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10 Best CBD Cigarettes in the World Right Now – The Ultimate Guide!

CBD cigarettes are one of the latest in a trend of CBD products. These hemp flower-filled joints are especially significant though, because they are being used by some to kick the habit of smoking typical tobacco cigarettes that are laced with harmful chemicals. CBD-derived hemp provides a healthy alternative! Without a doubt, CBD cigarettes have become a desirable and viable option. In fact, the use of CBD cigarettes helps many overcome nicotine addiction. They provide innumerable health benefits without the euphoric high of marijuana, and many use organic hemp only increasing their appeal. Pre-rolled CBD hemp cigarettes, or the CBD cigar, are great ways to combat anxiety and get through a stress-filled day. Also, lighting one up before bed relaxes you so you get a good night’s sleep. So let’s dive deeper into what CBD cigarettes are, what they can do for you, and look at what some of the best CBD cigarettes are to buy.

Best CBD Cigarettes in the World Right Now

Here is a detailed list of the best CBD cigarettes in the world right now. If you do an online search for “CBD cigarettes near me” you might also find some good options!

Wild Hemp CBD Hempettes – $11 per pack

Quality hemp thoughtfully rolled just for you!

Step up your smoking experience with these Wild Hemp CBD cigarettes, which are being widely marketed online and at smoke shops. The green and white Wild Hemp cigarettes CBD smokes are brimming with 100% pure organic hemp that contains zero percent THC. The pre-roll Wild Hemp CBD cigarettes for sale are only made from the flower of the hemp plant. You receive approximately 10 mg of CBD per cigarette. The products are third-party lab tested for purity. All of the hemp plants are grown in the United States. These Wild Hemp CBD cigarettes are referred to as hempettes. They come in a cute green and white design paper.

Why we think these are the best CBD cigarettes!

  • Pure, organic hemp
  • Zero THC
  • 10 mg of CBD per cigarette
  • Third party lab tested for purity

NEUROGAN’S CBD Cigarettes 1200MG – $15

NEUROGAN’S CBD Cigarettes 1200MG (20CT.) are an all new way to enjoy full spectrum hemp packed in 20 delicate hemp cigarettes. With 10MG of CBD each, you’ll experience greater mental and physical well-being, brought to you by 100% natural hemp that is both nicotine and tobacco free. Even better, the entire 20-pack of neurogettes feature a hemp filter and come in 100% recyclable hemp packaging. They’re the perfect antidote when you need a break. Each pack of neurogettes is made with the highest quality CBD that nature has to offer: third party lab tested, GMP certified, and hand-packed.

  • Full spectrum hemp
  • Less than 0.3% THC
  • 100% organic
  • No nicotine
  • No tobacco
  • No additives


These hemp CBD cigarettes are rolled on a top of the line machine and are identical to a normal cigarette. Inside each tightly rolled cigarette is the highest quality phytocannabinoid-rich hemp containing a full spectrum of cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and terpenes. Slow burning and fast-acting is how we would characterize the smoking experience.

Why we think these are some of the best CBD cigarettes!

  • Derived from Organically Cultivated Industrial Hemp
  • All-Natural, Non-GMO
  • THC content less than .3%
  • CBD content greater than 12%
  • CBD Content is 120MG CBD per cigarettes
  • Sold in reusable metal tins

These Hemptrance CBD cigarettes contain 100% hemp and high amounts of CBD.
One of the highest CBD content of any other cbd cigarette brand!

Heimat CBD Cigarettes – $19 per pack

A hemp and tobacco combo, we love the flavours you get from Heimat.

For years Heimat cigarettes have been a leader due to their sweet Swiss tobacco. CBD cigarettes USA have taken the the world by storm and Heimat has decided to get in on the action. On Lake Constance in Western Switzerland, Heimat has taken a chance on combining two favourites, tobacco and hemp. Their mild cigarette is sweet and smooth. The scent is that of subtle cannabis. The cigarettes contain no additives. The hemp also contains less than 1 percent THC and contains 4 grams of CBD.

