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Q & A
Who is Canna International?
Canna International is the creator of Cannabis Paste and CBD Paste. We are trade marked with 2 proprietary patents. Our CBD products, Holden’s Hope and Canna Doggy, are legal in all 50 states. Our high THC products are only sold in MMJ dispensaries.

What is the difference between CBD and CBD-A
New studies show that over heating cannabis or hemp is damaging to the Cannabinoids and Terpenes. We never talk about the remaining 81 Cannabinoids found in Cannabis and Hemp. Why is that? It has been proven that CBD affects THC so we must think Synergistically when it comes to how all 85 Cannabinoids were created to work together. At Canna International we cook the buds at a very low temperature (longer cook time) compared to the 311F industry standard. This greatly preserves the Terpenes and it leaves about 10% of the Cannabidiolic Acid or the “A” from the CBD-A.
Canna International decarboxylates the majority of the CBD-A into CBD but highly believes that there should be some CBD-A left which in the end product has also preserved the Terpenes levels by over 300 percent.

Does CBD Paste and Canna Doggy have THC in them?
Technically yes but they have very small amounts, which are under the legal levels of 0.3%. For more information please visit this article What is CBD Paste? click here

Can I get high from CBD Paste products?
No. You would have to eat the entire jar and then maybe you would feel a slight buzz. The same goes with CBD oil you see online.

Are Holden’s Hope and Canna Doggy legal to ship anywhere in the US?
Yes. The pharmaceutical industry is passing false propaganda to discourage people from buying hemp products. You will NOT go to jail possessing our products.

How do I administer the paste?
The paste has an earthy flavor and actually tastes better than the CBD oil. Taking (sublingual) it under the tongue is the most effective method. If you can’t stand the tastes then just chase it down with some water. If you are one of those people who just gag on anything, then go to Walgreens and buy empty gelatin capsules, put the paste in the capsule, and take it like a vitamin. Rectal method using gelatin capsules is becoming popular but Sublingual is #1. Some people say its better to take it after a meal. Splitting your desired dose into 2 does per day is recommended. For pets wipe it on their tongue and hold their mouth shut until you see them swallow. Call Canna Doggy for dosage suggestions.

What dosage do I take?
FDA will not allow us to prescribe a dosage. Body weight, chemistry, diet, and many other factors can affect CBD results. In each box you will find an orange medical spoon that holds about 1 gram of paste. For example: Our 3oz jar contains over 2500 milligrams of CBD. 3 flat spoons is about 3 grams which equals 87 mg of CBD. This is a pretty big dosage of CBD compared to what you will find people(CBD specialists) are recommending as a dose. At 7 cents per milligram our cost is less than half the price of our competitors. A 3oz jar has about 85 scoops or 85 grams by weight. 1 flat (packed) scoop has 29.4 mg of CBD. Read this article Top Ten Secret Shopping Results for CBD Hemp Oil

What about breast cancer or skin cancer?
Years back the owner of Canna international had a crazy idea to mix DMSO with the paste. This targets the cancer. You can take it both orally and topically at the same time. Mix DMSO 50/50 with the paste.

What are the benefits of CBD?
Canna International would love to answer that question ,but the FDA would not like our answer. Canna International has just way too many good things to say about Cannabis and CBD Paste. We can point you to some amazing videos and articles. Click here.

What are the ingredients?
All our products including Canna Doggy are made from only two ingredients: a mix of proprietary high CBD Hemp buds and MCT oil, or your choice of coconut oil. To learn more about our proprietary hemp strains click here

Do you ship outside of the country?
Yes, if CBD is legal in that country. There is a 6 jar 3oz minimum (free shipping), though as it will cost us over $110 to ship it, NO coupons are allowed on over seas purchases.

When do you ship the packages?
All orders received before 12 noon mountain time ship that day on the 2:15 pm Fedex pick up. After 12 noon orders go out the next day (2:15pm)

What are Canna International’s Business Hours
Canna International is open from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday and 10 am to 3 pm Saturday and closed on Sunday.

How long will a jar of CBD Paste last unopened?
Easily over 2 years in the fridge unopened. If you are planning on buying several jars to last over a year, we recommend choosing (Shopping cart drop-down) coconut oil as it is a natural preservative. An open jar will be fine for up to 6 months in the fridge. Keep refrigerated even if not opened to help prolong shelf life.

What oils do you use to cook with?
After a few years of research our first choice is MCT oil. We have 2 choices on the drop-down during check out: MCT oil and Coconut oil. If you have a specialty oil you want, feel free to call us. NOTE! MCT oil is a catalyst for cannabinoids and is highly recommended.

What is the difference between Cannabis/Hemp oil and Cannabis/CBD Paste?
This answer can be several pages long, so the short version is CBD oil is heated around 311F and that destroys some of the 85 different kinds of cannabinoids. Paste is cooked at very low temperatures for a very long time and preserves the delicate cannabinoids. Due to this natural method, paste has over 600% more Terpenes than oil. Chemicals are often used to make CBD oil. CBD Paste uses NO chemicals when making the products and uses natural added oils such as organic Coconut oil to create a soft paste type texture. Chemicals such as solvents do NOT bond to cannabinoids. Fatty acids like Coconut or MCT oils bond to cannabinoids. This means CBD and THC oils (RSO) will have a great difficulty passing through the blood brain barrier compared to paste. Our trademark slogan is “The whole plant and nothing but the plant, so help me God”
Read this article! Proof is in the lab test.

