head and heal cbd

Head and heal cbd

By Kristie Snyder, GreenStar Staff

Both Allan Gandelman and Karli Miller-Hornick of Head + Heal successfully used hemp extract to regain function from debilitating illnesses — in his case, Lyme disease, in hers, anxiety and panic attacks — without the side effects of either pharmaceuticals or medical marijuana. No wonder they felt a calling to put their farming expertise to work to bring high-quality locally and organically grown hemp extract to the region. Thanks to the recent legalization of hemp in New York State, that dream has become a reality.

Allan, a co-owner of the Main Street Farms organic vegetable CSA in Cortland, and Karli, the farm’s CSA manager, formed their own company in 2017 with the intention to produce hemp extract. They were among the first in the state to receive licenses to grow and process industrial hemp, and this fall they harvested their first crop, organically grown on 15 acres just outside of Cortland. There’s a fascinating journey from hemp plant to extract: after a controlled drying process, the flowering part of the plant is extracted using ethanol, which is then evaporated, leaving only a pure, full-spectrum extract. Head + Heal blends that with a certified-organic medium-chain triglyceride coconut oil in order to arrive at their final product, now on the shelves in the Co-op’s West End Wellness Department.

Quickly growing in popularity, hemp extract is used by many to relieve stress, depression, and insomnia, soothe pain and inflammation, and promote an overall sense of well-being. While research is in its infancy, some promising science heralds many beneficial uses. With the passing of the 2018 federal Farm Bill in late December, hemp and its extracts are now legal nationwide, opening up additional research opportunities. It’ll also be easier for farmers from coast to coast to source loans and insurance for hemp crops, and to certify their crop and oil as organic.

With hemp extract still largely unregulated, the quality of products now on the market can vary wildly, and there’s little consumer protection. Head + Heal customers can rest assured — the company controls the process from start to finish. They emphasize consumer education and strive for “seed to sale” transparency, publishing third-party lab-testing reports detailing their products’ composition.

Karli and Allan are thrilled by the overwhelmingly positive response to the product. “We have an incredible amount of repeat customers,” Karli says, “who tell us how it has improved their lives.”

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All Head + Heal products are tested by a third party lab. Follow the links below to see recent results for each product:

Head+Heal received one of the first licenses to grow CBD in New York State, and they’re one of the first farms to offer USDA certified organic hemp. As you can see in their videos, their farm grows incredibly healthy plants – and as we all know – whatever is in those plants is in your medicine! And you’re buying directly from their farm, which allows them to offer you the most potent medicine possible at an affordable price.

Head and Heal: CBD Oil Tinctures, Softgels, Topicals and Pets Products

Head and Heal are committed to manufacturing CBD-based health supplements aimed at improving health and general lifestyles of its clients. It’s equally devoted to sustainable growth and manufacturing of high quality organic hemp, and ensures their products are of the highest quality.

This is unlike other CBD infused product manufacturers who simply import their hemp from industrial growers. The resulting extract is impure and filled with impurities, which then compromise the level of CBD left.

Head and Heal CBD Oil

The tinctures manufactured are to help users deal with stress, re-energize and reduce pain. For special kind of remedy for those conditions, buy Head and Heal products. Adding these products to daily routines greatly increases the quality of life one lives. This is because there is less pain and discomfort and only energy to go through the day.

What is CBD ?

For those wondering what CBD is, unlike THC, which makes one high and is acquired from the cannabis plant marijuana, CBD means cannabidiol, which is extracted from the Hemp plant of the cannabis family. It has no psychoactive effects and therefore cannot cause addiction. CBD is known for its many medicinal and health benefits that include relief from inflammation, anxiety and other related issues.


Seed to scale CBD: grown, processed and bottled by Head and Heal themselves. The hemp extract is of excellent quality and its potency is unmatched. Organic MCT oil is added in collaboration with the full spectrum extracted CBD oil, which also contain natural terpenes just as important to one’s health.

How to use

To benefit from Head and Heal tinctures, it is advisable that one holds the liquid under the tongue for ten seconds before swallowing. The oily taste may be unwelcome and therefore alternative ways to enjoy these tinctures is by adding them to a favourite beverage.

The much to take

As everyone is different, the effectivity timeframe may vary from person to person. Therefore, when considering the suitable dosage to use, it’s advisable to begin with a small dose and increase when you experience no discomfort or allergies. Hence, begin with 1ml daily and increase to 3 times a day when need arises.

When you note no adverse reactions during the first three days at a 3 times a day rate, know that it is good with you and keep enjoying Head and Heal products for better health and lifestyle.

When should the dosage happen

Depending on the goals you want to achieve, pick a tincture recommended for the particular condition and follow the instructions provided. For instance, when looking to achieve maximum rest and sleep, take thirty minutes before sleeping. To alleviate anxiety at the start of a day, take the dosage in the morning.

To manage pain and inflammation, use the product sparingly across the day. For effectivity, make sure to use on a regular basis and the results will be evident after a while if not immediately.


Selling CBD products to children under the age of 18 is prohibited. It is also recommended that you seek medical advice before you begin partaking in Head and Heal CBD products. It has also been prohibited to be used by lactating mothers and pregnant women. This is because it may have adverse effects, which might affect the infant of unborn child.

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Head and Heal are committed to manufacturing CBD-based health supplements aimed at improving health and… ]]>