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How to Roll a Dutch Masters Blunt

Published on September 19, 2017, By Austin Logan

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Originally Published June 2nd, 2016.

How to Roll a Dutch Masters Blunt: Dutch Masters are less prevalent on the West Coast as they are in the rest of the country, but provide an excellent blunt that burns smoothly. Blunts are less likely than joints to burn unevenly if the cannabis inside is broken down by hand. So, in cases where a grinder is not present, blunts are a perfect option, and dutch masters are a very popular alternative to blunt wraps or Swishers. Dutch’s can be more delicate than some of the other cigars or blunt wraps, so it is important to make sure the dutch is not too old and fragile. A dutch master is a cigar that has been wrapped in an natural tobacco leaf. A regular blunt wrap is pressed tobacco leaf which is completely smooth, whereas a natural tobacco leaf has veins in it, much like any other leaf.

Step 1: Preparation

Step 2: Lick the Dutch

Wet the dutch, lick it all over moistening it. The glue that binds the natural leaf to the inside one is stronger than some other cigars. Let your dutch sit while you breakdown your weed.

Step 3: Grind Your Weed

Breakdown your weed, using a grinder, scissors or your fingers breakdown your weed, making sure to remove any little stems, for they can cause the dutch to rip.

Step 4: Remove Natural Leaf

Making sure the wrap is still moist, licking it again if necessary and being as gentle as can be, using either your fingernails or razor blade, begin to peel the outer wrap from the inner cigar. If you rip it you can cut off a small section of the cigar to create a flat edge that is easier to peel. The outer wrap will become easier to remove as you go, but make sure you do not go too quickly as it will rip.

Step 5: Cut Open

Using your razor blade (or similar) cut along the seam of the inside cigar, try to make this cut as straight as possible to make rolling easier.

Discard the tobacco

Step 6: Roll It

Fill the inside wrap with the weed we broke down earlier.

Press your pointer fingers flat against the weed to create the shape you wish to roll

Using your forefingers and thumbs roll the weed back and forth in order to tighten and shape the blunt

Using the thicker edge of the wrap as the edge that is tucked makes it easier to roll

Seal the blunt starting from one tip and moving towards the other.

Step 7: Reattach Natural Leaf

Moisten the natural leaf by licking it

Using a table or other flat surface is recommended for any new dutch rollers

Lay the natural leaf flat on a table

Starting at one tip and working towards the other, begin to diagonally wrap the natural leaf around the blunt, in the same way that it was originally wrapped around, by slowly rolling the blunt over the natural leaf and using the table to help ensure it lines up completely.

Once the natural leaf has been reattached to the blunt, let it dry a moment

Step 8: Light up and Enjoy!

Dutch Masters can be a little tricky to roll at first, but are certainly a lovely blunt to enjoy. Keep practicing and soon you’ll be a blunt master ;P

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How to Roll a Dutch Masters Blunt Published on September 19, 2017, By Austin Logan Marijuana Knowledge Base Originally Published June 2nd, 2016. How to Roll a Dutch Masters Blunt:

How to roll a perfect blunt: A step-by-step guide

What is a blunt?

A blunt is to a joint what a cigar is to a cigarette. Or more simply, it is a cigar that has been emptied of its loose-leaf tobacco and filled with cannabis. While not quite as iconic as the standard joint, the cultural significance of the blunt cannot be ignored.

Many prefer the added buzz created by the mix of cannabis and its tobacco wrap, while others appreciate the variety of flavors available in a lot of cigarillos and blunt wraps.

Rolling a blunt has its own issues, as opposed to rolling a joint, so to help you roll up your own, we’ve prepared a simple guide to blunt rolling.

Advantages of smoking a blunt

People tend to either love or hate blunts. The main complaint against them is they have tobacco and can make for a harsh smoke.

Some reasons people prefer blunts are:

  • Heightened effects: the tobacco adds a buzziness and energy to your high
  • Flavor and aroma: some people love the smell of a burning blunt, especially if you use a nice cigar or a flavored blunt wrap
  • Portable: like joints, you can take a blunt anywhere
  • Slow burn: Blunts burn slower than joints, so they last a lot longer in your smoking circle

Get your materials for rolling a blunt

Start by gathering the necessary supplies:

  • Cannabis strain of choice
  • Cigar, cigarillo, or blunt wrap
  • Grinder and blade are optional, but may be helpful for those new to rolling

Any cigar or cigarillo will do, but we recommend one that isn’t completely dried out, as it’ll break easier and be harder to roll. These days you can usually find blunt wraps at any corner store, which are like one giant rolling paper made out of tobacco.

Common cigarillos you can find at most corner stores are:

  • Swisher Sweets
  • Black & Mild
  • Phillies
  • Dutch Masters
  • White Owl

How much weed should you put in a blunt?

Blunts are bigger than your average joint so you’ll need more weed. Typically, 1-2 grams should be enough for one blunt, but if you are using a big cigar, you may need more. Consider how many people will be in your smoking circle.

How to roll a blunt

Step 1: Grind your cannabis

Break down your cannabis into shake using a grinder or your hands. Using a grinder will help maintain an even burn, while using your hands is the more traditional method and is often preferred to help the blunt burn a little slower.

Step 2: Prep the blunt wrap

To roll your blunt you’ll need a tobacco wrap. Traditionally, connoisseurs will empty a cigarillo (like Swisher Sweets, Phillies, or Backwoods), but these days you can find empty wraps at the corner store.

Use a blade to cut the blunt lengthwise, or if you’ve got the right touch you can “crack” the blunt using your fingers.

Once you’ve split the blunt, empty the tobacco from the middle and discard (or if you like to smoke spliffs, save it for later).

Step 3: Wet the tobacco wrap

Using just a little bit of moisture will make your blunt wrap easier to work with, shape, and help seal up any small tears that might occur while you’re emptying its tobacco innards. This is easily done with some saliva, but if you’re rolling this blunt for someone else, you might consider using the tip of your finger and some tap water.

Step 4: Fill it up

Fill the empty tobacco wrapping with ground cannabis. For a standard size cigarillo one to two grams is plenty, though if you’re sharing your blunt, are an experienced roller, or are using a blunt wrap, you should be able to fit a fair amount more.

Step 5: Roll the blunt wrap

Roll the cannabis between your fingers to pack the blunt evenly. Be careful: if you didn’t moisten the wrap enough, it may crack.

Once you’ve packed and shaped your blunt, tuck the wrap under itself and wet the inside of the exposed edge from end to end. Use your fingers to smooth out any wrinkles.

Tip: If you poke a hole or if the blunt cracks while you’re working with it, you can use the gummy adhesive from a rolling paper to repair it.

Step 6-7: Bake the blunt and enjoy!

Now that your blunt is rolled, you’ll want to “bake” or dry it to help seal it together and encourage an even burn. Bake your blunt by running a lighter lengthwise under the seam and around the outside. Be careful not to hold the lighter too close—you only want the heat, not the flame.

Now that you’ve got your blunt rolled, all that’s left is to light the end and enjoy with some friends!

What’s your favorite trick for rolling a blunt? Share your tips, fond memories while smoking blunts, or different ways to roll a blunt in the comments below and pass along the skill to others!

This post was originally published on September 1, 2016. It was most recently updated on April 17, 2020.

Rolling a blunt comes wit its own nuances that maintain function and tradition, so use our step-by-step guide to learn how to roll your own.