Why we love these CBD cigarettes!

  • Mixes tobacco with CBD
  • Contains high levels of CBD
  • Mild flavor
  • Has no additives
  • Contains less than 1 percent THC

CBDoobie – $14.99 for one 60 mg preroll

Stuffed to the brim with CBD!

CBDoobie is the king of big fat CBD prerolls. One joint contains an amazing 60 mg. You can light it up and enjoy the full pre-roll or take little tokes whenever you need a boost. They are CBD dominant and infused with CBD isolate. You can choose from Jack Herer, OG Kush, Super Lemon Haze, or Strawberry Diesel. Whichever you choose, you’ll find it to be brimming with flavour and terpenes. They contain no THC. Each one is considered pharmaceutical grade.

Why we love these CBD cigarettes!

  • Flavourful
  • Huge preroll
  • Made from your favorite MJ strains
  • Pharmaceutical grade

Cloud N9ne Pre-roll – $8.95 per preroll

Unique flavour will have you coming back for more!

Cloud N9ne pre-rolls are made from cherry wine flavoured hemp, which creates superb tasting and pleasant smelling smoke. It contains 14.5 percent CBD and less than .3 percent THC. They are sold in small cylinders that fit easily and discreetly into your pocket. If you adore the taste and smell of cherry then you are going to fall in love with these pre-rolls.

Why we love these CBD cigarettes!

  • The cherry wine flavour
  • High CBD content, coming in at 14.5%
  • Less than .3 percent THC
  • Sold in a small clear tube

CBD Fatty – $14.99 for one preroll

If you’re looking for one of the strongest CBD rolls out there, this has to be on your list!

This lovely CBD herb stick is not only infused with cannabidiol but also Himalayan and Indian herbs to create a flavourful smoke. This is one of the strongest CBD pre-rolls and contains 100 mg of CBD. It has absolutely no THC and is made from only premium herbs. It is available in the following flavors: Purple Haze, Gorilla OG, Sour Diesel, and Regular.

Why we love these CBD cigarettes!

  • 100 mg of CBD (no room for THC!)
  • Uses top-shelf herbs
  • Variety of tasty flavours

Plain Jane Hemp Prerolls – Package of 10 $10.99

Not so plain when it comes to quality!

You’ll be hard pressed to tell the difference between these Plain Jane hemp prerolls and a regular cigarette. Each one is shrouded in white paper with a filter, which they look remarkably like classic cigs. Each roll contains 72 mg of CBD and zero THC.

Why we love these CBD cigarettes!

  • Looks like regular cigarettes
  • Includes filter for smoother hit
  • Contains 72 mg of CBD
  • Has zero THC

Terpy J’s – Pack of 6 $49.99

Packed full of terpenes, Terpy J’s have certainly earned their name!

Terpy J’s offer high-quality joints made from hemp in the flavours of Original, Orange Cookies, and Sour Diesel. They have excellent terpenes. All hemp inside is Colorado state certified for purity. With each order, you get a lovely free glass smoking tip that makes each hit smooth. To preserve the flavonoids in these top-shelf CBD cigarettes you will want to invest in a top tubes cigarette holder.

Why we love these CBD cigarettes!

  • Robust terpenes
  • Comes in three flavours: Original, Orange Cookies, and Sour Diesel
  • Made from Colorado-grown hemp

Willie’s Reserve Preroll – Cone for $10.00

Sunshine-drenched fields of cannabis? Yes, please!

Country Music singer Willie Nelson owns Willie’s Reserve. The prerolls are strain specific cones. They are not pure CBD pre rolls but contain varying amounts of THC. You’ll only be able to purchase them in states where recreational or medical marijuana are legal. Each one is picked for its outstanding flavour. You can choose from hybrid, Indica, or Sativa strains. They offer outstanding flavour and are created from plants grown in natural sunlight.

Why we love these CBD cigarettes!

