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Hemp Fiber

Hemp fiber can be used for many different applications ranging from animal bedding, soil remediation, car insulation, noise dampening, plastic composites and insulating a house. We stock the largest supply of degummed hemp fiber, which can be used as a stuffing material for hypo-allergenic persons, hemp wick vaping or anything else you can think of. Our 100% American grown hemp hurd can be used for hempcrete in construction applications. Looking for large bulk orders of hemp hurd or degummed fiber? We can supply you. Contact us today to learn about our wholesale ordering for large volume orders to build houses or other construction products.

Hemp fiber can be used for many things such as animal bedding to insulating a house. We also have degummed hemp fiber which can be used for e-cigs and vapes.

Hemp Foundation

Uttarakhand has seen mass migration and most of the villages are either uninhabited or full of old men, women and children as male members have moved to cities in search of jobs. Though these families have small farms they don’t do farming as animals destroys their crops. 80% of the farmers have left farming in the hills of Uttarakhand.

We want to change this problem in an opportunity for these people. Though logistics is very hard, due to unmaintained mountain roads traveling to the nearest market or city is a nightmare. Practically no industry exists in these mountains. We travelled to dozens of remote mountains, trained these great women in their traditional craft of weaving, sewing, accessory making and provide them jobs and above all an identity.

We have created a value chain and involved hundreds of women in farming (hemp farming is less labour intensive) , retting of hemp plants, degumming, carding, sewing, handlooms etc. We believe that women are like the roots of the tress, if you empower a woman she will empower an entire community around her. We train them in marketing, quality control etc. and give them platform to sell their products at fair price.

Every inch of fabric or clothing on these pages comes from beautiful remote Himalayan villages of Uttarakhand, India made by love and care by these hard working women. These women from mountains are already very beautiful in appearance and at heart but now they are making the world a better place by promoting the most sustainable plant on earth.

With every purchase on this website, you spread love and lessen your carbon footprint.

Looking for Bulk Hemp Fiber in Wholesale?

Hemp Foundation provides best quality Bulk Hemp Fiber from Himalaya in wholesale.

Hemp Fibers Nurtured by the


Why do you think we are the preferred partners as bulk hemp fiber suppliers of major hemp importers in the world? Because we grow our hemp plants using only organic farming methods. They grow long, strong, and beautiful, soaking the mineral richness of the Himalayas.

Most of our plants grow in Rudraprayag, a district in the state of Uttarakhand, India, basking in the splendor of the Himalayas. The purity of the air combines with the unique Himalayan terrain and the traditional wisdom of local farmers. This exclusive blend produces the highest quality of hemp fibers.

There is also a strong social commitment in our hemp fiber production. When you buy hemp fibers wholesale from us, you put a smile on the faces of the struggling farming families of Rudraprayag.

Our Product

Bulk Himalayan Hemp Fiber

Hemp stalks have two parts. The bast fibers that come from the outer layer of the stalks, and the woody inner core that constitutes the hemp hurds. Here, we talk about the bast fibers of hemp. We supply bulk hemp fibers of extraordinary strength and quality.

Hemp Fiber in Wholesale

We are the top Hemp Fiber wholesale supplier globally. We deliver the best quality Long and Strong Hemp Fiber across the globe. Get in touch with us and know more about our Hemp Fiber.

Hemp Fiber Facts

Shipping Method

Our logistical expertise is second only to the quality of the hemp fiber we supply. You will be surprised by the smoothness with which your consignment reaches you. For all normal orders, there is the water route. That takes time but saves you a fair amount of expenses.

In case you need your fibers urgently, there’s airfreight. We also have paid courier service and other quick delivery options to address emergency needs. Just get in touch with us to get the quotes.

Please contact us for the rates.

  • Air Freight Forwarding
  • Ocean Freight Forwarding
  • Paid Courier Service
  • Expedited Services

Packaging Method

We haven’t become one of the most sought-after bulk hemp fiber suppliers without paying attention to quality packaging. We guarantee you that your order will reach you undamaged because we use materials best suited to keep the hemp fibers duly protected en route.

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What is Special about Hemp Fibers from Rudraprayag?

Quite a few things, as it happens. First of all, you get fibers from hemp grown 100% organically. Uttarakhand is one of the handful of places around the world that has banned the agricultural use of fertilizers and other chemicals. We also have organic certification.

Rudraprayag – where we grow most of our hemp – has just the right kind of soil and climate for hemp to grow naturally. The mineral-rich soil nurtures our plants to be strong and healthy. Fallen leaves and the feces of grazing domesticated animals provide all the additional nutrition they need.

Hemp cultivation has been natural to the farmers in the region. The farming wisdom handed down generations ensures that the plants are of the best quality. We combine modern know-how only to further enhance the quality of the fibers.


Poverty and hunger ruled the farming families of Rudraprayag before Hemp Foundation connected their products to the growing global market for hemp. High seasonal migration in search of work disrupted family life and the natural social fabric of the region.

When you buy bulk hemp fibers from us, you save farming families in Rudraprayag from starving. You contribute to their children going to school. You facilitate the survival of the natural community rhythm of these hilly people.


Women in the mountains do almost everything their menfolk do. With just one difference. Men carry loads for earning an income. Women carry loads as part of their unpaid household chores. Men travel on foot across distances guiding tourists against a payment. Women do that to collect fuel and fodder.

Strongly committed to the values of gender justice, Hemp Foundation involves women in all suitable initiatives. Women’s labor is no longer limited to just unpaid care work for the family. Women of Rudraprayag are evolving as income-earners and gaining a voice in the process.


A visit to Rudraprayag has a therapeutic effect on jagged nerves. Snow peaks of the imposing Himalayas cover parts of the district while lush greenery greets you in the less elevated areas.

River Alakananda meets River Mandakini at Rudraprayag. Two dancing, gurgling, enchanting mountain rivers keep visitors enthralled in the beauty of their joyous union. Our hemp plants grow in the greener parts of the district, nourished by these rivers and the natural minerals of the Himalayan soil.

Leading hemp importers across the globe buying hemp fiber wholesale prefer Hemp Foundation as their partner for bulk hemp fiber needs.