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How to Navigate the Complicated World of CBD in Retail

The Nielsen Company is predicting that the market for hemp-derived CBD products will near $7 billion by 2025.

This 400% growth across food, candies and beverages is set to be driven by over-the-counter supplements which will make up the largest product category ($1.5 billion in annual sales), with pain relief and anxiety being the largest therapeutic drivers for purchase.

Hemp Industry Daily in partnership with The Nielsen Company, have created this new comprehensive retail guide for CBD retailers, category managers, wholesale distributors, buyers, and product manufacturers.

The report includes:

  • The current size of the CBD retail market and future projections
  • Potential market value for grocery stores
  • Regional CBD product preferences
  • Consumer demographic trends purchasing CBD products
  • CBD product and packaging retail trends
  • Branding and competition for shelf space
  • Major market players and why they are investing in the CBD space
  • New ways to grow the market

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Sector Snapshot: Insights on the Growing Market for CBD Pet Products

Americans love their pets and spare no expense to keep their fur babies happy and healthy. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), U.S. pet owners spent a record-breaking $72.6 billion on their pets in 2018, an increase of more than $3 billion from 2017.

The market for pet CBD is also booming, jumping from niche retailers to mass-market giants like Petco and PetSmart. The pet CBD market went from almost zero in 2016 to $7.4 million last year, according to market analytics giant, The Nielsen Company.

If you’re looking to learn more about the CBD market for pet products, the experts at Hemp Industry Daily, in partnership with The Nielsen Company, have created this report for you.

Specifically intended for CBD companies making pet products, CBD retailers, distributors, buyers and producers; this new report featuring Nielsen’s exclusive consumer data provides insights on the current value and landscape of the CBD for pets retail market, including:

  • The current market value of the CBD pet products market
  • Consumer demographics and spending
  • Comparative consumer spending in different types of CBD pet products and retail
  • CBD retail trends for pet products
  • Major market players and why they are investing in the pet space
  • Current regulatory issues
  • Challenges and opportunities for further market growth

Sector Snapshot: Opportunities & Challenges in Smokable Hemp

Smokable hemp is a complicated and controversial segment in the United States. Hemp Industry Daily has partnered with The Nielsen Company, a key retail and consumer research firm, on this exclusive report to help you navigate this sector’s twists and turns.

This report will serve as a business-focused guidebook for executives, entrepreneurs, investors and other professionals participating in or looking to enter the lucrative smokable hemp market. This special report will especially be of interest to retailers and distributors within the retail market.

Business operators and entrepreneurs will get data on the smokable hemp market as well as insights on:

  • The current market value for smokable hemp
  • Consumer spending on smokable hemp products
  • Comparative consumer spending on smokable tobacco
  • Potential market value for smokable hemp/inhalables
  • Regulatory issues and current states that are banning smokable hemp

Download this report now to gain actionable business information, avoid compliance issues and start making informed decisions for your business and investments in the hemp and CBD industries.

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In collaboration with our partner, Hemp Industries Association, we’d like to introduce our latest special report on the 2020 hemp harvest outlook, entailing an in-depth look at industry trends in hemp and CBD markets.

An incredibly helpful guide full of proprietary research and analysis, this report will be of particular use to entrepreneurs, investors and other strategic decision makers already operating in the hemp and CBD industry and looking for further critical analysis to expand their knowledge.

With an emphasis on financial and operational data by sector as well as state by state analysis, this report includes:

  • The current economic, agricultural and regulatory developments impacting modern hemp and CBD markets in the top 10 key U.S. markets.
  • Critical analysis based on 2020 data collected from state departments of agriculture by Hemp Industry Daily in the following states, listed in order of largest acreage size; Colorado, Arizona, California, Kentucky, New York, Oregon, Illinois, North Carolina, Florida and Michigan.
  • A national map of states with active hemp cultivation, and actionable analysis from industry data reports.

Hemp Cultivation in Europe: Key Market Details and Opportunities

Brought to you by the renowned experts at Hemp Industry Daily, Hemp Cultivation in Europe: Key Market Details and Opportunities is our latest and most comprehensive special report to date on industrial hemp in Europe.

This special report is for U.S. hemp professionals interested in importing or exporting biomass or hemp-derived goods to or from Europe, in addition to policy makers or European farmers seeking an overview of the state of the crop in the region.

This in-depth report will provide readers with an overview of industrial hemp cultivation and use across Europe, including a mini-profile of the top ten hemp cultivators by hectares (pending 2019 data), in addition to relative insights on:

  • The EU Regulatory framework and novel food authorization
  • European market estimates for food, fiber, seed, and CBD
  • The current legal status and upcoming legislation
  • Cultivation data: hectares, use, and seed strains
  • Best import/export practices
  • The future of European hemp

Managing Risk in Uncertain Times: Strategies for Hemp Businesses

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that no amount of planning can remove risk from our lives and business plans. The best-crafted business strategy can crumble because of unexpected events, and the deepest wells of capital might run dry in the face of a global market slowdown. However, can an entrepreneur take steps to help ensure those risks are less costly to a hemp business in the long run? Absolutely.