  • Strain-specific cones
  • Love the flavour!
  • Created from plants grown in the sunshine of Colorado

Solstice Prerolls – Pack of 4 $21.00

Find comfort and relaxation with these Solstice Prerolls.

As with Willie’s Reserve, these prerolls by Solstice are not hemp-derived and do contain THC. They can only be purchased in states where recreational or medical marijuana is legal. However, if you are lucky enough to live in such a location then you will want to try these outstanding Blueberry Cheesecake prerolls which are a 70/30 blend of Sativa-dominant weed.

Why we love these CBD cigarettes!

  • Sativa dominant
  • Blueberry Cheesecake flavour
  • A .75 gram preroll

High CBD Hemp Cigarettes – Look for their private label brands.

Look for a product that uses High CBD Hemp. Pictured here in a private label.

If you are looking for CBD herbal cigarettes then check out High CBD Hemp Cigarettes. The pre-rolls are made from organic Colorado hemp that is brimming with phytocannabinoids. The flowering female buds of the hemp plant are harvested by hand and then dried by the sun’s natural rays. These CBD cigarettes for sale are rolled on a machine with great precision to ensure a balanced appearance. The hemp used inside these cigarettes is a full spectrum blend. You will enjoy not only CBD, but also CBC, CBG, and CBN, plus the plant’s natural terpenes. The cigarettes are slow burning so you can truly enjoy each puff. It is one of the strongest CBD cigarettes available.

Why we love these CBD cigarettes!

  • Made from Organic hemp that is all-natural and non-GMO
  • Filled with cannabinoids
  • Each one contains 4 grams of CBD and the content is more than 20 percent cannabidiol
  • THC content hovers at less than one percent

Basics Before Buying:

What Are Prerolls?

You’ll find prerolled joints referred to as pre-rolls or pre-rolled cones. They are hemp or marijuana buds twisted and encased in rolling paper or cones. These beauties are ready to smoke. You don’t have to worry about the messy and difficult task of rolling your own joint. They are also very portable. With the help of a protective tube, you can shove one in your pocket and hit the road. Most look exactly like cigarettes.

Various Types of Prerolls

Prerolls can be filled with straight hemp, marijuana, tobacco/hemp mix, or marijuana/hemp mix. If the preroll contains CBD then it can be obtained through either hemp or cannabis. You’ll need to check its origins. Only CBD extracted from hemp can be bought legally in all 50 states. CBD extracted from marijuana can be purchased in states where it is legal for recreational or medicinal use. In states where CBD extracted from cannabis is legal you should check to see if it has been infused with high THC oils or kief extracts before purchase.

Are CBD Prerolls Legal?

Yes, CBD derived from hemp prerolls are perfectly safe and legal. However, prerolls made from CBD cannabis are legal only in states where recreational or medicinal marijuana have been approved.

Will Cigarette Manufacturers Make CBD Prerolls?

How CBD can Help You Kick the Nicotine Habit

Nicotine addiction is physical, but the very act of smoking cigarettes is a mental habit. Combined, the addictive tendencies make it very difficult to quit smoking tobacco cigrattes. However, plain jane, CBD cigarettes for sale do more than just act as a physical substitute for a cig. Cannabidiol (CBD’s technical name) interacts closely with the human endocannabinoid system. It binds with CB2 receptors to help calm you, reduce anxiety, and obtain restful sleep. Smoking CBD oil cigarettes might just help you kick the nicotine smoking habit for good. CBD to quit smoking cigarettes is a revolutionary option that is working wonders for many.

Mental Health Disorder and the Reality of Tobacco Addiction

Anyone who lives with bipolar disorder, depression, and schizophrenia can become frustrated with their pharmaceutical drugs, leading them to seek different ways to cope with their mental health issues. Sometimes folks end up addicted to items such as cigarettes. The hemp flower, good ol’ CBD, on the other hand, has been shown to help bring much-needed balance and even eases the symptoms of tobacco withdrawal. If you’re looking for a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals, smoking CBD cigarettes might be one option to try.

