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With more than 20 years of experience in the vending machines industry, you can trust our cannabis vending machines as the best solution to boost your business!

A compact, simple yet smart cannabis vending machine that can fit any location, even a small corner of your shop window.

Every hour of the day is magic when you can sell up to 60 products with a cannabis vending machine that operates H24.

All the advantages of Magic Hour Touch in a more compact cannabis vending machine that sells up to 40 products.

Join the revolution of cannabis food and drinks with a refrigerated cannabis vending machine selling up to 48-56 products.

A refrigerated slave module to integrate any of our cannabis vending machines, adding up to 24 food and drinks products.



Hi my name is Gianni and I have 2 legal Cannabis shop in Florence and Prato. The commitment to have 2 businesses open during the day put me to the test.

I was looking for an investment that would allow me to find a little more free time and I could expand the offer of my products even to passing customers, at night or when I am not present in the store. I found the solution in Harvin with 2 beautiful Magic Baby 18 Legal Hemp Vending Machines, I am now present 24 hours a day with a very high-yield service.

Congratulations to the Harvin staff!

PIZZA EXPRESS DI Ropelato Christian

A few months ago I introduced legal cannabis products in my shop and I didn’t know how to do it in order to be able to offer these Legal Cannabis based products every day, in fact my shop is open from late afternoon until evening and for 2 days the week is closed.

I met Harvin on social media I contacted them and they immediately offered me the ideal solution for my business. A Magic Baby 18 legal cannabis vending machine, compact and easy to attach to the wall.

Thanks Harvin for bringing me the best solution!


Hi my name is Marco and I live in Switzerland, my partner and I opened a company that distributes legal Cannabis throughout Switzerland. Our products are highly appreciated and are also gaining ground abroad.

When we decided to invest in some legal cannabis vending machines, my partner and I went to visit some manufacture Cannabis Vending Machines companies. The answers we were looking for we met in Harvin and we appreciated the professionalism of all the Harvin staff too.

Therefore the choice fell on the products of the Magic Wind 40 selections with touch screen technology,a real Cannabis smart vending machine. We added the Magic Baby touch 18 selectionsto complete our lines. This two powerful sales tools of Legal Cannabis are working 24 hour a day, they are working well and the collections now represent a major percentage of our turnover.

Harvin is a Company strongly recommended, word of entrepreneur.


Ever since I decided to install a legal cannabis vending machine made by Harvin, I have not imagined that it was so successful.

During the Covid emergency, the vending machine literally saved my business, when unfortunately my shop was closed, the HARVIN vending machine has daily generated excellent receipts. For my shop I chose Harvin’s Magic Wind 40 with touch screen and a bright and attractive design.

The Magic Wind 40 was perfectly placed in my showcase and thanks to the professionalism of the Harvin team the installation work was done perfectly. Thanks Harvin!

In short, I am very satisfied with Harvin and I recommend it to all my colleagues.

The most performing cannabis vending machines. With a lot of experience in vending machines, hiring us is a winning solution for your business.