cured hemp oil


Full Spectrum Strawberry Lemonade Tincutre

Specifically formulated to maximize the effects of natural qualities and herbal properties, this Solvent-free and deliciously flavorful Full-Spectrum CBD oil contains our most comprehensive ingredient profile with over 113 cannabis compounds.

CBD Anytime Gummies

Colorado Cures offers its own custom formulated full spectrum CBD gummies. These CBD Gummies are one of our top sellers because of how you can really notice the pure effects after taking just one.

Topical Hot Cream

Colorado Cures Hot Cream will allow CBD to melt into your skin. Containing 1000mg of isolated CBD and over 20 essential oils in a 4oz bottle, this topical can be applied directly to the skin at any time during the day or night. Let your tight muscles melt away with one of Colorado Cures most-loved products.

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As simple as that! Your friendly reminder that while you can still come into our store, We now offer Curbside Assistance for those in need. At CBD Plus USA, We are here for YOU.

CBD Oil Tincture

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CBD Coffee

250mg Mild Roast

Top Sellers

Colorado Cures – Anytime Full Spectrum Gummies – 10pk
Hot Cream 1000mg 4oz
Colorado Cures Muscle and Joint 25mg 30ct
Colorado Cures Pixie Stick 25mg
Colorado Cures Hot Cream 250mg 1oz
Colorado Cures – Topical Full Spectrum Hot Cream 5000mg 5oz
Colorado Cures Full Spectrum Hot Cream 1500mg 1.5oz
Colorado Cures – Tincture – 2500mg Full Spectrum Tropical 30mL


  • Combined with MCT coconut oiland natural flavorings
  • Safe for young childern and adults
  • Natural and Non-GMO cbd oils
  • From our partnered Hemp farms in Colorado and Oklahoma
  • Product Lab testing for top quality and full transparency
  • Wide range of natural CBD Oils, accessories, and related products

About Us

We champion self-reliance and independence and advocate carving out your personal truths. We believe in CBD. As pioneers in the laboratory, we pursue the advancement of the CBD industry. Everyday, we test our limitations and learn more about CBD.

Every step toward understanding CBD makes life more exciting. The science of CBD can sometimes feel like a frontier. Yet we continue striving toward CBD experimentation and education, blazing a trail for others to follow. Colorado Cures empowers you to reach further.

What Are People Saying

Best store ever! Great management! The CBD dummies were excellent quality. CBD oil really helps me control my excessive eating habits, alleviates my stress, and any pain I’m experiencing. I highly recommend this shop to anyone looking too get away from pharmaceutical drugs with a lot of side affects.

Ordered the oil for my uncle who is elderly and suffers arthritic pain throughout his body. Particularly, his left hand had a pain level of 8 at its worst. After one month of use he has zero pain in his hand and has tremendous improvement throughout his body..

They have been extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and compassionate. They do not make you feel as if you are uneducated simply because you have questions. They take all the time you need to explain how each product works and what works best for each issue.”.

Colorado Cures CBD has the highest quality CBD products from the best CBD oil suppliers since 2017. We are here to help with cbd needs.

Cured hemp oil

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We make CBD oil from the ground up so we can have full and total control over the quality of the products we give to our kids, our family, and our friends.



˝What we give to our kids,
we give to you.˝

˝What we give to our kids,
we give to you.˝

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What do our customers say about us?

“First off, I received this item to the U.S. in just 5 days. I have been using the product for 2 weeks now and my usual arthritis pain is all but gone.
I no longer take my narcotic pain pills and seem to have more energy during the day. For the past few years I have needed something to help me fall asleep at night and I no longer need that. ”

“My son had joined a methadone clinic to overcome an opiate addiction. I chose to order the CBD oil from Matt and Ally hoping it would help my son. It has made an amazing difference. It not only stops the tremors, it made a huge difference in his anxiety, and appetite. I also cannot say enough about Matt and Ally’s customer service. I have never experienced any better. They quickly respond, are so helpful, thorough, and generous.”

“Excellent product and great value! I recently placed an another order and again it arrived within a couple of days. This really helps with the Chemo side effects, helps you relax and does much, much, more besides! Ally has been very helpful and attentive in answering any question I had promptly and courteously.”

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