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Hemp Fiberboard

The construction industry always needs access to better material. At the same time, environmental regulations necessitate the need for more options. Hemp fiberboard can help on both of these fronts.

Earth’s population is growing at a high rate and doesn’t show signs of slowing anytime soon. Because of this, construction companies need more eco-friendly materials.

Hemp board is undoubtedly one of these options. Extremely strong and without toxic additives, it’s built to last. The product is something that could have a lasting impact on the industry and society as a whole.

What is hemp fiberboard?

Hemp fiberboard acts similar to plywood and looks the part too. People can use it for everything from DIY projects to commercial construction.

You can also use thicker and denser varieties for furniture, walls, and even flooring.

Furthermore, you can use thinner ply versions for anything from skate ramps to ceilings.

Cut into shape the same way the wooden varieties can be, hemp fiberboards are a great alternative to wood and other boards. Hemp fiberboard is certainly very useful as a building material.

How do manufacturers make it?

Manufacturers make hemp fiberboard by starting with hemp hurds. These are pieces of the inner core of the plant. Next, they are combined with non-formaldehyde binders to create a toxin-free board.

Hemp fibreboards start their life off not as a marijuana plant, ready to be rolled and smoked, as many believe. Instead, they start as a different cousin in the cannabis family: hemp.

People use hemp fibers for making cloth, rope, clothing, and a lot more.

Hemp has very little THC. In fact, federal law requires it to have less than 0.3%. And that’s not enough to get you high if you were to smoke the plant.

That means this hemp fiberboard can’t get you high either. Not that you’d roll it up and smoke it, anyway.

But some people may worry that they could inhale psychoactive fumes if their furniture caught on fire. That’s just not the case.

Back to the plant. This eco-friendly crop provides advantages in many ways. For example, the seeds are a superfood and many people use the oil from the seeds to add nutrients to their diet.

Are there any benefits?

There is a wide range of key benefits to hemp fiberboard. Let’s start with the advantages of this type of fiberboard over others.

First, hemp is resistant to mold. That’s because it has natural antimicrobial properties. That means it’s great to use for construction even in damp areas.

Second, you can use it in any way that you use wood fiberboard or plywood. You can cut it, shape it, and more.

Third, the fibers in the plant are very long. This makes it very strong. It’s able to bear weight well and keep its structure over time.

Did you know that the fibers in an old-growth Douglas Fir are only a few inches long? In contrast, hemp fibers in the outer part of the stalk are as long as the plant itself.

Also, hemp fiberboard is a great insulator. Because of this, you can cut down on insulation costs if you use this board over another type.

Why do we need hemp fiberboard?

As the world gets smaller, the demand for raw materials grows.

Also, with extremely unsustainable farming practices and ancient trees logged to produce similar products, we need an alternative.

Did you know that almost 40,000 acres of trees are chopped down every day for paper or engineered wood products?

Let’s do a thought experiment. Let’s pretend we need 1000 acres of trees for plywood and wood fiberboard production.

Do you know how many acres of hemp we’d need to replace that? Only about 250. That’s amazing.

The US Department of Agriculture found that one acre of hemp yields four times what one acre of trees yields.

Also, it gets better. Farmers can harvest crops on the same 250 acres of hemp multiple times per year. That means the same land gives more material in a shorter amount of time.

However, trees take many years to grow back. These are clear advantages of hemp fiberboard.

Where can I get it?

Depending on where you live, you might be able to find hemp fiberboard in a local hardware store. You can also purchase this material through specialist timber yards, online stores, and wholesalers.

If you’re looking to get some online, check out Hemp Traders or Bulk Hemp Warehouse. We can all make a difference, and hemp fibreboard is a little, but effective start!

Last updated: May 17, 2020 Posted in: Farming & Construction

Extremely strong and chemical free, hemp fiberboard is built to last, making it ideal for use in building & development projects.

Hemp boards

Introducing Hempboard
Made in the USA with American grown hemp, hempboard is an engineered wood product constructed from the fiber of the hemp plant. Hempboard can be used in place of wood particleboard or medium density fiberboard. The board is very versatile and can be used for applications like cabinets, furniture, shelving, sub-flooring, molding, doors, or other simple wood structures. Our Hempboard uses non-formaldehyde binders, is engineered for particleboard applications and comes in two thicknesses: 1/2″ and 3/4”. We also have a second 1/2″ thick board which is heavier, denser, and stronger.

Why Hempboard?
80% of the world’s forests are already destroyed and 80,000 acres of forests disappear from the Earth every day! Almost 1/2 of those tress are chopped down and processed into pulp for making paper products and engineered wood products. Deforestation has many negative consequences including but not limited to global climate change, species extinction, loss of medicinal research and desertification. Traditional binders used for engineered wood products use toxic formaldehyde, a carcinogen that is extremely dangerous when inhaled or exposed to humans. The binders used in our hempboard do not contain any formaldehyde and are safe for indoor use.

100% Hemp Medium Density Particle Board