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Earth Juice

Since 1991, Hydro-Organics Wholesale Inc, the makers of Earth Juice, has pleased gardeners around the world.

Hydro-Organics Wholesale has been recognized as the leader in developing original fine crafted gardening products with an emphasis on using Premium Natural Ingredients in easy to use formulas for prize-winning results.

The Earth Juice product line now offers over 60 products for hand feeding and hydroponics including; liquid, granular and water-soluble fertilizers, beneficial microbes, mycorrhizhal fungi, pest controls, pH adjusters, plant containers, soil and coir.

The Earth Juice Plant Nutrient System’s purpose is to help the gardener simplify Earth Juice choices by combining the various Earth Juice liquids and dry fertilizers that are designed to function together.

By selecting a system and referring to the appropriate feeding chart, you can build a complete and harmonized plant food maintenance program, one that is a custom fit for your specific gardening environment and plant requirements.

Some Earth Juice nutrients include:

  • Earth Juice® Original “Big 5” Liquid
  • Sugar Peak 1 Part Liquid
  • Hi-Brix A/B 2 Part Liquid
  • Sweet & Heavy 4 Part Liquid
  • Elements Multi-Part Liquid
  • Verde Fire Solution Grade
  • SeaBlast™ Water Soluble
  • Rainbow Mix™ Non-Soluble
  • Green Reign

Earth Juice: Good Things From the Land and Sea

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SeaBlast Bloom by Earth Juice

Water-Soluble Plant Food with seaweed, fossilized guano, steamed bone meal and micronutrients.

SeaBlast™ is a line of “Highly Concentrated” water-soluble plant foods in three formulations that will meet the nutrient requirements for even the most aggressive plants through all phases of plant life.

SeaBlast Bloom™ is a water-soluble plant food formulated for flowering and fruiting plants. Specifically designed to encourage bountiful yields and the production of essential oils, resins and fragrances. For high production crops, start using following the last application of SeaBlast Transition™. For use with planting mixes, coir and native soils. Indoor/outdoor plants.

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How to Use SeaBlast Bloom

If you damaged the label or have not purchased the product yet, you can refer to the information found below to help you understand how to use SeaBlast Bloom. If you are mixing your own nutrients, you can reference the NPK chart found below to help you identify the role of this nutrient product. The recommended feeding schedule for can be found below to help you understand the correct measurements of nutrients to use. The feeding schedule chart has been provided by Earth Juice, the product manufacturer.

SeaBlast Bloom NPK Chart

When combining nutrients, you will want to be conscious of their NPK contents as well as others. You can look at the contents of SeaBlast Bloom using the chart below.

Water-Soluble Plant Food with seaweed, fossilized guano, steamed bone meal and micronutrients.SeaBlast™ is a line of “Highly Concentrated” water-..