How much CBD is in each Jar? What’s the cost per milligram of CBD?
There are 3 sizes. 30,60 or 90 scoop jars.

.75 of an ounce or 500 PLUS mg of CBD @12 cents a mg.
1.8 ounces or 1500 PLUS mg of CBD @ 9 cents a mg.
3 oz which is our best value at 2000 PLUS mg of CBD @ the worlds best price of only 8 cents a mg.

Note all the jars are the same size container.The amount of paste we put in the jar (by weight) is what makes the total CBD mg.
So if you get a sample jar please think the jar is half full and not half empty. A little food for thought.

I heard that CBD oil and RSO has to be concentrated to work?
Over the past years the most commonly grown hemp strain was under 2% CBD and needed to be concentrated. Canna International has proprietary cannabis and hemp strains well over 22% in CBD. There is NO reason to concentrate the plant as it is very damaging to the delicate cannabinoids and Terpenes. RSO is one of the worst methods since THC strains have always been strong enough to use without concentrating.

Why are CBD Paste products only 7 cents per milligram and other companies are 14 cent to 26 cents per milligram?
Because our proprietary process does not require a million dollar facility using machines that have to concentrate the product. It took Canna International over 4 years to create strains that have under 0.3% THC and over 26% CBD. Lab tests have proven that when making RSO and CBD oil that 80% of the cannabinoids are left in the plant matter that is thrown in the trash. This, in itself, allows Canna International to pass on this wonderful medicine to the people who normally could not afford it. 80% more cannabinoids means 80% more affordability. Another big factor is we grown our own Hemp and Cannabis.

What are the negative things about paste compared to CBD oil?
The paste is made from the whole bud ground to a fine green powder. Inside the bud is a stem which is a strong fiber. Even though we have a mesh screen filter sometimes you will find a micro fiber from the stem. It’s really a petty thing but if your asking that’s the negative about paste. Lastly, it looks like cooked cannabis, so it’s not really pretty. It looks like cooked spinach but much thicker. Also it tastes a bit bitter.

NEWS! Federal law states that hemp farms must not have plants that contains over 0.3% THC. What happens when you concentrate CBD? Well the THC also gets concentrated. Do the math. Yes, CBD oil is technically illegal, but our product is not.

GREAT OVERVIEW ON THE PASTE– PLEASE READ FOR CLARITY. Q & A Who is Canna International? Canna International is the creator of Cannabis Paste and CBD…

New Cannabis Franchise Might Take Over Market


How is it that a cannabis franchise can open up when cannabis is still a class 1 drug? Things are either not what they seem or the company “Canna Paste” is pushing the envelope. Are things moving that fast? We all know cannabis futures are exploding but what makes the company Canna Paste worthy of stepping off the curb onto the busy franchise highway?

After spending the day with Brad Morehouse founder of Canna Paste my eyes were opened to some very interesting facts. It seems that the whole world is stuck in a primitive or obsolete method in making cannabis oils and butter. The so called RSO or Cannabis oil is made with toxic solvents or at best 190 proof alcohol which is extremely flammable and dangerous to make. Over the years there have been several news reports of serious injuries from such explosions. Morehouse says the ignorance of such methods have actually discredited the medical value of cannabis in the public view.

Canna Paste and New Cure are the first two companies to manufacture cannabis paste which is the most natural and effective form of cannabis. Your choice of coconut oil, olive oil or vegetable glycerin cooked by a low temperature canning method. Just like canning vegetables and fruits but at 180F for 10 and a half hours. That seems all safe and natural but wait until you get a look at the profit margin of this new method. It is standard knowledge that the cannabis oil (solvent) method creates 3 months of supply per pound of raw cannabis. Depending where you buy it the raw cannabis will run between $2,700.00 to $5,000.00 per pound. Many cancer, epilepsy or lyme patients cannot afford this since it’s NOT covered by insurance. Amazingly, Cannabis paste on the other hand is 1,667% more efficient to make compared to the oil. One pound of cannabis makes 32 months of supply. That is 1,667% more THC and CBD per pound. This makes it over ten times more affordable for the consumer. You might ask how can this be true? Simply look at it this way, when making the oil you have one pound of cannabis to start with and end up with only 2 oz of oil/solvent. Where did the other 14 oz go? Right into the trash can. Someone had to be really stoned to create that method.

Some critics say you must have a strong dose (concentrated) to kill off the cancer but the proof is in the pudding as is if you were to take 2.4 grams of the paste you will be singing “Dream On” by Aerosmith at the top of your lungs. Well hopefully not but you get the point. 2.4 grams a day x 31 = 1 jar or one months’ supply. There is no reason to concentrate the cannabis as our bodies assimilate the cannabinoids just like eating spinach.

Interesting fact. Florida legislative law recently added the words “paste or oil” to the low THC Charlotte’s Web law for epilepsy.

Interesting enough, besides the medical cannabis world, the recreational users are also finding the paste to be the preferred choice. Seems that smoking cannabis lasts only 2 to 3 hours but the paste lasts 8 to 12 hours.

How is it that a cannabis franchise can open up when cannabis is still a class 1 drug? Things are either not what they seem or the company "Canna Paste" is…