CBD and Attention Pathways in the Brain

CBD has a strong influence on the body’s addiction pathways. Researchers have found that CBD and THC help ease the symptoms of amphetamine and heroin addiction. CBD not only regulates the body’s cannabinoid, but also the AMPA receptors that are found throughout the nucleus accumbens. This is the region that controls addiction. CBD helps regulate the body’s production of dopamine, which increases the anandamide in the body which helps you feel better and more able to cope. You’ll have to find out how much CBD per cigarette is best for you and your needs, but we love the natural option of smoking hemp flower to make your smoking experience a healthier, more enjoyable one.

Is Smoking CBD a Good Idea?

Hemp has very low resin. Many cultivators who grow hemp, especially those in Colorado, have been changing the plant through selective breeding so it produces amazing CBD-rich flower. Inhaling the hemp bud is an accessible way for users to benefit from the cannabinoid. Through inhalation, CBD is rapidly delivered into the body’s bloodstream. The effects take place in only 5 to 10 minutes. Smoking CBD oil cigarettes also lets you truly enjoy all of the hemp plant terpenes and cannabinoids.


So there you have it! Not only a list of some of the best CBD cigarettes on the market today, but also all the reasons for why we love them and think you should give them a try. Whether you’re seeking a way to quit smoking regular tobacco cigarettes, are looking for medical relief, or simply want a CBD-induced way to relax, smoking CBD cigarettes is worth giving a try. Don\’t be surprised if you see these little gems start to blow up the market anywhere CBD products are legal. Given their natural healing benefits, we frankly can’t wait until they do!

Interested in learning more about using CBD to help you break your nicotine addiction? Check out this video!

Contact us below with questions or comments if you’re still wondering about the best CBD Cigarettes!

Wondering why CBD Cigarettes are skyrocketing into popularity! Their use as an alternative to nicotine-filled cigarettes is just one reason. You can also find many tasty flavours, some have THC if you want it, and you can always find ones filled with quality hemp! Check out our favourite options on the market today!

13 Best CBD Cigarettes To Smoke In 2020

CBD cigarettes, or CBD joints, offer a delicious and effective way to indulge in cannabidiol, one of the most popular non-intoxicating cannabinoids. If you like vaping better, try CBD nugs or CBD vape juice , but for those who want a real smoke every once in a while, there’s nothing better than a hand-crafted, pre-rolled, and vacuum-sealed premium CBD joint from Secret Nature .

Every batch of Secret Nature is individually tested to ensure quality, potency, and safety. Our relationship with one of the nation’s most respected third-party cannabis labs ensures the accuracy and detail of our tests , and that’s only the beginning of Secret Nature’s commitment to supporting every stage of your purchase.

From the moment you make your order until the moment it reaches your door, Secret Nature will make sure you get your CBD promptly and without any fuss. Read on to learn more about CBD cigarettes, and become acquainted with the top 13 hermetically-sealed joint options from Secret Nature.

What are CBD Cigarettes?

When you put CBD-rich hemp flower into a rolling paper and make a joint, that’s a CBD cigarette. This term isn’t as commonly used to refer to hemp products as it is associated with tobacco, but a CBD cigarette is simply a CBD joint by a different name.

Smokers sometimes find that attaching the word “cigarette” to something they inhale satisfies the psychological dependence associated with smoking tobacco. Perhaps that’s why the term “CBD cigarette” is trending even though CBD cigarettes don’t contain any tobacco themselves.

There’s reason to believe that CBD should be looked into further as a tool for quitting smoking. Preliminary research indicates that smokers can benefit from trying CBD, so we’ll also dive into customer reviews and tell you how to get your CBD smokes today in addition to providing product overviews and tech specs for the following 13 epic Secret Nature CBD cigarette options:

1. Cherry Cough

Our CBD Cherry Cough strain tastes just like the real deal but without any THC to ruin the fun. This strain has all the same terpenes as THC-rich Cherry Cough, but it’s been bred to be high in CBD and low in THC.

