD Products

Illuminent: CBD Company News and Product Review Updates

Illuminent CBD: Exotic Top-Shelf Cannabidiol Tinctures, Pain Roller, Revive Caps And Pet Drops

Illuminent is a brand set on a similar path of growth to potentially becoming the best CBD Company you can find. Let’s find out if it meets the consumers’ expectations.

About Illuminent CBD

Starting, Illuminent CBD is the brainchild of Ryan Botsch, CEO and veteran of the Vape industry. In his explanation regarding the company’s background, the Illuminent CEO credits creating the CBD brand as a means he made to help his partners harness their cannabis passion through a win-win network solution. In essence, the background with Illuminent is that it operates as a direct selling platform for turn-key business solutions.

On the part of the brand, Illuminent CBD operates as an extensive line of Cannabidiol products with the goal to deliver not only innovation but a healthier lifestyle for the customers. While the goal remains a promise for better health thanks to the CBD-infused products, Illuminent also plans to partner with Cannabis entrepreneurs and partners seeking the necessary tools to build their companies networks.

Illuminent CBD Product Directory

Illuminent takes pride in providing market leading products that not only come in different formulations but also types. The company’s list of CBD product types include:


As always CBD tinctures rarely miss with any brand, and Illuminent recognizes this by having their line of 30ml bottle droppers. The CBD tinctures are available in strengths of 2000mg of the full spectrum CBD oil. Notably, the formulation is available in over ten flavors: Lemon Lime, Cinnamon, Unflavored, White Chocolate Strawberry, Sweet Orange, and Fresh peppermint. In addition to the full-spectrum CBD tinctures, there also exists the Isolate version available in flavors such as Citrus blend, Lavender peppermint, Fresh Spearmint, and Watermelon Burst.


Fighting your body pain gets much more comfortable with the Illuminent Topical Pain Roller that packs a unique blend of 250mg CBD oil in a 30ml bottle size. The contents are organically grown botanicals and essential oils that offer therapeutic benefits against headache pain, neck pain, muscle pain, abdominal pain and much more.

Pet Items

The Illuminent 300mg Full Spectrum Pet tincture is formulated to offer your furry friends with the therapeutic benefits of the CBD supplement. And with each serving your pet should expect a 1mg dose of the hemp oil combined with MCT Oil, Natural flavoring and 500mg Vegan Glycosamine.


Revive is Illuminents full-spectrum gel capsules that contain 35mg of the CBD oil without any MCT oil. For $99, this package offers 30 pills of the high potency 25mg full spectrum Cannabidiol oil. That is alongside the five calories provided in each tablet.


Perhaps most surprisingly is Illuminent’s move to introduce fashionable branded clothes for their loyal customers. Expect a range of drop shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, and jackets. Also in the brand’s clothing store are backpacks, hats, and jogger pants. Most of them are available from $15-35 on the Illuminent online store.

The Stand-Out Aspects Of Illuminent CBD

We would have to accept that there are certain commendable features with Illuminent that make it a definite win in some quarters. We did find plenty of applause for the brand in regards to the following aspects.


For a CBD brand, Illuminent packs the punch with their categories of products to cater to the consumers’ satisfaction. The company goes further also to include multiple types of CBD options: isolate and full spectrum, portraying a reputable effort uncommon in the CBD space.


Perhaps most notably Illuminent is one of the few brands we have come across as creative within the CBD industry. The brand makes ends meet with their CBD products but also the partnership programs aimed at expanding a company’s reach. Of sort, the program looks like a Multi-Level-Marketing program existing.


If you are a lover of taste, you will get along well with the favorite flavors available with Illuminent’s CBD products. Over ten flavors are available for those who sit well with the use of artificial flavors.

Lab Results

Third-party testing is a significant gain for any CBD brand. Illuminent recognizes the importance of this and has put on show Certificates of Analysis for their CBD tinctures content from SC Labs. Their online website showcases proof of testing for 500mg, 1000mg and 1500mg CBD tinctures.

Earn Commissions

As aforementioned, Illuminent provides a platform for cannabis enthusiasts to gain from the growing community of CBD. The efforts would see individuals partner with Illuminent in the sharing of their products to the world and earn generous commissions.

What’s Not To Like About Illuminent CBD

Likewise, there was plenty we found that left us with concerns as to whether Illuminent is genuinely a reputable brand as we presume. We took notice that the TCH levels in their CBD tinctures are quite high and this may trigger a false positive on drug tests. Also, the amount of artificial flavoring on the CBD tinctures is another reason we demoted the brand’s ranking. Lastly, the partnership program further lowers Illuminent ranking due to reports of the option working out similarly to an MLM investing.

Illuminent CBD Moving Forward

Without a doubt, Illuminent could pass for a recommendable brand to any CBD first timer. However, we still feel that there is plenty that the CBD brand can do to improve on its growth and reputation. Till then, we can conclude that Illuminent does not fully satisfy our criteria for a quality Cannabidiol brand you can depend on.

Illuminent CBD: Exotic Top-Shelf Cannabidiol Tinctures, Pain Roller, Revive Caps And Pet Drops Illuminent is…