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Broken Ace: The most powerful and dependable member of the Charlotte family. but, secretly, he's a naturally goofy and laid-back guy who really just wants to happily gorge on donuts and relax with his siblings like he did as a boy. He forced himself to act stoically solely to deter people from hurting them, but maintaining this facade puts him under a lot of stress, so he has his mandatory "snack times" so he could relax alone, away from the public eye, the only moments where he's truly happy. He's so dedicated to keeping his freakish mouth and other perceived "flaws" out of the public eye that he would kill anyone who sees him during his snack time . Broken Pedestal: To his little sister, Flampe after he shows her his fanged mouth and tells her off for interfering with the fight with Luffy, instead of being proud like Flampe expected.

This breaks her image of Katakuri as the perfect, dependable brother and makes her loathe him. She proceeds to laugh and ridicule him, and has her crew take photos of his mouth so she can humiliate her brother by exposing his secret to everyone. To his credit, Katakuri knew this would happen the moment he showed off his mouth, but Luffy has proved himself to be a Worthy Opponent, so having a permanently tarnished image doesn't really faze him at this point, and has resigned himself for the inevitable humiliation that will come afterwards . In a surprising subversion, Brûlée knows about Katakuri's fanged mouth and what he's like under his facade, but she completely understands why he acted that way and still loves him for being the big brother who defended her honor as kids . Butter Face: In spite of his Hunk composition, he's revealed to have a gnarly Glasgow Grin with lots of fangs . Character Development: Oddly enough for an antagonist, yes. He develops a deep respect for Luffy over the course of their fight, which is only aided by how Luffy has only judged him by his capabilities as an opponent rather than the idealized image that Katakuri has cultivated for his family, and not the physical and personality flaws that shock and disgust the latter's crew. Eventually, after his sister Flampe tries to interfere in their fight, Katakuri finally breaks out of the Slave to PR mindset that he has adhered to for most of his life, willingly shows off his fanged mouth to Flampe in anger, and despite Flampe and her crew proceeding to cruelly and utterly humiliate him, Katakuri shrugs everything off, not caring anymore. He proceeds to fight Luffy as himself, for himself, on even grounds.

This is further symbolized by how he rips off his jacket after knocking out all the spectators — the same jacket that bears his family emblem . A flashback showed that his current "Perfect brother" image came from another development: Initially he didn't care about his appearance because he was strong enough to beat up anyone who mocked him and his siblings weren't too bother by it either. It was only after Brûlée was scarred as Revenge by Proxy that Katakuri started adopting his fearsome image so no one dared lay a hand on his sibling. In his debut, it did nothing but made him look cool and frighteningly ruthless. Later on, it's revealed that he uses his scarf to hide his fanged mouth, which is wide enough to resemble a pelican eel, because people don't take him as seriously with his goofy teeth on display. He is so dedicated to maintaining his "perfect" image that he would kill anyone who sees his mouth. During his fight with Luffy, he later throws his scarf along with his jacket away, as part of his Character Development to not hide behind lies and be comfortable in his own skin, not caring if anyone sees his mouth anymore . Chekhov's Gunman: He does indeed help to ruin Bege's assassination plan, though not through predicting the future, but by interfering with the present , when he melds his mochi into a ton of spheres that his siblings can use as earplugs and deploys them en masse, thereby freeing them from the ill effects of Big Mom's Conqueror's Haki screams and allowing them to rampage freely against the alliance coming after her. Climax Boss: Highly formidable compared to the rest of the Big Mom Pirates — we're talking as bad as Jack, if not worse. In fact, he is the biggest threat aside from Big Mom in the whole Totto Land Arc, who only comes into the foray when the tea party commences, but from that moment on, he is shown racking up a body count with no effort and bringing an incredible sense of danger along with him and being the one person who is able to assist his entire family at once when they are incapacitated. His Climax Boss status was cemented in Chapter 878 when Luffy forced him into a mano o mano confrontation to cut off his pursuit of the Straw Hat Pirate. The Coats Are Off: The removal of his jacket, which symbolically represents his decision to cast away the Charlotte name and all its burdens for the sake of his own pride in his fight with Luffy . Katakuri is the strongest of Big Mom's crew and the one to do most of the heavy lifting in combat related matters, while Perospero is the one to handle Big Mom and direct the other members of the crew. At the Tea Party, Katakuri is the most effective out of all the crew, reacting the fastest to the shifting events. When things fell apart, Katakuri is the one to chase down the Straw Hats and personally engages Luffy, while Perospero is managing Big Mom's eating frenzy and stays at her side throughout the chase, trying to make her focus on the Straw Hats and minimize the damage she causes to Totto Land's surrounding islands. Cold Sniper: With his no-nonsense personality, and his debut showing him offing a vengeful guest with a jellybean, he certainly counts. Combat Breakdown: As his fight with Luffy keeps going on, he realizes that Luffy's new Snakeman form is just too fast to dodge efficiently with his Observation Haki like he normally does, and reasons he has better chances of winning in an all-out slugfest. It's ultimately what causes the fight to end in Luffy's favor; even though Katakuri is faster, stronger, and more skilled in Haki usage, if there's one thing Luffy is better than Katakuri at, it's taking hits. Combat Clairvoyance: He's trained his Observation Haki so much that he can not only briefly glimpse people's actions and intentions in combat (which is the extent of most people's skill with it), but he can actually see precise images of any immediate future outcome and tell it back with 100% accuracy. He can also utilize his Haki for non-combat purposes, being able to see and hear what people are going to say before they speak — which is also considered to take exceptional skill. It's not infallible though; he could see Pudding dropping to her knees crying, but not why , and Sanji's reflexes are such that even with his foresight he could not hit him . Combat Tentacles: His version of Jet Gatling: sprout dozens of arms behind his back to pummel his opponent with. His leg and also extend and bind opponents the same way. The Comically Serious: He is a stoic precognitive, and utterly ruthless Cold Sniper with a brutal fighting approach. yet he shoots enemies with jellybeans , and his Devil Fruit power is made of a sweet dessert.

Then there's the quite hilarious reveal that he's a goofy glutton like the rest of his siblings and he eats like a total slob, gorging on donuts and tea the same way Luffy shoves down meat. His reaction to being discovered is akin to a little kid being caught looking at dirty magazines . Curb-Stomp Battle: Delivers one to eldest Vinsmoke brother Ichiji offscreen. All that's seen is him holding up his battered body afterwards.

As Carrot rushes to attack him, he quickly ends the fight by stomping her into the ground. Within a few minutes of fighting, Luffy is a battered, bloody, bruised mess while Katakuri has not a scratch on him . Even after Luffy starts to turn the tide of the fight a bit, Katakuri does not make things easy for him.


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