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CBD Oil Review rates the Comfort Leaf Brand with four stars because it qualifies for the Quality, Mission, Charity & Innovation Badges.

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Comfort Leaf: 60-Second Summary

Comfort Leaf hits almost all of our qualifications with flying colors. We’re talking innovative genetic hemp strains, comprehensive testing, an all-natural CBD topical, and more. Their cannabidiol products are trusted by doctors and those suffering from chronic illness to be accurate and clean. And that’s what we’re all after — a CBD vendor we can trust. The only thing standing in the way of a five-badge rating here is a current contaminants test for the latest batch of CBD oil.

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Comfort Leaf Brand Review

Comfort Leaf exclusively sources industrial hemp grown under the auspices of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. Their growing partner, Gencanna™, uses a patented strain of hemp called OC-00 developed by geneticists at the University of Kentucky to contain zero THC. This strain is the source of cannabidiol in all Comfort Leaf products. If that’s not enough, Gencanna™ also developed a patented vacuum-seal technology named Big Blue which they use to preserve phytochemicals in hemp plants after harvest. Pretty cool stuff.

This obvious innovation aside, we also want to give props to Comfort Leaf for disclosing their supplier. We’ve found that of the CBD vendors who are not vertically integrated (meaning they do not have some sort of oversight over the growing process), those with the cleanest sourcing will almost always name their growing partner/s. Be on the lookout for this as an excellent indicator of transparency and quality.

Speaking of quality, Comfort Leaf easily gets the Quality Badge for their non-GMO Kentucky hemp and CO2 extraction process. The Charity Badge is also granted, since the brand provides a substantial discount for both veterans and the disabled/chronically ill. We firmly believe that given the healing, all-natural benefits of CBD, giving back is important. That’s why we have the badge, and Comfort Leaf goes above and beyond to earn it.

The Comfort Leaf line contains four categories:

  • CBD oil tinctures – These are available in concentrations of 500, 1000, and 1500mg. Flavors include natural, peppermint, and lavender, and while there aren’t comprehensive ingredients lists posted, they’re probably flavored with essential oils: an easy, all-natural choice most in the industry will use to create these flavor profiles.
  • CBD gummies – These unfortunately are not all natural and contain artificial dyes and flavors.
  • CBD vape cartridges – Again, there are no ingredients lists posted, but Comfort Leaf does not use PG, VG, or additives, so we have a good feeling about these terpene-infused CBD e-liquids.
  • CBD topical cream – Clean, all-natural ingredients. Check!

Our only qualm with the Comfort Leaf online catalog is a lack of comprehensive ingredients lists. Other than that, everything appears to be on the up-and-up.

When it comes to testing, Comfort Leaf is doing all the right things. They’re testing their CBD oil used to make products for heavy metals, microbials, pesticides, and residual solvents, and they’re testing each SKU for cannabinoid content.

So, why don’t they get the Safety Badge? Their contaminants tests are outdated by over one year. Hopefully, they’ll get with it in this respect and consequently become an esteemed five-badge vendor.

Bottom Line – Comfort Leaf is an innovative CBD vendor with high-quality options free of THC. They fall short of a perfect score for an outdated contaminants test, but other than that, we are confident in the integrity of their cannabidiol products.

This Comfort Leaf Review reveals the truth about this CBD oil company. Not all CBD is created equal. Read this before you buy Comfort Leaf CBD Products.

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Customers can order CBD-infused products such as tinctures, oils, lotions, edibles, and other items

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About Comfort Leaf

Studies have shown that Cannabidiol (more widely known as CBD) THC-free products can potentially help those with a broad range of health issues. CBD has been shown to help support joints, reduce stress, fight inflammation, and even reduce pain—Comfort Leaf CBD has founded their practice upon using CBD to further help improve quality of life for their customers through user-friendly products. No injections or smoking, users can choose between topical lotions and tinctures, gummies, and more.

Customers can order CBD-infused products such as tinctures, oils, lotions, edibles, and other items