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My husband had a set back and wound up in jail, he got on Subutex and about 30 days later came home. Were not sure if the hep has damaged his liver but he’s had it over 10 years. So he continued faithfully going to the suboxen clinic and faithfully was coming up positive for drugs he doesn’t do. One week it oxycotten, the next it’s ecstasy (MDMA), speed, than ecstacy again, herion, actually herion a few times and they finally kicked him.

What’s odd to me is, week one it’s speed, week two it’s herion without speed, week 3 ecstacy only, never did more than one substance show, so he never had two drugs in his system at once according to the UA tests. If he was still doing herion and somehow I was blind to it (doubtful) he wouldn’t not have stopped herion to do ecstacy, but more over ecstacy isn’t a daily drug. He definitely wouldn’t have stopped using herion while using speed. If he was using, he wouldn’t stop one to do the other. He’s an addict, “does using 2 different drugs at once make the drugs twice as good?” That’s how his addict thinks, separating drugs is a waste. If he was using more than one drug, he wouldnt have only one substance in his sytem , he would overlapped them and it would show in tests!

Now I do know he found a herion stash, and it wasnt wrapped properly, when he gave it to me (I flushed it, was livid it had been in the house) I did have to wash my hand cuz some stuck. Or maybe usinging the drawer he kept his works in, but instead of using the drawer for drug paraphernalia using the drawer for something else he does daily; like sock drawer? What concerns me is a friend started that clinic (with no reason in the world to lie to us, but dope feens do it) has been getting false positive for strange classes of drugs. What’s strange and what worries me is this friend never used herion and never has. Okay strange, he’s on seboxen but didn’t do opiates. He is an addict just not herion addict, and has demonds he doesn’t want to face. When he went to jail he foolishly lied to the nurse about herion detox and they put him on suboxen. Suboxen gets people without opioid dependency high in a similar way as opioids. (so I’m told) but also in jail it’s used as currency. But him coming up positive (herion) for a drug he wouldnt use is a little perplexing. But he came up positive for ecstasy, something that he says hasn’t seen in 15 years. I’m willing to accept maybe my friend has a long nose, but I was with my husband and he wasn’t on any of those drugs! Do you think his opioid addiction could have stayed in his system due to his liver and hep c? He took Vicodin the day they reset and put cast on his wrist that was broken in 5 places.because of his wrist he was taking 3 Percocet a day until about 2 weeks b4 discharge. So roughly 3 weeks before his first UA at the suboxen clinic. With the pharmacy meds, and handling the herion we have some answer if his liver is a causing a delay in his system being flushed. But it worries me, seeing him so dedicated, and going to that clinic daily, to been kicked off for something he didn’t do. He said “had I been using I could give a sh!#, but I haven’t been using!!” He did struggle after the clinic cut him, and used. He was mad he had to resort to herion use because suboxen cut him, i gave him space and didnt nagg about program. But after 2 days he announced “im going to to get on methadone, i dont want to use so i have little other choice.” This is not the behavor of an actively using addict, he made the decision before i even got to ask him what he was planning. Usually nagging on my part is what pushed him into recovery. This confirmed what i already knew… He was tired, jail was a familar bottom he didnt want to see again. So it was the 3 days after suboxin clinic kicked him out he got on methadone, he only used herion once in that 3 days and hes been on methadone since. I thank the gods the false accusations didnt push him to his addiction. Its so devistating when your telling the truth, to be called a lyer. He wants to use suboxen to get him off Methadone and than slowly get off suboxin to be clean (in the no substances kinda way) again, but he’s at a complete loss. Is there anyway, that if he does go to that suboxen clinic that we can be sure tests are done correctly not creating false positives?

Thank you so much for your blog and your comment section. Like I said it refreshing to hear a doctor admit that false positives happen, who works at a clinic. It’s also great to know that some clinics don’t always assume all clients are lying. The US Department of Agriculture has said as much, writing in a legal opinion in May that the Farm Bill has taken effect — and hemp has become legal — without any other federal agencies having to take action. According to the staff at HHM, there are tons of great reasons! Whether it’s “a pound or a pinch,” you only buy what you need.

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