Hand-selected by the editors of Hemp Industry Daily, this valuable resource provides a basic handbook of strategies and products to protect your hemp investment from unforeseen risks, whether you are growing hemp, processing it into finished goods or bringing those products to the public.

This special report on Managing Risk in Uncertain Times offers actionable, unbiased intelligence on risk-mitigation products and strategies, how much they cost, and additional guidance on:

  • Crop insurance.
  • Business property insurance.
  • Business interruption insurance.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Legal strategies to make contracts less risky.

NEW! 1st Edition Hemp Variety Yearbook

In an industry without a definitive and reliable guide to hemp varieties, Hemp Industry Daily introduces the first-ever Hemp Variety Yearbook. This is more than a report; it’s the only guide of its type for 2020, dedicated to helping you pair the right hemp genetics with the best growing environment.

This handy and authoritative resource features performance data on hemp genetics across different climates, environments and markets. Producers will get a rundown of available varieties, growing conditions and expected performance, directly from breeders hand-selected by the editors of Hemp Industry Daily.

This 1st Edition Hemp Variety Yearbook offers details on:

  • 50 hemp varieties currently on the market
  • Varietal analysis for reliable, consistent results, including cannabinoid and terpene profiles
  • Ongoing genetics research and what’s on the horizon in hemp breeding
  • How to select the best varieties and evaluate which live inputs are ideal for growers’ needs

USDA Hemp Rules: A handbook for hemp & CBD businesses

This special report , researched and compiled by the experts and editors of Hemp Industry Daily , breaks down the costs and implications of the new USDA hemp rules , answering questions needed to ensure compliance and take advantage of any new opportunities.

Used as a business-focused handbook for the hemp & CBD industry, this report helps you quickly and easily find answers to questions like:

  • What are the interstate commerce rules? How will the rules work?
  • Which THC testing process is right for me?
  • How do I appeal to the USDA?
  • What are the costs? What are the opportunities?

This exclusively business-focused report provides needed clarity around the complex and developing rules from the USDA.

Download this report now to gain actionable business information, avoid compliance issues and start making informed decisions for your hemp or CBD business and investments.

NEW! Annual Hemp & CBD Industry Factbook

The 2019 Annual Hemp & CBD Industry Factbook offers:

  • 30+ charts exploring and analyzing the hemp & CBD market from critical angles including retail forecasts, consumer demand, production and more
  • 10 profiles of top hemp-producing states, with highlights of market conditions and retail trends
  • Regulatory outlook, best practices, and future considerations for cultivators and processors seeking to meet consumer demand
  • Benchmarks and wholesale prices, plus prices for hemp seeds and clone varietals
  • Pain points for growers and processors with a focus on input costs and per acre profits

The 2019 Annual Hemp & CBD Industry Factbook provides answers with insights from exclusive industry surveys and analysis of data from across the marketplace. Brought to you by the editors and researchers at Hemp Industry Daily, this resource is exclusively business focused and offers understanding of the current and future challenges needed to make the most accurate and informed business decisions.

Cultivation Snapshot: U.S. Wholesale Hemp Prices and Supply

The legalization of hemp has opened up a world of opportunities for cultivators, extractors and retailers alike, enabling them to compare prices and supply across state lines and secure the best deals. It has also exposed a dire need.

Right now, savvy entrepreneurs from across the hemp supply chain have no complete or reliable commodities index to gauge appropriate pricing. And with significant price variability across wholesale markets, hemp entrepreneurs face significant challenges securing the best deals.

The Cultivation Snapshot: U.S. Wholesale Hemp Prices and Supply solves this problem by delivering the most up-to-date, reliable hemp prices and market research for the top 10 hemp producing states. Brought to you by the editors and researchers at Hemp Industry Daily, this snapshot compiles trends in supply, prices and market outlook from dozens of hemp farmers and purchasers across the states.

Who will benefit most from this report?

  • Farmers putting seeds in the ground
  • Manufacturers buying large quantities of hemp for extraction
  • Retailers selling finished hemp products
  • Entrepreneurs across the hemp supply chain

Featured states include: Montana, Colorado, Oregon, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, North Dakota, New York, Nevada and Wisconsin.

The Cultivation Snapshot: U.S. Wholesale Hemp Prices and Supply report is available to download for a limited time as a complimentary product to Hemp Industry Daily subscribers.

SPECIAL REPORT: 2018 Farm Bill

The hemp industry experienced a seismic shift with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill: Cultivation of hemp is now federally legal, and so is hemp-derived CBD. Hemp Industry Daily breaks down the new rules for you in our SPECIAL REPORT on the future state of the industry, 2018 Farm Bill: What’s Next for Hemp? This is the expert analysis for the hemp & CBD markets you need to quickly – and wisely – take advantage of the new landscape.