Our customers love the fruity aroma wafting off this strain that’s so similar to the original Cherry Cough . Whether you choose the 2-pack or 7-pack option, each Secret Nature Cherry Cough joint contains just over 100mg of CBD, which is a hefty dose to inhale, exhale, and enjoy.

Product Specs

  • Available in 2-count and 7-count options
  • 0.6g joints w/ organic hemp paper and crutches
  • Each joint individually preserved and sealed in a glass tube
  • Terpene profile: Cherry, gas, syrup
  • CBD per joint: 102mg
  • Total cannabinoids per joint: 129mg
  • Indica

Verified Reviews

“I love them, they are very smooth and make me feel very relaxed!” – Allison A.

“I purchased two products, each one was pre-rolled CBD joints. I have tried many different companies and this one was by far the best. From the packaging to the quality of the flower, I was very satisfied.” – Dante C.

2. Frosted Kush

Frosted Kush is named for the crystal-covered nugs that this phenotype tends to produce, and the CBD version of this legendary indica strain is no exception. With one of the highest CBD concentrations and most impressive terpene profiles of any Secret Nature strain, Frosted Kush is just as sure to delight the seasoned cannabis connoisseur as it is to satisfy those using CBD primarily for relief. Like all our strains, Secret Nature Frosted Kush is grown in Rogue Valley, OR, and batch-specific lab reports are available on the product page.

Product Specs

  • Available in 2-count and 7-count options
  • 0.6g joints w/ organic hemp paper and crutches
  • Each joint individually preserved and sealed in a glass tube
  • Terpene profile: Cupcakes, berries, and gas
  • CBD per joint: 19.5%
  • Total cannabinoids per joint: 22.4%
  • Indica

Verified Reviews

“I’ve bought CBD from several companies now and the Frosted Kush from Secret Nature is by far the best product on the market!” – Mike S.

“I recently received my first order from Secret Nature CBD and all I can say is WOW! You can tell TONS of love and compassion went into making this product and the packaging is the most beautiful I have ever seen from a CBD flower company.” – Donald T.

3. Secret Dream

Secret Dream is our most popular sativa strain, and there are plenty of good reasons why. This strain clocks in at just under 25% total cannabinoids, which means that it’s crystal-studded and beautiful to behold.

Best of all, however, the special benefits of sativa cannabis carry over to non-CBD phenotypes, which, in layman’s terms, means that the energetic and clarity-inducing effects of sativa-dominant hemp are present regardless of the primary cannabinoid. When it’s time to concentrate, study, or go outside and enjoy nature, grab a Secret Dream joint to enjoy sweet-sour tastes and good times.

Product Specs

  • Available in 2-countand 7-count options
  • 0.6g joints w/ organic hemp paper and crutches
  • Each joint individually preserved and sealed in a glass tube
  • Terpene Profile: Sour, gas, traces of mint
  • CBD per joint: 20.4%
  • Total cannabinoids per joint: 24.1%
  • Sativa

Verified Reviews

“First time trying CBD prerolls. I LOVED the secret dream. Worked perfectly for me. I will definitely be purchasing more.” – Allyssa K.

“I’ve been a customer of secret nature for about 6 months now and they always deliver but wow! This strain is amazing and very smooth. Super slow-burning. Highly recommend this one!” – Gagan H.

4. Papaya Nights

Customers say that Papaya Nights have one of the most delicious terpene profiles of any Secret Nature strain, and they assure us that the sativa attributes of this phenotype come through loud and clear despite the lack of THC . The smell of this strain alone will knock you out⁠—try some Papaya Nights joints before bed or on the go whenever it’s time to relax.

Product Specs

  • Available in 2-count and 7-count options
  • 0.6g joints w/ organic hemp paper and crutches
  • Each joint individually preserved and sealed in a glass tube
  • Terpene profile: Tropical fruit, earthy, sweet
  • CBD per joint: 76mg
  • Total cannabinoids per joint: 95mg
  • Sativa

Verified Reviews

“This came in a nice container. The joints were nicely rolled. Smooth taste.” – Taylor B.

