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Understanding CBD Ratios and Dosing Q&A with Fairwinds

Chances are you know about the cannabinoid CBD and that all of our CBD products are sourced from cannabis as opposed to hemp. This means all of our CBD products contain THC in varying amounts- even if it is miniscule. At Dockside you may have seen some product descriptions or titles that contain ratios like 1:1, 10:1 or 20:1. Confused? You’re not alone. We get a lot of questions about dosing and the difference between various ratios.

Understanding that these ratios stand for CBD to THC (or CBD:THC) is the first step. A 5:1 ratio for example doesn’t necessarily mean that there are 5 mg of CBD and 1 mg of THC per serving, but that for every 5 parts CBD proportionally there is 1 part THC. For example,that could mean one serving gives you 40mg CBD:8mg THC. It all depends on the total cannabinoids in the bottle, divided by the number of servings. All cannabis companies in WA are required to list this information. Now to find a tincture that’s right for you.

Since a lot of the questions we receive are about Fairwinds’ broad offering of tinctures and capsules, we interviewed Randi from their team in order to clear up confusion about CBD ratios, correct dosing, and which tinctures are best to find relief while keeping a clear head. Here’s what we learned:

How do I figure out the correct ratio of CBD to THC?
“Since everyone’s endocannabinoid system is unique, there’s no real “correct” ratio that’s consistent for everyone, and no guaranteed method to determine the best ratio for your specific needs. As with so many things cannabis-related, figuring out your best ratio will often require some research and experimentation. If you’re concerned about intoxicating effects, it is often best to start with a ratio rich in CBD and take smaller servings. You can always increase serving size or try a different ratio if you’re not getting the effects you desire!

As a reminder, it often requires a serving size of at least 2-3mg THC for most people to feel any sort of intoxication. While this amount will differ from person to person, this is a pretty good rule of thumb to go by.”

Will I eventually build up a tolerance?
“Consumers of any type of cannabinoid are likely to develop a level of tolerance (just like with any other medication or supplement). If building up a high tolerance is a concern, taking short breaks can help act as a reset button!

Additionally, Fairwinds uses adaptogenic herbs in some of our product formulations. Adaptogens help our bodies maintain homeostasis and balance to cope with things like stress, and they actually become more effective the more often you use them. This is why products like the PTSfree capsules work so well for those who take them on a regular basis.”

What makes the two Fairwinds’ Spectrum tinctures different aside from their “AM” and “PM” formula labels?
“One of the things that makes Fairwinds unique is our inclusion of other herbal extracts and essential oils – it’s why we have such a wide variety of tinctures and capsules instead of just a few different ratios.

Spectrum AM and PM tinctures are similar in their targeted effects, but the ingredients differ a bit as one is designed for daytime use, and the other for end of day rest. Our AM tincture is formulated using white grapefruit essential oil and huperzia herbal extract – popular for its mood enhancing and focus-boosting properties. The PM tincture contains sweet orange essential oil, which has been shown to help with calmness and relaxation. Both are made with lemon, rosemary, and peppermint essential oils as well as herbal extracts of boswellia, ginger, and turmeric! We use slightly different terpenes in each formula as well.

We use only clinically-proven ingredients in our products. We carefully select each and every ingredient, so you can always rest assured that our products are reliable and consistent every time.”

What CBD ratio can I take and get work done without getting high?
“Our entire Ratio Series is designed to be functional for everyone who uses it; however, as each person has their own unique system and tolerance, we would recommend starting with the 20:1 or 10:1 ratios for those who may be concerned about a potential impact on their clear-headedness.”

Is there a reason I would take a 20:1 tincture vs a 1:1?
“Each person will have individual needs and different desired effects when using CBD and THC in tandem. The ratio you select will be dependent on multiple factors, including your own experience with and tolerance of cannabis. A 20:1 ratio may be preferable for someone with limited cannabis experience, someone who wants to ensure they don’t feel any intoxication, and/or a person looking to maximize their CBD intake.

On the other hand, a 1:1 ratio may be more useful for someone more familiar with THC consumption or an individual interested in boosting the entourage effect (this effect stems from the fact that cannabinoids are more useful when consumed in tandem as opposed to isolated compounds.) While the entourage effect is certainly a part of all Fairwinds’ Ratio Series products, it is likely to be heightened with the 1:1 or 5:1 tinctures, vapes, or capsules.

Understand how CBD ratios work and how to correctly dose yourself. What's the best weed to get work done? Informative Q&A with Fairwinds!

Fairwinds CBD Review

  • Fairwinds CBD Review


CBD Oil Review rates the Fairwinds CBD Brand with two stars because it qualifies for the Mission & Innovation Badges.

User Review

Fairwinds CBD: 60-Second Summary

The ingenuity and creativity innate to the engineering life translate well into the CBD industry, as Fairwinds CBD has some of the most technologically advanced grow room monitoring systems in the biz. Originally only selling products with THC, we are stoked that Fairwinds now has a CBD catalog available in all 50 states. However, we are a bit concerned about the CBD oil extraction method currently employed by this Washington brand.

