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We want to be the first denim collection to make American grown Hemp Denim.

The Hemp collection

See our featured collection of premium hemp & denim blends made with love in LA.

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10% of profits are donated to organizations that fight for the legalization of hemp in the USA.

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Our Favorites

Men’s Denim Shirt

This long sleeve button down shirt is made from premium cotton in classic medium blue. Made in Los Angeles, the shirt has the Hemp Blue seal embroidered onto a 100% hemp. View full product details

Men’s Slim Fit Hemp Blend in Vintage Medium Blue

Our Men’s Slim Fit Hemp Blend jeans in vintage medium blue. Not quite a skinny, just a good darn fit! Finished in Los Angeles, you can truly support the hemp movement in one. View full product details

Women’s Classic Denim Shirt

This long sleeve button down shirt is made of premium cotton in classic medium blue. Made in Los Angeles, the detailed shirt has the Hemp Blue seal embroidered onto a. View full product details

Women’s Hemp Blend Boyfriend Jean

Our Women’s hemp-blended selvedge jean in a dark boyfriend cut. 39% Hemp, 61% Cotton. We carefully selected the super-premium hemp-blend from Italy’s Candiani Mill and finished them in Los Angeles. You. View full product details

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Hemp Blue Is Proud To Have Been Featured In

We are creating denim for a sustainable future using a premium hemp denim blend. Be a part of the movement and help legalize industrial hemp in the US!

Organic Hemp Denim Jeans

These straight cut classic 5-pocket 55% hemp 45% Organic Cotton jeans are your perfect year-round companion. They are hardwearing, temperature-regulating, and offer a high moisture absorption – so comfort is guaranteed in the winter as well as during midsummer.

These hemp denim jeans are a classic straight leg, 5 pocket design. Since the very first pair of jeans, the design has not changed all that much. Riveted for added strength, these hemp jeans will continue serving you well for years to come. Hemp is a long-lasting and hard wearing fabric, with 5x the tensile strength of cotton and 3x more durability.

Hemp fabric is naturally antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial, while also having excellent moisture-wicking properties. The hollow fibres of the hemp plant are excellent insulators, while also being breathable. Hemp is known to be a fantastic thermoregulator, the thermodynamic properties keep you cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s not. The combination of these factors means that your hemp jeans keep you dry and fresh all day long, and perform well in all temperatures!

The organic cotton used in these jeans comes from certified farms in India. Organic cotton is harvested by hand, no chemical defoliants are used for harvesting. The controlled organic cultivation forbids genetically modified organisms and the use of any chemicals. Organic cotton is always grown in mixed culture and crop rotation. The farmers add nutrients to the arable land with the help of natural fertilizers such as manure and mulch. Pests are fought with harmless means such as fragrance attractants, the weeds are weeded mechanically. The farmer only receives the title “certified organic cotton” if he has tilled his soil without chemicals for at least three years. The certification of organic cotton and the annual inspection of the farmers are carried out by independent institutions.

The cotton adds softness and extra comfort to the jeans. With this fabric blend you get the ruggedness of hemp combined with the comfort of cotton, all with minimal environmental impact. It’s the best of both worlds!

Material: 55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton

Care: Machine wash at 30°. We recommend turning the jeans inside out before washing.

Country of Manufacture: Tunisia (Hemp sourced from China. Organic Cotton from India,)

Sizes: Waist sizes: 30-36. Leg lengths: 32-34.

Packed Weight: 712g – 794g

Did you know?

Did you know that Denim isn’t a colour? When the fabric was first produced it was dyed in the French town of Nimes, so the colour was known as ‘de Nimes’ or ‘of Nimes’.

These are a true delight. A soft and supple, organic certified Hemp & Cotton blend, they are quality through and through. The best Hemp jeans we've had for some time! Shop inside…