“Love the glass tubes for shipping and storage.” – Barry H.

5. CBG Flower

You might not have heard about CBG, but we’re ahead of the curve here at Secret Nature. CBG, or cannabigerol, is the newest cannabinoid to rock the international markets, and in a few years, CBG will be just as popular as CBD.

This cannabinoid has entirely different effects than CBD, but like it’s non-intoxicating cousin, CBG doesn’t get you high. Research into cannabigerol is still in its infancy, so we can’t get into details regarding its potential medical effects. Suffice to say that we believe the CBG revolution is already in full swing⁠—and our customers agree!

Product Specs

  • Available in 2-count and 7-count options
  • 0.6g joints w/ organic hemp paper and crutches
  • Each joint individually preserved and sealed in a glass tube
  • Terpene profile: Haze, earthy nuts
  • CBG per joint: 75mg
  • Total cannabinoids per joint: 97mg
  • Sativa [Yep, CBG can be sativa too!]

Verified Reviews

“Iraq war veteran and I chose this product over the prescription pills. I was very satisfied with the results.” – Ibette R.

“The CBG pre-rolls aren’t as heavy as the other strains they have, so it’s a light, mellow, nice feeling. Relaxing, but a cerebral focus.” – Jordan M.

6. Secret OG

Remember OG Kush? It’s still possible to get that legendary cannabis strain in the THC variety if you live in a state where recreational or medical marijuana is legal, but for those who want to enjoy OG Kush without the high, Secret OG is the strain for you.

Since it contains CBD instead of THC, Secret OG is slightly genetically different than true OG Kush. All the major points are the same, however, so you can light up a Secret OG joint anytime and tell your virtual assistant to put on some Biggie Smalls from the comfort of your couch.

Product Specs

  • Available in 2-countand 7-count options
  • 0.6g joints w/ organic hemp paper and crutches
  • Each joint individually preserved and sealed in a glass tube
  • Terpene profile: Kush, cream, bubblegum, diesel
  • CBD per joint: 18%
  • Total cannabinoids per joint: 19%
  • Indica

Verified Reviews

“I recently started smoking my CBD instead of taking it through edibles. So much better! Secret Nature is one of the 3 places that I tried flower from based on a recommendation from several people. It definitely stands out as my top place to buy from!” – Erin L.

“I am new to the whole CBD thing and bought a couple to give it a try! Impressed. Best sleep I have had in a while and definitely calming. Much less anxiety!” – Barry H.

7. Sweet Cake

Sweet Cake has complicated genetics that weaves together a tapestry of gelato, cake, and earth overtones. This medley delivers a restful, mild smoke that’s perfect for low-key get-togethers or passing out on the couch with Netflix. The aroma of Sweet Cake rolls over you the moment you open your hermetically-sealed glass container and pull out a joint, and it’s all smiles from there.

Product Specs

  • Available in a 2-count package
  • 0.6g joints w/ organic hemp paper and crutches
  • Each joint individually preserved and sealed in a glass tube
  • Terpene Profile: Cake, earthy
  • CBD per joint: 18.5%
  • Total cannabinoids per joint: 20.3%
  • Indica

Verified Reviews

“Incredible product. Shipping was faster than expected and staff returns emails in a very timely manner. Smell and taste were amazing. Really smooth and enjoyable. It really helps with insomnia, stress, and nerve pain. I will definitely be buying more products from this company.” – James D.

“Smooth, relaxing, only regret is I should have bought more!” – Jameel S.

8. Sour Gummi

It’s truly amazing what you can do with just a little bit of cannabis breeding. Sour Gummi by Secret Nature tastes and smells just like a bag of sour gummy worms. The only difference is that the sticky sweetness you see on each Sour Gummi nug is a thick glaze of cannabinoids and terpenes, not processed white sugar. Check out the lab reports for Sour Gummi for more information on this strain’s impressive attributes, and throw a 2-pack of Sour Gummi joints in your cart to indulge your sweet tooth without the sugar high⁠—or any high!

