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After thoroughly owning Luffy for several chapters, Katakuri makes a critical mistake that allows Luffy to push his Berserk Button and ultimately start landing hits on him as a result note Katakuri becomes impatient with the fight due to missing his snack time, carelessly leaves Luffy for dead under a pile of mochi, and walks off to go eat donuts in private — giving Luffy the chance to expose his embarrassing table manners and mouth to Katakuri's chefs. This enrages Katakuri and causes his Combat Clairvoyance to fail . He still recovers and sends Luffy flying shortly in the next chapter. Dark and Troubled Past: He was bullied and feared by everyone for having a "pelican eel"'s mouth, and everyone kept running away from him. When Flampe and her crew ridicule him and take pictures of his mouth, he remembers people running away from him every time he appeared.

In a twist, his appearance didn't bother him so much as his inability to protect Brûlée during their childhood. This is why he always obscured his lower face with his scarf and develop a perfect, serious and powerful image . Goliath: The extremely powerful "Goliath" to Luffy's "David", though unlike the Biblical story, Katakuri's fight presents what would've happened if Goliath decided to attack first . It becomes more intense when he undergoes moments of Oh, Crap! such as foreseeing Big Mom's wedding plans going down the crapper and being unable to stop it . It is clear that despite Big Mom seeing him as a "lowly child", Katakuri's siblings look up to him and praise him for being the shining example of what a Charlotte should be. They even admire him for never once lying down in his life. But because his sister Brûlée paid the price for his carelessness in their childhood note Katakuri didn't care about the boys who would mock his mouth because he would just beat them all up and scare them off; however, they evidently were still not afraid of him enough and thought they could get away with hurting Brûlée. This inspired Katakuri to make sure that they really feared him so they would leave his siblings alone as well.

, he's very sensitive about allowing anybody to see his goofy side or anything that can be perceived as a "flaw". So he cultivated an image for himself as the powerful, dutiful, stoic, hard-working, handsome, and no-nonsense sibling, and took great pains in keeping his flaws a secret by killing anyone who sees him with his mouth exposed or seeing him doing something he wouldn't do in public. The result was his family showering endless praise and adoration on him. but deep down, Katakuri suffers from incredible stress keeping up his facade, so he has "snack time" periods where he can be alone and truly act like himself, happily singing while chugging down sweets and black tea without a care in the world. When he finally meets (and fights) someone who only judged him based on his fighting skills and didn't give a shit about his monstrous mouth or eating habits, Katakuri begins to develop a great degree of respect for Luffy and not care if someone ridicules him again. He even casts aside his jacket bearing his family's name (along with his scarf), making it clear that he will not depend on his family's opinion of him anymore . Katakuri went out of his way to develop this kind of reputation as a way to protect his siblings, after his recklessness led to his enemies targeting him through Brûlée. Firstly, maintaining the reputation put considerable strain on his psyche that he must relieve during his private snack time. Secondly, his siblings are beaten left and right by enemies who don't know his reputation because of the fundamental flaw of The Dreaded: Your reputation means nothing to enemies who never heard of you or too fearless to care. It also adds more stress on top of what he already has . Deconstructive Parody: Of The StoicNo-Nonsense Nemesis Archtype. Have you ever considered how do they maintain their stoicism and seriousness all the time? His stoicism is necessary to keep his Observation Haki working. Once his stoicism breaks, he's like a blind man charging into a fight . Or what are they really like when no one's watching? A very dedicated family man who is under incredible stress from having to maintain a stoic public facade for the sake of his siblings; his "snack times" are what kept him from snapping from the pressure, since he was able to relax and eat under the comfort of solitude . He didn't think that the bullies he beat up as a child would go to stoop so low as to attack and scar one of his sisters. It's what led to him becoming one of the most feared combatants of his mother's crew . He didn't expect Sanji to counter with his own Observation Haki. Not only does Sanji dodge his jellybean and make Pudding cry, causing Big Mom's wedding plans to go completely off-rails, but it also tips off the Vinsmokes, Big Mom's intended targets. And after the Luffy clones arrive, he tells everyone to focus on the real Luffy, failing to take into account that Brook, who disguised himself as Luffy, was among the clones, allowing him to smash Mother Carmel's picture undeterred. He didn't see Luffy eating his way out of the Mochi mountain he's buried under which is exactly how his brother Cracker went down. As such, he was caught completely off-guard in the worst possible time ever, so much that his nigh-unbreakable concentration starts faltering for the first time and leaves him vulnerable to actually getting hit . Double Knockout: Luffy and his fight concludes with both collapsing from their final strike. It takes ten minutes for the two to recover, and he ultimately loses when he doesn't have the strength to continue despite briefly managing to get back on his feet. Edible Theme Naming: Is named after food like most of his siblings. His name is based on the Japanese "katakuriko", meaning "potato starch"; while his scarf doesn't resemble potato starch, it is related to potatoes, instead resembling a long cloth made of shredded potato wrapped around his neck.

The literal translation of his name, "Dogtooth", comes from the Dogtooth violet flower , where the leaves are used to make edible starches. With his powerful Haki and mochi Devil Fruit, Katakuri is clearly the stronger fighter offense-wise. But Luffy manages to come out of every single attack he dishes out, either through luck or sheer determination. Epic Flail: His apparent Finishing Move, after turning his whole body into a wheel of mochi, he spins to his opponent and turns his arm into a spiky flail. Katakuri then spin the flails overhead with the opponent still sticking to it before slamming them to the ground.

Establishing Character Moment: He is first seen taking out an angered tea party attendee with ruthless efficiency, so much that the Firetank Pirates, ruthless killers themselves, are freaked out.


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