This special report breaks down:

  • What’s allowed now vs. pre-Farm Bill
  • What to expect from the FDA and the USDA
  • The state of retail – including the mainstream corporations eyeing hemp & CBD
  • How to decide if investors should pull the trigger now – or wait for the shakeout
  • PLUS: How the change in U.S. policy will affect the global landscape

Hemp Report: Top 10 U.S. States

This Report Details

  • Where hemp is being grown, how farmers are growing it and what they’re getting paid for it
  • Business opportunities in hemp production and processing
  • Differences in U.S. hemp markets and regulations
  • Climate and pest challenges and how they vary by state and region
  • Exclusive intelligence about future opportunities in hemp

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Hemp Books

Much has been written about industrial hemp. We have assembled a small sampling of hemp book when we feel are the more helpful to a new person learning about this plant and is many used.

Hemp Bound by Doug Fine – This bestselling author embarks on a humorous yet rigorous journey to meet the men and women who are testing, researching, and pioneering hemp’s applications for the twenty-first century. From Denver, where Fine hitches a ride in a hemp-powered limo; to Asheville, North Carolina, where carbon-negative hempcrete-insulated houses are sparking a mini housing boom; to Manitoba where he raps his knuckles on the hood of a hemp tractor; and finally to the fields of east Colorado, where practical farmers are looking toward hemp to restore their agricultural economy—Fine learns how eminently possible it is for this misunderstood plant to help us end dependence on fossil fuels, heal farm soils damaged after a century of growing monocultures, and bring even more taxable revenue into the economy than its smokable relative.

Advances in Hemp Research by Paolo Ranalli – This is the modern compilation for all your hemp questions, with the answers coming from years of hemp research done in Europe. If you don’t have a degree in agronomy or a heavy background in agriculture and terminology then this book may be a bit of a hard read, but it does cover all of the information that is needed to piece together the results of dozens of years of hemp farming in Europe.

The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer – “The Emperor” is the most important book ever published about hemp. From its original printing in 1985 to, say 1995, the comprehension level of the magnitude of government perfidy rose exponentially among those of us who were already actively opposed to cannabis prohibition laws.

The Great American Hemp Industry by Jack Frazier – In the chapter, “Hemp Discovers America,” Frazier proves that hemp was growing in North and South America long before Europeans brought their seed. Using only first-hand sources (explorers of the 16th and 17th century) Frazier assembles a body of evidence to that effect. Frazier explores the idea that the ancient Phoenicians traded with native North Americas. How else could one explain the Roman and Hebrew coins found in Kentucky? Frazier writes with great clarity of thought, expanding beyond the hemp plant itself into ancient cultures.

Hemp: Lifeline to the Future by Chris Conrad – Conrad’s book is the best-sourced and most reliable hemp text available today. I used it as the foundation for my article, “Get the Facts”, in this issue of Hemphasis. The footnotes are located at the bottom of each page, saving a researcher a considerable amount of time. While I’ve discovered errors, Conrad can be forgiven them in a book covering a topic on which the government deliberately hides the truth.

Hemp Horizons by John Roulac – Roulac provides hope for tomorrow as he covers every aspect of industrial hemp farming and what it could mean to the world economy, the environment, the farmer, and everyday life. Roulac diagrams all six parts of the hemp plant (seed, leaf, root, long bast fiber, medium bast fiber, and hurd), showing what each part could mean to modern industry, disputing misinformation while providing a good history of hemp, including ancient hemp uses, the Dupont, Anslinger, Hearst, and Mellon Hemp/Reefer Madness conspiracy of 1937, and the modern comeback of hemp, and modern farming techniques.

Industrial Hemp: Practical Products – Paper to Fabric to Cosmetics by John Roulac – If you want to learn a lot about hemp from a reliable source, but you don’t have a lot of time to read, this is the book for you. Printed on hemp paper, Industrial Hemp offers the hemp history of China and Europe up to modern times, including the importance of the decorticator machine, and how hemp led to victory in WWII. Hemptech shows how valuable hemp is as a renewable resource, as a fiber. Much is covered in a short space; from green farming, to the superiority of hemp over cotton, to what possibilities exist, and how to change your own life.

A Modern Introduction to Hemp – From Food to Fiber: Past, Present, and Future by Paul Benhaim – This book will definitely increase your desire to eat hemp foods. After reading A Modern Introduction to Hemp, I realized that I have been poisoning myself with hydrocarbonated food. I realized that it all starts with food. If we change the way we eat, we will positively change the world and our bodies.

Hemp Books Much has been written about industrial hemp. We have assembled a small sampling of hemp book when we feel are the more helpful to a new person learning about this plant and is many ]]>