Product Specs

  • Available in a 2-count package
  • 0.6g joints w/ organic hemp paper and crutches
  • Each joint individually preserved and sealed in a glass tube
  • Terpene Profile: Sour, fruity, sweet
  • CBD per joint: 16.9%
  • Total cannabinoids per joint: 21.7%
  • Hybrid

Verified Reviews

“Secret Nature has done it again! I am really satisfied with their products because it helps me through the day, whether it’s to sleep or to focus. I’m glad I found the right company that exceeds my expectations.” – Fernando F.

“I’ve tried a few different kinds of CBD, and Secret Nature has really been killing it for me. These Sour Gummi prerolls really hit the spot. They were out of the loose flower so I snagged these guys up. Super smooth, great flavor, slow-burning. Perfect for after-work when you need to take the edge off but still have things to do around the house. Read more about review stating PhenomenalI can’t gush enough about this company.” – Corey H.

9. Dough Boy

Dough Boy is a hybrid strain that brings to mind the giant marshmallow man from a certain ghost-themed Hollywood blockbuster⁠—but without all the ectoplasm. This CBD-rich strain’s cream overtones blend with sweet and earthy notes to deliver a non-intoxicating experience that is as earth-shattering as it is sweet and cuddly. Available in a 7-pack and a 2-pack, Dough Boy is a great addition to any order.

Product Specs

  • Available in 2-count and 7-count options
  • 0.6g joints w/ organic hemp paper and crutches
  • Each joint individually preserved and sealed in a glass tube
  • Terpene Profile: Cream, earthy, sweet
  • CBD per joint: 85mg
  • Hybrid

Verified Reviews

“I tried pretty much every strain of the prerolls, they smoked smooth and were just fantastic!!” – Zachary F.

“This was great to try after a very long day! Very smooth and kicks in fast. Not enough to knock you out but just enough to relax your brain.” – Heather H.

10. Diesel Puff

Puff, puff, and pass your 7-pack or 2-pack of Diesel Puff CBD joint the next time you want to indulge in a taste of Sour Diesel without the mind-altering high. We swear that each and every Secret Nature joint has been tested at lower than 0.3% THC, but you’d swear you were puffing on genuine chronic the moment that Diesel Puff hits your system. The clear-headed, invigorating sativa effect that follows is powerfully amplified by the special effects of CBD. Inhale and enjoy it!

Product Specs

  • Available in 2-count and 7-count options
  • 0.6g joints w/ organic hemp paper and crutches
  • Each joint individually preserved and sealed in a glass tube
  • Terpene profile: Diesel, citrus, haze
  • CBD per joint: 100mg
  • Total cannabinoids per joint: 110mg
  • Sativa

11. Citron

A strong lemon aroma meets your nose the moment you open up a vacuum-sealed Secret Nature Citron glass joint tube, and this sweet-and-sour medley only becomes stronger upon your first inhalation. There’s nothing better than indulging in a puff of Citron the moment a fresh breeze rolls by, so grab your lighter and crack a sunny window.

Product Specs

  • Available in a 2-countpackage
  • 0.6g joints w/ organic hemp paper and crutches
  • Each joint individually preserved and sealed in a glass tube
  • Terpene Profile: Sour, sweet, citrus, haze
  • CBD per joint: 18.4%
  • Total cannabinoids per joint: 20.8%
  • Sativa

Verified Reviews

“All the pleasantries of cannabis without being super overbearing the way it is today such an awesome way to end the day” – Nick B.

12. Mr. Rainbow

Whether it’s in a nug or joint form, Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow is one of the internet’s most famous CBD strains. When we first released Mr. Rainbow, in fact, this strain nearly broke the internet. Nobody had ever heard of a CBD flower strain with more than 22% CBD, but 7-packs and 2-packs of Mr. Rainbow joints are now widely available and shipped to all 50 states. Add a pack of Mr. Rainbow to your cart today, and experience the difference then an extra 5% of CBD can make.

