does cbd oil have an odor

What does CBD oil smell like?

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CBD is quickly becoming a go-to solution for a wide range of health, fitness and recovery problems, and many people use it regularly to create balance and promote wellbeing.

Even so, the misconceptions and confusion linger on. This includes an understandable tendency to associate Cannabidiol (CBD) with the recreational drugs widely referred to as cannabis.

One of the regular questions is, does CBD oil smell like weed? Some people even become concerned about using it in case their breath smells like they’ve been smoking pot!

So, what does CBD oil smell like?

A whole different type of natural product

Well for a start, it doesn’t smell the same as the substance used for recreational drug purposes. Especially as that is often set on fire and smoked!

Cannabidiol and weed do both originate for strains of cannabis or hemp plants. However, there are many variations in this plant, and many ways to strip them of components for human consumption.

The natural materials used to produce CBD are only taken from specific species of this plant, cultivated and processed to avoid a chemical called THC. (THC is the component of recreational drugs that creates the sensation of being “high”).

Clearly then, the non-intoxicating and pure components used to manufacture CBD are already different from strong-smelling and psychoactive cannabis bi-products.

Careful manufacture to create pure versions

From this point, the active and beneficial CBD base ingredients are carefully processed to help them to do their work.

For example, sometimes the active ingredients are encased in capsules for consumption. Often though, the carefully selected components of CBD are added to a neutral base oil. The oil is used to carry the active ingredients to where they need to go, in the human body.

This expert manufacturing process – under carefully regulated lab conditions – generally makes CBD odourless.

The sweet smell of success

If it does smell of anything, it may have a slightly earthy, natural aroma; the sort of thing you would expect from any plant-based health and wellbeing product. Though this could also be the faintest of smells coming from the carrier oil, rather than the active ingredients!

This would usually not be a smell that lingers in your mouth after using CBD oil. Nor is it a scent that can trigger allergies or asthma, for example.

If you buy CBD oil for less medically supported suppliers – who are not as scrupulous in their sourcing and production methods – the situation may be different. The purity, strength and even smell of your CBD oil could vary widely. Also, if they use hemp oil as a carrier, then you may have a CBD product that has the familiar “tang” of weed in its scent.

The message is to buy from us to be sure you receive a quality product that’s been produced to avoid all side effects including a weedy smell!

CBD is quickly becoming a go-to solution for a wide range of health, fitness and recovery problems, and many people use it regularly to create balance.

Is CBD Oil the Anti-Stress Wonder It’s Cracked Up to Be? I Tried It to Find Out

When a friend recommended I try CBD oil, I initially balked. Weed has never been my thing, I thought. Besides, all I need is to cut back on my caffeine and get more rest. And maybe change my whole f-ing life. While all that may or may not be true, my friend’s persistent advocacy (read: nagging), plus the groundswell of popularity of this little nutritional supplement, made me curious, so I decided to investigate.

First off, what is CBD oil?
It’s an extract of part of the hemp plant called phytocannabinoids. They have been shown to have a bunch of healthy effects on the body, from relaxation to reducing inflammation.

Isn’t hemp code for marijuana?
The part of pot that makes it psychoactive is THC (short for Tetrahydrocannabinol). There’s no THC in CBD oil (or maybe only trace amounts), so it won’t get you high.

How do you take it?
I tried H. Hemp Co. Tincture by putting a dropperful into my morning smoothie. That’s the equivalent of about eight milligrams, which is a super-low dose (two dropperfuls are recommended). In half an hour, I noticed a new sort of relaxed feeling—not an I-took-an-antihistamine dizzy feeling, nor that glass-of-wine sleepy effect. I felt calm and alert, which is pretty much perfect.

What’s it taste like?
The stuff in cannabis that smells strongly weedy is called terpenes. Since CBD oil usually does contain terpenes, I was left with the mental image of me as a bovine, chomping on a bright green cannabis bush. But that taste goes away after you ingest the oil.

Does it last?
That’s what’s nice about the CBD oil—it’s not such a huge feeling that when it metabolizes away, I notice it (like, say, the post-caffeine crash). But it’s a nice way to buffer my own type A tendencies or to even out that after-lunch cappuccino. As for the anti-inflammatory effects and other claims like reducing cramps and supporting cardiovascular health, I don’t know if I’m any less close to a cardiac incident (remember, the number one killer of women), but I like to think so.

What if I don’t like smoothies?
You can squirt a mouthful right under your tongue or take in tea or coffee—but remember, it’s oil, so it will float on top of any water-based liquids, which is sort of a yucky characteristic. That’s why people like to take it in other forms, like chocolate or gumdrops. (A company named Lord Jones makes good ones.)

What about bath time?
Turns out, you can even absorb this through your skin (the body’s biggest organ). Try soaking in a citrus, lavender and birch oil-scented tub with Kush Queen bath bombs that contain 25 mg of CBD oil. (Just be sure to use the ones labeled Pure CBD, since the brand also makes a type called 1:1 that contains 25 mg of high-inducing THC.)

Any other way I can use it?
Um, well you can add it to your sex life: Foria Awaken is the non-psychoactive version of Foria Pleasure, the intimate lube that debuted a few years ago to raves with a blend of euphoria-inducing THC and CBD. The newer Awaken formula is less mind-blowing, but it’s supposed to relax you and also intensify your orgasms. Plus, it smells more like vanilla and mint rather than weed.

With our recent stress levels off the charts, we decided to test out the wellness industry’s latest rage, CBD oil (made from the non-woozy-making part of cannabis). Would it make us feel stoned? Was it a placebo? Here’s what we found out.