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Are Cannabis Lollipops Right For You?

There’s a lot to love about cannabis lollipops — and some precautions to take too. Image Credit: By Hazal Ak on shutterstock.

Cannabis lollipops are exactly what they sound like — a hard candy on a stick, just the same as you remember from childhood. There’s just one important difference: the candy, in this case, was made with cannabis oil.

There are many types of cannabis oil, and this is what determines a particular lollipop’s effects — and where you can buy it. Some are made with hemp oil, and can be found on the counters of gas stations and convenience stores all over the world. They won’t have much of an effect, other than giving you the faint taste of cannabis in your mouth.

Others are made with CBD oil, and can induce the soothing, non-intoxicating effects for which that oil is known (especially if it’s a full spectrum extract). These are widely available in pharmacies and supermarkets across the country — there are only three states where you won’t find them.

Lollipops made with THC-rich cannabis oils, on the other hand, are only found (legally) in licensed dispensaries in states with legalized medical or recreational cannabis. Depending on their strength — generally between 25-125 mg — they can give the user anything from a mild buzz to intense mental and physical sensations.

As with other cannabis edibles, the effects of cannabis lollipops can take several hours to fully kick in. Experts generally recommend waiting at least two hours before consuming more if you’re “not feeling anything.” If it’s your first time, it’s possible that you won’t feel anything at all — there’s no scientific explanation for this, but anecdotally, many people have reported being largely unaffected by their first experiment with cannabis lollipops or other edibles.

What’s the Appeal of Cannabis Lollipops?

It’s undeniable that part of cannabis lollipops’ appeal is their novelty and their array of flavors — manufacturers are now branching out from traditional offerings like cherry and grape to more avant-garde pairings like chili flake-infused lime and pineapple toasted coconut.

But they’re also a lung-friendly alternative to smoking cannabis, with equal appeal for those who simply don’t like the smell. For medical cannabis users, they can offer more discretion when you need to take your medication in public.

Another reason to choose cannabis lollipops is the ability to precisely calculate your dosage. While it can be a challenge to calculate how many bites of a cookie, puffs of a vape pen, or dabs of an ointment are equal to, say, 50 mg, cannabis lollipops offer a much clearer picture of exactly how much CBD or THC you’re putting into your body. (Though not all labels can be trusted — CBD products, in particular, are notoriously unregulated, and some experts estimate that up to 70 percent of them may be mislabeled — it’s your only real option, shorting of bringing every product to a lab for testing before you use it.)

Sometimes, though, knowing your own tolerance is just as important as knowing the ingredients. As with any psychoactive drug experience, use caution. On rare occasions, a stronger than desired dose of cannabis can have serious side effects — especially for people with pre-existing heart conditions. One 70-year-old Canadian man wound up in the hospital after consuming a cannabis lollipop with 90 mg of THC (for comparison, an average joint contains around 7 mg), and while his case was highly unusual and severe, it’s worth keeping in mind. Cannabis lollipops may look like candy, but they should be consumed responsibly and, obviously, kept out of children’s reach.

While choosing your ideal dose will depend on many factors (including your cannabis tolerance, your metabolism, and your age), there are a few rules of thumb that apply to everyone. “Start low and go slow” is a mantra repeated by every cannabis expert: especially for beginners, it’s recommended to start with a small dose of just a few milligrams, and to increase it gradually depending on your reactions. It’s also a good idea to check with your doctor before using cannabis lollipops — or any other form of the plant — to ensure it won’t interfere with your current medications.

Everything you ever wanted to know — and more — about cannabis lollipops.

Do Weed Lollipops Get You High?

Often I see people excited about cannabis products. They enter Amsterdam shops and can’t wait to eat their cannabis lollipop, cookies, ice cream or drink a cannabis energy drink. But hold on, do they make you high or not? Here is the answer.

Do Weed Lollipops Get You High? No! Cannabis Lollipops don’t make you high. These Lollipops are just cannabis flavored and anything that isn’t bought in Coffeeshop won’t get you high. These products don’t contain any THC and you can find them in souvenir shops. It’s illegal for regular shops to sell any cannabis edibles.

In this article I will write more about edibles in Amsterdam and cannabis tourist traps you should avoid when visiting Amsterdam. You will also find an answer to questions such as Do Cannabis Lollipop taste good? What you must know before eating a space cake? or Does CBD Oil get you high? Keep on reading to learn more.

Do Cannabis Lollipops Contain Cannabis?

No, they don’t. They are just cannabis flavored and don’t contain any weed, neither have psychedelic effects. They are sold in tourist shops and only coffeeshops are allowed to sell cannabis-containing products. Keep in mind that marihuana in the Netherlands is not legal, it is just tolerated.

I know that in the US they are professionals in making cannabis edibles different than space cakes. There you can get gummies, hard candies, lollipops, and many others but in the Netherlands, I haven’t seen any of those. Here you can buy cannabis brownies or muffins and they are very strong. Of course, if you buy them in coffeeshop.

You may ask if it is possible to get real cannabis-infused lollipops. Yes, it is but it’s not that popular in Amsterdam. Mostly you will get some space cakes, but lollipops not really. It is possible to make cannabis-infused lollipops out of hash. Cannabis butter doesn’t really work well for that. Below you can watch a tutorial on how to make cannabis candies with hash. It seems to be very easy.

Where To Buy Cannabis Lollipops?

You will find cannabis lollipops in most souvenir shops and smart shops. If you go to the city center you will find some for sure. You will also find cannabis cookies, ice cream, energy drinks and more. None of them contain THC, so you can eat them and you won’t get high.

Can You Bring Weed Lollipops Back Home?