Product Specs

  • Available in2-count and 7-count options
  • 0.6g joints w/ organic hemp paper and crutches
  • Each joint individually preserved and sealed in a glass tube
  • Terpene profile: Cookies, cream, haze
  • CBD per joint: 22.3%
  • Total cannabinoids per joint: 24.2%
  • Hybrid

13. Fuji

Bite into a fresh Fuji apple and compare it to the taste of Fuji CBD bud by Secret Nature⁠—you’ll see why this strain has its name! Powerful hints of slightly sour fruit pervade every nook and cranny of these bright-green, hairy buds, making Fuji a great strain to pull out at your next CBD tasting party.

Product Specs

  • Available in a 2-count package
  • 0.6g joints w/ organic hemp paper and crutches
  • Each joint individually preserved and sealed in a glass tube
  • Terpene profile: Haze, sweet, fruity
  • CBD per joint: 19.4%
  • Total cannabinoids per joint: 20.75%
  • Sativa

2020 Best CBD Cigarettes FAQ

As you search for the best CBD cigarettes pack that the internet has to offer, it’s important to pause and seek answers to common CBD rollups questions:

What are CBD cigarettes good for?

Some people smoke CBD cigarettes as alternatives to tobacco cigarettes. According to a Fox Business article, CBD cigarettes may be a “better option when compared to vaping flavored e-cigarettes.”

We can’t comment on the potential medical benefits of CBD here, but it is possible to compare hemp and tobacco generally. Tobacco is inherently more damaging to the lungs than Cannabis sativa in any form, and it appears that nicotine has greater habit-forming potential than even THC.

CBD does not seem to have any inherently addicting attributes. It’s even possible to become addicted to placebo, so that doesn’t mean the potential of psychological CBD addiction doesn’t exist. It just means that CBD and nicotine are fundamentally different⁠—tobacco is clearly chemically addicting, but there’s no evidence that CBD is the same.

How much is a pack of CBD cigarettes?

That depends on quite a few factors:

  • The number of cigarettes in the pack
  • How much CBD hemp each cigarette contains
  • The quality of the cigarettes
  • The quality of the packaging
  • The reliability of the company
  • And more!

You’ll find that all the prices for Secret Nature products are clearly listed. Go ahead and visit one of the product links above to see for yourself!

Do CBD cigarettes have tobacco or nicotine?

No, none of the CBD cigarettes sold by Secret Nature contain tobacco, nicotine, or any nicotine-related substances or products. The term “cigarette” doesn’t actually have anything to do with tobacco⁠—it’s simply a word that’s commonly used to designate smokable plant matter wrapped in a thin paper.

Secret Nature CBD cigarettes are 100% tobacco-free and organic, and they’re also THC-free from a legal perspective. All Secret Nature products contain less than 0.3% THC, which the US government has determined as the upper limit of THC concentration in CBD products.

It’s not up to us to state whether our products are “legal,” but we’d just like to reiterate that our CBD flower products are grown in the US, easy to use, and lab-tested. We’re proud to contribute to the rapidly-growing CBD economy responsibly, and we hope you’ll join us in trying CBD flower as a nicotine smoke or vape alternative.

Smoke at a higher level with Secret Nature

It’s up to the historians of the future to decide if smoking was ever truly safe. What we can say for certain, however, is that there are tons of compounds in store-bought tobacco cigarettes that have no right to enter your lungs under any circumstances.

None of that is present in Secret Nature CBD cigarettes. All you’ll find in your delicious, non-GMO, vegan joints is CBD-rich hemp grown using organic, sustainable agricultural practices.

CBD cigarettes, or CBD joints, offer a delicious and effective way to indulge in cannabidiol, one of the most popular non-intoxicating cannabinoids. If you like vaping better, try CBD nugs or CBD vape juice, but for those who want a real smoke every once in a while, there’s nothing better than a hand-crafted, pre-rolle