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Does CBD Oil Expire?

Posted on November 15th, 2020

As of late, CBD oil is becoming a popular alternative treatment to tackle a myriad of health issues. These include depression, inflammation, chronic pain, and anxiety. There are lots of studies that point to the benefits of CBD oil. Some studies even encourage the use of CBD in the management of various conditions.

A bottle of high-quality CBD oil is costly. You obviously want to make every drop of it count and would like it to last as long as possible. It could take you months to exhaust your CBD oil if you use just a few drops every day.

With that in mind, the question “Does CBD oil expire?” pops up in your mind every now and then. You may have come across a bottle of CBD oil when cleaning out your bathroom medicine cabinet or kitchen cupboard. You completely forgot about it, God knows how much long ago.

As with food, you would want only to consume products that don’t pose any potential harm to your body. Safety first, right? Whether opened or unopened, you better check if the product you are thinking about consuming it fresh or expired. Cannabidiol, like most packaged foods, has a shelf life.

How Long Does CBD Oil Last?

When you take into account all the CBD products there are out there, there is typically no straightforward answer to this question. Nonetheless, most CBD oil products consist of quality ingredients that last from one to around two years. The compounds within the oil start to break down once this period ends, and with time the CBD loses its potency.

Even infrequent CBD users can finish CBD oil before its expiry date. However, time isn’t the only factor to worry about. There are other considerations that CBD users should take heed of.

Some extract products and tinctures could last indefinitely if the manufacturer used high-quality materials. CBD oil that remained stored past its prime won’t turn rancid. It, however, becomes less effective compared to when it was in its prime.

Does CBD Oil Expire?

Technically, CBD oil can expire. Even so, most CBD products are good for at least a year. If you happen to choose a high-quality product from a reliable manufacturer, it can last you a long time. Always check your product’s package to see the “best consume by” date.

Factors That Determine the Expiration of CBD Oil

There are several considerations that manufacturers take before placing expiration dates on CBD oil products. These are some of the most important of them.

1. Extraction Method

The extraction of cannabidiol from hemp is the first step when making CBD oil. This process either involves CO2, water, or ethanol. CO2 extraction is the most ideal way to date. This because it protects the chemical integrity of the hemp’s compounds. That implies that the breakdown of compounds takes longer in CO2 extraction as compared to solvent extraction.

Supercritical CO2 uses carbon dioxide for the extraction of CBD at low temperatures. This, in turn, maintains the CBD oil’s purity. That is a costly and complicated process that produces highly potent CBD oil. It facilitates the extraction of more cannabinoids. Which, in turn, translates to a longer shelf life. Remember, a more stable chemical composition means the chemical breakdown takes longer.

2. Additional Ingredients

The presence of additional ingredients can affect the shelf life of CBD oil. These may contain compounds such as carrier oils or flavors. Most manufacturers use high-quality grapeseed oil, coconut oil, or olive oil as their carrier oil for such substances helps preserve the CBD oil.

Carrier oils primarily “carry” CBD oil to where within your body. These plant-derived oils increase the bioavailability of CBD. A flavor or compound with a shorter shelf life can ultimately alter CBD oil’s own shelf life. For instance, if your carrier oil’s shelf life is two years, this implies that your CBD oil will be good for around the same time. This concept also applies to flavors like mint.

Competent manufacturers of CBD oil understand the dynamics that come with extra ingredients. They conduct tests to determine the effects of these ingredients on CBD oil. Hence, the best manufacturers will opt for the ingredients with the longest shelf life.

3. Storage and Packaging

Heat and light are essential factors in cannabis oil stability. The degradation of CBD content is more pronounced in moderate light and temperature. The manufacturer stored the CBD oil before you purchase it as well as how you store it after buying is crucial. Many manufacturers use blue or amber dropper bottles to limit light exposure to counter CBD’s degradation.

4. Extraction Date

A product’s expiration date also depends on how long it took to reach the final consumer. If a CBD product stays with the manufacturer, supplier, or retailer for months, it will obviously have less time left before expiring when it finally reaches the consumer.

How Do I Know If My CBD Oil Has Gone Bad?

After having it for many months or even a year, you may notice that your CBD oil’s flavor begins to turn unpleasant. Here’s where you ask yourself, “Does CBD oil expire?”. There are a couple of ways with which you can tell if a CBD product expired.

