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Do not buy from this company they…

Do not buy from this company they crooks they just keep sending stuff and taking money from your account. If you try and stop the payments through your bank they take the money using another name. Ver bad news.

I was trying to order a $40 thing of…

I was trying to order a $40 thing of cream. Right away my bank account has a $220 charge. I immediately emailed them and asked why. No response. Then they took another $220 out of my account but still couldn’t get a hold of them. So I filed a grievance with my bank and I filled out dispute papers. I told them that I didn’t want anything from them and to please remove me and any order they charged me for. Still no response. So today I got a package from them and I have to pay to send it back to them🤬🤬🤬

customer service excelled

I ordered this product and then changed my mind and decided I did not want it I sent them an email spoke to them they canceled my account refunded my money within three days and now I have the product and I’ll be returning it to them I think their customer service did a great job

I live in England and The Royal Mail…

I live in England and The Royal Mail has sent me a bill stating I owe £29 for them to deliver to my home address..
On further investigation I discover it’s from first class herbalists in Utah USA.
No way am I paying for this or whatever it is to be delivered to my home, by all accounts their a SCAM and therefore I shall put it out on the sites I visit.


BEWARE: Do NOT order anything from this company. Thing is, it depends upon what company this is referring to. The first one is First Class Herbalist Oils, the 2nd one is “First Class CBD”. and the third is “DAPPERWLNS.” The latter I was initially told at time of order months ago, the shipping would be listed under that company. Only later to find out that DAPPERWLNS debited my account twice for $89.95. I called First Class Herbalist Oils @ 888-441-6673. The individual insisted that my account was credited for HALF, twice, @ $44.97/ea. Stated he has documentation. I informed him that my account was NOT credited. Told to call back in a few days. He refused to call my bank. He also said that banks have “glitches.” Yeah right – not in this case. I sincerely doubt my account will be credited. Unfortunately I didn’t notice these debits until months later when I was behind in balancing our business account. Unfortunately the bank couldn’t do anything as the debits were beyond 30 days.


Google: CBD Company Sued Over Allegedly Unlawful Automated Text Messages


I can’t believe companies like this are allowed to take advantage of people like this.

Sick as a chip

What can you do when you have been taken by this company

SCAM!! when doing the sample order nowhere does it say its a trial program and you will be billed full amount after a certain period like they claim when you call them.They took $89 out of my bank account and only offered to give %60 back and I had already paid $25 for the samples! DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM. you cant trust anybody anymore.

First Class Herbalist Oils is the…

First Class Herbalist Oils is the actual name of website. There are many complaints on the BBB website. This company is a SCAM. Whenever you shop at their website, you are automatically enrolled in a subscription program. Shipping prices are high. People have reported that it is almost impossible to disenroll from their program, with some people going as far as changing the credit or debit card numbers. The site has no physical or email addresses, but does list a phone number. I have no idea on whether it’s a actual working number. If a website has very limited contact information, I recommend avoiding them altogether. I definitely wouldn’t consume orally any products from a website with deceptive or questionable business practices. First Class Herbalist Oils is a SCAM.

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