** Review Updated 12/27/2019

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Fairwinds CBD Brand Review

Fairwinds CBD is a predominantly medical cannabis company led by former engineer James Hull. Utilizing his career experience, Mr. Hull designed the entire system monitoring Fairwind’s hemp grows, including equipment to check for humidity, temperature, light levels, CO2 ppm, and more.

The immense attention to detail is vital for growing the best cannabis, and Fairwinds leaves no stone unturned in the quest for best cultivation techniques. When it comes to hemp grow operation, this team takes the cake.

Fairwinds offers many cannabis products, such as capsules, functional drink mixes, tinctures, topicals, vape cartridges, pet products, and even suppositories (these are only available at licensed retail locations). We like many of the ingredients in their CBD: THC specialty formulation tinctures like CO2 extracted ginger and turmeric.

For the purposes of this review, we will only discuss the CBD products available in all 50 states at Each is formulated using a thoughtful combination of Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is especially evident in the company’s potent CBD tinctures, each with a blend of essential oils and terpenes meant to synergistically target certain issues. Check out the goods:

  • Deep Sleep CBD Tincture
  • Digestify CBD Tincture
  • Release CBD Tincture
  • 0 THC CBD Tincture
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil for pets
  • Flow CBD Pain Relief Cream

What makes Fairwinds CBD products stand out from the fray are their insanely high concentrations of CBG. CBG is another beneficial cannabinoid, and we can’t think of another company out there with levels this high!

So, why does Fairwinds CBD not qualify for our Quality and Safety Badges?

While their hemp cultivation techniques are clean and innovative, Fairwinds CBD uses propane to extract their CBD oil. Propane is a noxious chemical we generally do not approve of for cannabidiol extraction. Plus, there is no residual solvents test available to prove there are no traces of the chemical in the final product, making the Safety Badge a no-go as well.

Bottom Line – Fairwinds CBD has some major clout when it comes to innovative hemp cultivation, and their CBD tinctures have some of the highest concentrations of CBG we’ve seen. We’d like to see them incorporate a different extraction method and provide more contaminants tests online to get a higher rating.

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Badges For Fairwinds CBD

Mission Verified

Fairwinds CBD seeks to integrate the ancient powers of hemp with modern technology and innovation.

Innovation Verified

Fairwinds CBD is awarded the innovation badge for implementing sophisticated controls to monitor the hemp-growing process.

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3 Responses to Fairwinds CBD Review

Our hemp CBD oil is extracted from the plant using either CO2 or pure ethanol, dependent on what plant constituents we are hoping to derive. This method ensures we are able to get all of the minor cannabinoids (such as CBG, CBN, CBDA, CBDV, etc) while retaining all of the beneficial properties of the plant. All Fairwinds CBD products are third-party lab tested after extraction to ensure there is no residual solvent present in the finished product!

Great website and review system. Well done and much needed in this industry inundated with noise.
I would like to have a discussion with the author of the Fairwinds CBD brand review if that is possible. I appreciate the detail and write-up that was part of the summary review but the significant negative aspect of the review that very much lowered the brand rating is completely false. However, I do not fault the author as it was an error on our website, made by our website developer. Fairwinds CBD does not use any propane solvent in the extraction of the Fairwinds CBD parent oil lots. Medical grade propane is a very good extraction solvent in the hydro-carbon category due to its extraction efficiency and ease of 100% removal from the oil post extraction, but hydro carbon solvents are NOT currently used in our Hemp processing facility. We also do test every one of our oil lots for solvents and always have ND’s (Non-Detects) for all solvents. Test reports are also available for all parent oil lots that are used in our products. The highest probability of any contamination whether it is pesticides, mycotoxins, solvents, microbials etc are always in the concentrated oil as this is where all compounds are at the highest concentration. Our CBD, CBDA, CBDV, CBD and CBG concentrate oil varies between 55% and 80% in potency. Distillate and Isolate is as high as 99% in potency. These oils are significantly diluted during the formulation process when tinctures, topicals, capsules etc are manufactured and added to a base such as avocado oil in the case of our tinctures. Therefore testing the concentrate oil provides the highest assurance of quality and patient safety. Final product testing typically focuses on cannabinoid potency. We also typically run a pesticide analysis on the final product in addition to the parent concentrate oil lot since this test report is delivered with the product and pesticide use is all too common in this industry. Fairwinds takes great pride with our zero pesticide policy in both our legal cannabis and hemp processing facilities. Please email me so we can update the facts regarding our extraction processes which include CO2, pure ethanol and water to capture the water soluble constituents of the plant (think juicing). The selection of which solvent we use depends on which hemp flower chemical constituents we aim to extract as both of these solvents have their pro’s and cons regarding solubility etc. Keep in mind post extraction, 100% of the extraction solvents are removed, lab verified. In both our legal cannabis lab and our hemp production facility, all of our extraction solvents are medical grade and 100% non-toxic.
thank you for your great service to this amazing industry,
James Hull

This Fairwinds CBD Review reveals the truth about this company. Not all CBD is created equal. Read this first before you buy Fairwinds CBD.