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Quality matters.
So does the cost.

CBD Pricing Comparison (price per mg)

How to compare the pricing of CBD products?

To compare CBD products across different brands, strengths and sizes one has to calculate the cheapest price per mg of CBD in a given strength. Meaning; how much am I paying per mg of CBD when I want to buy 300 mg of CBD. Similar to be asked about 600mg and 3000mg.
This will answer the price point to let you compare the price per mg of CBD.

Yet not all CBD is created equal and not all extraction methods produce the same quality. To fairly evaluate CBD products you need to also compare:

  • Extraction method
  • Whether it is Full Spectrum or not
  • 3rd Party Lab Tests

The list can be expanded, but the above will provide you with key indicators of the quality of the product you want to compare.

Why choose High-Quality CO2 Extraction?

The best method for producing the cleanest and highest-quality CBD extracts is the supercritical CO2 extraction, which obtains pure plant extracts without the use of hazardous chemicals and solvents such as ethanol. The 95 per cent extraction efficiency of supercritical CO2 is a major advantage over traditional methods, which only recover 60-80 per cent of the total volume of the substance.

Why is Full Spectrum important?

A Full spectrum CBD product contains all compounds naturally occurring in the plant besides “just” the CBD. This includes terpenes, essential oils, and other cannabinoids that work together to magnify the therapeutic benefits of each individual cannabinoid. This is commonly referred to as the entourage effect.

This is relevant to the price comparison, as a truly Full Spectrum CBD product is significantly more expensive to produce compared to an isolate and similar.

Why are lab tests so important and how to read them?

A recent study by the Medical School of the University of Pennsylvania found that up to two-thirds of online vendors list incorrect data regarding cannabinoid content on their product labels. Even worse, there were a number of cases of acute poisonings from a synthetic cannabinoid sold as cannabidiol in Utah in 2017.

You need to make sure you know what you are buying and look for a 3rd party lab test made for each batch of your product.

How can Eir make products that are cheaper and better than the competition?

CBD can help you, and millions of others, live better. We believe everyone deserves this, not just those who can afford it. That’s why we produce premium quality CBD at a mindful, accessible price point that comes before company profits.

What is “Eir Auto-Ship and Save 20%” ?

It’s a subscription service to ensure you a steady supply when you need it. As a loyal customer, we reward you with a 20% discount.

You can, at any time, skip a delivery or cancel the subscription. No obligations!

Happiness guarantee: not happy? Get a refund!

At EirHealth we want you to be completely satisfied with your CBD. If you are unhappy with our CBD we’ll refund your first order in full. No return necessary, and no questions asked!

How to order EirHealth products?

Just visit our US Shop or EU Shop and pick the products you like. We will do our best to deliver it to you ASAP!

We produce the highest quality CBD products at an accessible price point.

Client Testimonials

Hi Jim, First Run Complete. Thanks for your Help. The quality of the CO2 oil far exceeded my expectations. Brad, Ontario.

Hi Jim, things are great! The machine is performing great and we would be glad to recommend your machine. Florida is cultivating and we may be getting contracts to process for farmers. Your machine started it all. Tina, FL

I purchased the 16oz. Disruptor a few weeks ago. From the first phone inquiry to present I have been treated with a degree of respect and professionalism that is hard to find these days. The International purchase was made as easy as possible, unit arriving complete and in good condition. The operators manual is thorough. System design and quality are best. I work in a field dealing with process control and the standard to which I compare is industrial/medical etc. After you have done a few processes you will really appreciate the ease and simplicity of the Medextractor system. Al Block is a wealth of information (have pen and pad ready) and seems to be always available for questions. With his tips and reminders I was off to a running start. Congratulations to Medextractor for developing this amazing product for a reasonable cost. I have found it to meet all the quality and production claims and have received five star customer service.” D.C. San Diego

“Hi Jim, just wanted to let you know the MedXtractor D-16 is doing beautifully! We’re so pleased! Hope to do business together again soon!”
Tina and Daniel, Florida

“A few months ago I purchased the MedXtractor Disruptor 16 and I wanted to let you know that I am very happy with my purchase, it was an excellent investment.
The Disruptor 16 works great, silent, and produces an excellent extract. The shipment arrived after a few days of purchase, and everything was in the box as described. Best of all, the customer support is quick and reliable, the information provided was accurate and helpful, all my questions were answered in a timely manner.
Thank you Jim, I am looking forward to a long term business relationship with you and MedXtractor. “AA

“Good afternoon Jim. Let me tell ya you have two very excited guys up here. Last nights run went off without a hitch. Things are coming together nicely.” GH

“Hello Jim! Just a quick note to let you know how we are doing. We are achieving as high as 16 gms. Needless to say I am quite happy with that!
– Robert M (2oz extractor)”

“The dabs were fantastic, the flavor was very prominent, the effects were fantastic and came up slowly and faded slowly as well. I’m quite impressed with it! Thanks. Mona”

“It should not be understated!…this extractor WILL make a silk purse from a sow’s ear, remember this today at the show. Feel free to give my # if you have a serious customer that wants some testimony! Get pumped Jim…you have a great system!”

”Wow Jim. I’m so very happy. Finished the extraction late last night and I’m just trying it now. Very nice. I also did another extraction today. I wanted to see how much less of a yield I’d get if I didn’t decarboxylate the material first… definitely enjoy the terpene tastes I got from the second extraction more, but the decarboxylated version is pretty good as well.”

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