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Charleston Hemp Company grows and sources hemp from farms with organic growing practices, producing the highest quality Full Spectrum CBD products on the market today. In addition, we quality-test every batch and reject anything that is less than perfect.


From sublinguals to topicals, we provide the highest quality CBD products you can buy.



The Charleston Hemp Company is a family owned seed-to-shelf hemp company committed to providing pure and nutritious CBD-rich industrial hemp products. We have combined the latest technologies with some good old-fashioned innovation to enhance the production process without sacrificing the natural healing qualities that the cannabis plant offers. Each step is carefully monitored by our team of lab scientists and in-house pharmacist to ensure purity and consistency after being tested by an independent, third-party laboratory. Charleston Hemp Company pledges to deliver the highest quality, most natural and effective hemp products available.

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Due to pending FDA approvals we rely on testimonials to support health benefit claims of CBD products. Here is what people are saying about CBD and the Charleston Hemp Company.

“I’ve tried CBD oil from three different sources and two of the others were terrible, laced with additives and with a horrible taste and they had no apparent result or relief. I have used Charleston Hemp Company’s hemp oil and have also bought salve for my wife. She uses it on her hands and feet to alleviate pain from arthritis and the salve gives her tremendous relief. I’m a Vietnam veteran with many health issues related to that war and the use of hemp oil produced by this company gives me tremendous relief in so many ways. Thank you for providing the cbd oils and salves.”

Jim, Goose Creek

“My 18 year-old daughter is a high achiever, and suffers from anxiety and insomnia, especially during peak school testing seasons. She’s become a big fan of Charleston Hemp oil, taken sublingually in the evening, to help calm her nerves and induce a deep, restful sleep. She feels good about its natural quality, and we’re glad to avoid man-made pharmaceuticals where we can.”

Charleston, South Carolinas number one hemp derived CBD company. Professionaly grown, processed, and manufactured CBD products that provide quality results.

Charleston Hemp Company Emerges As Southeast’s Leading Industrial Hemp Producer, Processor

RIDGEVILLE, S.C. – Capping one full year of legal growth and production of industrial hemp in South Carolina, one grower has emerged as the Southeast region’s leading producer and marketer of full spectrum hemp products. Charleston Hemp Company is aligned with researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina and third-party analysts who ensure all products meet stringent purity, potency and efficacy standards.

In just 12 months, Charleston Hemp Company has logged many dramatic achievements:
• Cultivated 17.89 acres plus a significant greenhouse grow of organic industrial hemp.
• Processed 80,000 pounds of industrial hemp grown primarily in South Carolina and neighboring states, producing more than 400 kilos of CBD or cannabinoid crude oil.
• Created 16 new jobs, with numerous additional positions planned.
• Provided wellness education to attendees at nearly 100 festivals and events.
• Launched a growing line of new, high quality, full spectrum CBD products, including tinctures, salves, vape oils and lip balms.
• Invested in or created processing equipment that ensures the highest level of purity and efficacy of both the CBD crude and resulting products. (The company is the only one in the Southeast to use X-ray technology to stabilize and purify crude hemp oil.)
• Expanded to a new, 283-acre processing facility in Ridgeville, SC.
• Partnered on the first hemp-infused cocktails and beers to be produced and marketed locally in the foodie-friendly Charleston area.

CEO David Bulick notes: “We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of hemp’s power to make thousands of products even better. The marketplace’s enthusiasm for hemp in wellness, construction and so many other industries is truly extraordinary.” He cites industry estimates that industrial hemp’s economic impact could exceed $500 billion this year.

As productive as 2018 was, 2019 promises even more for the company based near Charleston, SC:
• Charleston Hemp Company has received a second permit to grow 40 acres.
• Partnerships have been forged with numerous third parties to process hemp-infused products in the health, wellness, beauty, pet and beverage industries.
• Capital investments will allow the company to process millions of SKUs in 2019, leading the way to a robust new white-label program.
• The company will host the first Hemp Fest in the Lowcountry region in April, expanding education and awareness. Offer tours of the facility to the public
• Educational programming for agriculture apprenticeships, chemistry lab internships, and more will be introduced by summer.

“We’re bullish on hemp,” said Bulick, who plans to continue working region wide as an ambassador for the versatile plant with thousands of proven uses.

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