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Adult Fear: He discovered, to his horror and rage, that his own recklessness and confidence in his strength led to the people he beat up targeting and scarring his younger sister Brûlée out of spite. Even though Brûlée doesn't blame him for what happened, that incident became his greatest source of guilt and shame ever since . Affectionate Gesture to the Head: In Chapter 893, after incapacitating Luffy with darts, Flampe imagines Katakuri giving her a pat on the head for a job well done. Instead, when Katakuri finds out she interfered with his fight, he stabbed himself to even the score, and yells at Flampe while showing off his fanged mouth in public for the first time in years .

All of the Other Reindeer: Flashbacks reveals that Katakuri used to be shunned for having a fanged mouth as a child, but he didn't really care since he was strong enough to beat up anyone who bullied him. Only after Brûlée was scarred as a Revenge by Proxy against him that he adopted the fearsome and perfect image. This is why he kept it hidden underneath his scarf constantly . Threatening and perpetually pissed-off-looking he may be, but Katakuri cares about his family on some level, and his stoic facade is necessary to keep his Haki-based foresight up and running. One way to piss him off is to go after his siblings. He was apparently so beloved that one of his younger sisters, Flampe, is the leader of a fan club dedicated to him and competes for his attention, to the point where she interferes with the fight with Luffy.

And even then, what his siblings see of him is an image that Katakuri worked hard to cultivate. Then there was his childhood reaction to Brûlée getting scarred by the bullies he beat up . Always Someone Better: Invoked during his fight with Luffy, where he wants to prove to Luffy that he's superior to him in everything, to the point of refusing any external help. Because of this, he uses his Mochi-Mochi power in a similar fashion to Luffy's Gum-Gum power. Thanks to the flexibility and fine control of his mochi, Katakuri is able to faithfully recreate most of Luffy's arsenal, and to even greater effect. Luffy's fight with him reveals the power gap between them: Luffy's Jet Gatling attack is famous for punching so fast that it creates the illusion of him having multiple arms. When he unleashed it during their fight, Katakuri answers by forming actual multiple arms out of his mochi and coating them with Haki, and proceeds to pummel Luffy with them. When Luffy pulls out his Elephant Gun, Katakuri retaliates with his own rendition that is as big as Luffy's King Kong Gun! On a meta level this even applies to his bounty: 1,0 57 ,000,000. Because Luffy's lucky number is 56, which in Japanese can be read as "go-mu", and gomu is the Japanese word for rubber. Essentially, this means that Katakuri is "Luffy +1". He's also this in terms of what Haki could do if people like the Monster Trio pushed their own Haki far enough to unlock even more potential. Animal Motifs: The pelican eel , in regards to his gaping mouth and his ability to eat twice the amount an average human needs . Anti-Villain: He's a lot like Smoker in this regard. Despite being against Luffy and the Straw Hats, Katakuri isn't really that horrible of a guy at the end of the day. He loves his family very much (which is a good chunk of why he's so antagonistic), and only is a villain because, in his eyes, the Straw Hats went against them. When he realizes that Luffy is his equal in combat, he also nobly acknowledges this, and is pleased to hear that the crew escaped his mother's clutches later on after Luffy tells him that he'll be the Pirate King. Ass Kicking Equals Authority: After fearing that Big Mom has died, Perospero claims he should become the new captain because he's the first child. However, Daifuku disagrees and says that Katakuri should be the new captain because he's the strongest one. Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance: In contrast to his siblings, Katakuri has skull motifs all over himself, on his shoulder tattoos and on his belt buckle. His face, when shadowed around the eyes, combined with his facial scars, resembles a skull by itself. With his deadly use of his Devil Fruit power and Haki, it's no wonder he has such a reputation. It's visual Foreshadowing, in that he wants to keep himself at a distance so no one would discover his secrets — his fanged mouth, and his sloppy eating habits. The fearsome image was deliberately invoked to protect his siblings . His sharp-fanged mouth was revealed in a surprising manner a la Jack of the Beast Pirates, showing that he's more undignified and animalistic in private than his family or workers would believe.

Awesomeness Is a Force: Katakuri has Observation Haki and Armament Haki, both of which he upgraded to frightening degrees. It's later revealed that he also possesses the extremely rare Conqueror's Haki, inherited from his mother Big Mom. He used this in tandem with Luffy's to knock out Flampe and her forces instantly . Badass Baritone: The strongest Sweet General of Big Mom's crew, coming in with an incredibly deep voice. Katakuri started off looking like a very principled and disciplined bad guy. We are led to believe he is totally no-nonsense and handsome. So much so that, according to Brûlée, he never lays down and is said to never let his guard down. Then he erects a shrine to prevent people from seeing him eating for the same reasons.

But then the twist is revealed once Luffy breaks in. because inside, Katakuri is lying down , gorging himself on donuts with a smile , and it is revealed to all that he has a mouth filled with sharpened teeth that is the stuff of nightmares. When flashbacks revealed his past, it appeared that Katakuri was bullied for having a nightmarish-looking mouth and developed insecurities over it in a similar vein to Pudding and her Third Eye, which was why he created such a fearsome image. but then it's revealed that he did it out of love for his family, especially his sister, Brûlée, after she was horribly scarred in a Revenge by Proxy against him as a child .


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