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Admittedly I have not been in a while but the reason is that is just not a clean place. The budtenders handle the flower with their bare hands when transferring from jar to travel bag. Once when I was buying CBD pills he spilled one from his hand onto the floor and still tried to give it to me then was displeased when I refused to take it. I don’t want to put something in my mouth that was in someone else’s dirty hand. They typically only have 2-4 strains. With so many places to choose from now I don’t know why anyone would go there.

Been using this dispensary for a few years now. They are top notch. Very professional, knowledgeable and extremely laid back. Very comfortable and welcoming place. Their organic products are exceptional and very good prices!

By far one of the best dispensaries in Maine. Super high quality flower, friendly and knowledgeable staff with decent prices. Well worth the extra drive to get there.

Very impressed with this caregiver and his staff. Very helpful and professional. Quality product and fine medicine.

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East Coast CBDs is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Unity, Maine area. Check our menu for available products and best deals, compare reviews and see photos.

East coast cbd

When medical cannabis is used correctly it is often patients decrease or outright discontinue their use of addictive/deadly prescription drugs. We have great experience and success detoxing patients off addictive narcotics of all kinds and can help diminish serious withdrawal symptoms as well as post acute withdrawal symptoms (which can last years). We offer many natural supplemental products outside of cannabis and we have lots of valuable experience and knowledge to compliment those supplemental. We are so committed to this form of treatment we even filed a petition with the state and spent several years fighting to add “addiction” to the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Maine . In 2017 after the petition lost we wrote a bill (LD 411) and fought for its passage. In 2018 we succeeded by eliminating the qualifying list and allowing your doctor to recommend cannabis based on their decision no matter the medical condition (LD 1539) .

Medical Rights/Freedom to Choose Nature

Understanding the science and educating those who don’t is a huge part of cannabis and its potential future in the western medical world. Spreading that education to our political leaders so we can have a legal system that allows for choice, affordability and freedom is very important. Keeping cannabis clean is another very important part of using nature to replace pharmaceuticals. Calling out the pharmaceutical cartel and stigma folks, while supporting those who seek a natural approach is just another day at the office for Dawson Julia (Caregiver/Activist/Owner). Dawson has been a medical marijuana caregiver since the program started in Maine 2009 and he always enjoys sharing his cannabis knowledge with anyone who will listen.

Read more about us and our Maine small business. We specialize in non psychoactive CBD strains and work to educate the public about the science behind cannabis.