Edible CBD products start to lose taste and smell as cannabinoids and aromatic phenol molecules breakdown. Your CBD oil may no longer be useful if it no longer has a scent or smells entirely different.

You can also tell if your CBD oil expired by looking at its appearance. Most potent CBD oils are typically clear. A murky mixture may imply that your CBD oil product is no longer as potent as it once was. Still, CBD oil may lose its smooth texture and appear thicker. Always check for color changes.

Preserving CBD Oil To Last Longer

Now that you know that CBD oil, indeed, expires, why not also learn how to make it last longer? How can you also extend its shelf life? You must protect the CBD oil from harsh elements, including stifling humidity, biting cold, and extreme heat.

1. Keep It Cool

It is not necessary to store CBD oil in the fridge. However, you should consider doing so if you don’t use CBD oil every day. A study from the Centre for Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy in London found that storing CBD oil in the fridge may help preserve its potency. Low temperatures decelerate the degradation of CBD content. Always find a place away from the heat to store your CBD oil.

2. Avoid Contamination

Contaminants may accelerate the breakdown of CBD. Avoid touching droppers when using CBD oil products. Always make sure you clean your hands before using a dropper bottle. Replace the cap as soon as you finish extracting the desired amount. Carefully remove any debris on your dropper if you accidentally drop it on the floor.

3. Store It In The Dark

Many CBD products use amber or blue bottles to filter out light. Still, if you have to store your CBD for a while, use a dark compartment like a drawer. Only remove your CBD oil from the dark location when using it. Measure it in a low light room to minimize light exposure.

4. Don’t Mix CBD Products

Never mix two CBD products from different manufacturers. Additives and substances from other CBD products may also affect the potency and quality of a CBD oil. It’s also best to keep your CBD oil in its original bottle.

Only consider replacing your original bottle if it breaks. You may accelerate the breakdown of CBD when you pour it into a different bottle. Remember, the manufacturer chooses that specific bottle for a particular reason.

5. Buy The Appropriate Amount

You should consider choosing a smaller bottle of CBD oil if your product keeps expiring on you before using it all. Smaller bottles are better for infrequent or light users who rely on CBD oil only to manage occasional pain.

6. Minimize Air Exposure

Prolonged exposure to air can also contribute to CBD’s breakdown. Manufacturers use air-tight containers for packaging CBD oil. Always minimize the amount of time you leave the lid open. Make sure it’s completely screwed on after placing your CBD oil sublingually.

Will Expired CBD Make Me Sick?

If you already noticed your CBD is pat the bottle’s stated expiration date, should you continue using it? Technically, your CBD oil may not be dangerous to consume even if it’s expired. It doesn’t turn rancid or spoil like other oils or milk, for example. You are unlikely to get sick when you consume it past its prime. That is more so true if you are micro-dosing.

Degradation of the quality of the extracts and infusions is the main issue with expired CBD oil. It becomes less potent once the oil’s compounds start to break down. That implies that expired CBD oil may not be quite effective in the management of various conditions. Toss CBD bottles left in your drawer for more than two years without ever having been stored properly.

Choosing The Right Place To Purchase CBD Oil

Low-grade CBD oil products may contain toxic ingredients. Many low-quality or unreliable products exist today in the market. As a consumer, you should be wary of the CBD oil products you purchase.

Always buy CBD oil from a reputable brand. Make sure you source your product from the official website. That way, you’ll get a high-quality product shipped to you. At Tanasi, we offer long-lasting full-spectrum CBD oils, made from the finest ingredients.

Does CBD Oil Expire? – The Takeaway

You now know that CBD oil does expire regardless of whether the manufacturer listed the expiration date on the product. You can apply some of out the outlined tricks to maximize CBD oil’s longevity. These include proper storage and avoiding contaminants. Always buy quality CBD products if you want to get the best shelf life for your money’s worth.

After tidying your room, you stumble upon a CBD oil you forgot about long ago. It's there where you first wonder: Does CBD oil expire? We got the answer.

Does CBD oil expire?

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  1. How long does CBD oil last?
  2. Does CBD oil go bad?
  3. What is the best way to store CBD oil?