The short answer is Yes, you can buy weed lollipops as a souvenir. It’s because they do not contain any THC and don’t have any psychedelic effects. They are just cannabis flavored and don’t make you high. Maybe if you eat tons of them you will get a sugar high 🙂 On the other hand, they are quite cheap and they can be a pretty cool gift for your friends.

BUT! If you bought a cannabis lollipop in coffeeshop probably it is not a fake candy. It is not so popular to see real cannabis lollipops but if you do, don’t take it home with you, because you may have serious troubles.

The best solution is to ask a seller if this is a souvenir. In case of question on the border, it would be wise to keep a receipt. But.. as far as you buy anything in souvenir shop you will be just fine.

If you are interested in coffeeshops and cannabis you may want to go for a coffeeshop tour. Otto, a Dutch guy living in Amsterdam is an expert when it comes to weed. He organizes coffeeshop tours and you can learn more about them here.

Do Cannabis Lollipops Taste Good?

I don’t really like them, they are harsh in taste and if you would like to eat something sweet you better choose stroopwafel or poffertjes. Cannabis lollipops look cool but they don’t taste good, at least I don’t like them, and boooy.. you must know that I am a sweets specialist ;P If you have some sugar cravings you should definitely try some Dutch sweets. Watch a video below to learn more about sweets in Amsterdam. Gretl from a youtube channel Travel Gretl will show you the best Dutch sweets and this Dutch girl knows what she is saying 😉

How Much Do Cannabis Lollipops Cost?

You will get a cannabis lollipop for as little as 1 Euro. In some shops, they cost 50 cents but 1 Euro in most of them. They are just regular candies and don’t have any psychedelic effects. If they would be really cannabis-infused, the price would be higher.

Lollipops Don’t Make You High But Space Cakes Do

If you would like to get high without smoking, just by eating something tasty you should go for Amsterdam Space Cake. There is a huge variety of edibles and you will find something for sure. On the site, you can read a review of the best edibles in Amsterdam. You can choose from cakes, muffins, chocolate bars but most popular are Space Muffins. When eating anything containing cannabis you need to be very careful because edibles can give you a much stronger effect than a joint. You can read this article here.

You should be aware that some space cakes are just a tourist trap and you won’t get high even if you eat 10 of them. But if you get a really good one you can be sure that it will hit you heavily.

What To Know Before Eating a Space Cake?

Eat Space Cake on Full Stomach

First and foremost you need to eat something before you have a space cake. If you eat it on an empty stomach, space cake may literally destroy you. Keep in mind that if you are not an experienced smoker you need to play it safe. Even people who smoke a lot of cannabis may feel very high after eating a muffin. I have a friend who smokes almost every day but he never touches a space cake because it is just too strong for him. Everybody may react differently to edibles and weed in general. It is proven that weed works differently for different people. If you are mentally strong you will be most probably relaxed and laughing and if you are depressive type weed can deepen your anxiety and paranoia.

Don’t Eat Everything at Once

If you are a beginner smoker and probably you are as you read this article you should avoid eating a whole cake at once. It’s the same with joints. Don’t smoke the whole joint. Most probably 3 puffs are enough and if not, after half hour you can smoke more. Space Cakes are different. Based on your metabolism and how much you ate before it can take even up to 2 hours before you feel high. Most probably you will start feeling something after half an hour and you should be stoned in one hour.

If you eat a space cake you should start with a quarter and wait for two hours. Believe me, even a quarter can be very strong.

What To Do When Effects Are Too Strong

When the effects are too strong you should eat something sugary. Something that contains a lot of sugar like cola or juice should be fine. It will make you feel better. If a trip takes too long and you are afraid it will last forever don’t worry, it will go away. You just need to know that effects of cannabis edibles last much longer than smoked weed.

Why Space Cake is That Strong?

As Mitch Earleywine author of Understanding Marijuana says

In a nutshell, eaten cannabis gets metabolized by the liver, so delta-9 THC becomes 11-hydroxy-THC, which passes the blood-brain barrier more rapidly and has more of a psychedelic effect than standard THC

So there is actually a proof that eaten weed is stronger than smoked one. If you would like to learn more abour cannabis you can get a book “Understanding marijuana” from Mitch Earleywine here on Amazon. From my experience, it is better to eat less at the beginning. I would start from 1/4 of a muffin and it can be even too much for an occasional smoker. When you visit coffeeshop you can also ask about the strength of their edibles. After all, ask you shall receive.

Difference Between Space Cakes and Cannabis Cookies

Space Cakes you can buy in Coffeeshop in form of muffins, cakes, chocolate etc. They are available only in Coffeeshops and you get high after you eat them.

Cannabis Cookies are just regular cookies and they do not contain any THC, so you do not get high after eating them. You can buy cannabis cookies in many souvenir shops in Amsterdam. You can easily take them with you on the plane as they are fully legal. These cookies are just a tourist trap, regular cookies sold with a marihuana leaf on the cover. They are made of hemp seeds, hemp flour but none of these contain THC. Cannabis cookies could be a great souvenir from Amsterdam but if you are looking for something stronger definitely you should avoid these tourist products.

Does CBD Oil Get You High?

CBD Oil doesn’t get you high, but it has a positive effect on your body. CBD Oil isn’t psychoactive so it won’t change dramatically your state of mind but you feel relaxed and some people say that it means you get high. I tried 5% CBD Oil and I felt relaxed but it is a very subtle experience which you can compare with drinking Rhodiola, ashwagandha or other relaxing herbs. So No, CBD doesn’t get you high.

You should also know that CBD Oil influences the body in a positive way. My aunt uses this as a pain remedy but it is not as strong as her medication, so she treats this just as a supplement and I believe it should be perceived this way. Other articles from this category:

Often I see people excited about cannabis products. They enter Amsterdam shops and can’t wait to eat their cannabis lollipop, cookies, ice cream or drink a