A bottle of high-quality CBD oil can be expensive, and if you’re like us, you want to make that liquid gold last as long as possible. If you’re only using a few drops a day, it could be many months or even a year before you use up the entire bottle. Which might leave you asking yourself, “Does CBD oil expire?”

Here are answers to some common questions about CBD longevity, including how to extend the shelf life of CBD oil.

How long does CBD oil last?

The general rule of thumb is that CBD oil has a shelf life ranging from 14 months to two years, depending on how the product is stored. Direct sunlight and intense heat are two factors that can cause a bottle of CBD oil to go bad before its expiration date. Higher-quality products tend to last longer, especially those that have been minimally processed like full-spectrum CBD oil. Pure CBD oil may last longer than flavored oils since any added ingredients have a shelf life of their own that could be shorter than the shelf life of the CBD.

The general rule of thumb is that CBD oil has a shelf life ranging from 14 months to two years, depending on how the product is stored. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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It’s also a good idea to be aware of what extraction process was used to make the product. Many cannabis experts agree that the CO2 method is best for producing premium oil that stays potent longer because the hemp or cannabis compounds remain stable during this type of extraction. Other methods may destabilize the compounds, potentially creating a lower-quality bottle of CBD oil with a shorter shelf life.

Any CBD product — whether it’s top-shelf or bargain-priced — should have an expiration date clearly printed on the label. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires such labeling for consumer protection, so steer clear of any CBD products (or any products for that matter) that are not in compliance.

Does CBD oil go bad?

CBD oil can lose its potency if stored improperly or kept for longer than two years. Weak CBD oil means that the cannabinoids have broken down and don’t function at peak levels in the body. So, an older bottle is less likely to deliver any of the potential therapeutic effects of CBD oil, such as pain relief.

How do I know if CBD oil has gone bad?

The aroma and flavor of CBD oil may become unpleasant over time, transforming from earthy to skunky. You can also observe visual changes in the oil, which may turn cloudy over time. Likewise, the texture of CBD oil will change and the oil may appear thicker and lose its smooth consistency. Lastly, a change in color indicates that the CBD oil is no longer fresh.

Can old CBD oil make you sick?

CBD oil does not spoil or turn rancid like milk or other oils, so you are unlikely to become ill if you consume a small amount of the product past its prime. This is especially true if you are microdosing. But to be on the safe side, toss any bottles that have been improperly stored or sitting in your medicine cabinet for longer than two years.

What is the best way to store CBD oil?

Manufacturers know that cool, dark places are optimal for storing CBD oil, which is why many of the best products are packaged in glass bottles tinted green. Dark green bottles prevent damaging sunlight from penetrating and hastening the product’s expiration date. Refrigerating CBD oil is not necessary. In fact, the most favorable environment may just be room temperature, or 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tinted bottles prevent damaging sunlight from penetrating and hastening the product’s expiration date. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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How can I make CBD oil last longer?

Here are some pointers to keep CBD oil fresh until the upper end of the shelf-life range (24 months):

  • Open the bottle only when in use, then reseal the cap tightly. Oxidation is a foe of CBD and will shorten the shelf life.
  • Keep CBD soft gels and capsules in their original bottle, ensuring that containers are consistently airtight.
  • Store bottles upright rather than horizontally.
  • Find the coolest, darkest place in your home to store CBD oils and tinctures. Drawers, cabinets, a pantry, and the cellar all make ideal CBD storage centers.
  • Try not to store your CBD in a room where you use a humidifier, as excessive moisture can encourage mold to form.
  • Do not store CBD oil near a window. Direct sunlight will accelerate the expiration date of any CBD product.
  • Keep CBD oil away from all warm places in your home, such as radiators and ovens. Likewise, don’t store CBD oil in your purse or pocket for long periods. Any warm place can be a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • If you’re using a spoon or a dropper to dole out the CBD, make sure the utensil is clean. Don’t “double dip” a spoon, as you can introduce harmful bacteria and contaminate the oil.

When it comes to keeping your CBD oil potent, Dr. Bonni Goldstein, a medical adviser to Weedmaps and director of Canna-Centers in Lawndale, California, sums it up best: “Shelf life for most products is about one year, although the storage conditions are important. Minimizing exposure to heat and light can help extend the shelf life.”

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